How to use self tanner


How to Use Self Tanner – 8 Tips You May Not Know


  1. Hello! Should I shower before applying for a 2nd night? I applied it last night after showering, went to sleep and went about my day today without washing anything. I’d like to apply another coat before bed again tonight 🙂 Not sure if I should just apply it over the 1st coat, or shower with a self tan-safe body wash first? Thanks!

    1. Once you are dry you can apply the self tanning lotion. Mostly the time concern is after you apply it. Once you apply the self tanner, we suggest giving it 10-15 minutes to dry before hopping in bed or putting clothes on. Also, after application, allow 8 hours or so before showering or getting wet. I hope this helps!

  2. Great info! For the extra-detailed among us (or at least for me), what is the recommended time to wait before dressing after applying Beauty by Earth self-tanner?

  3. Hi, thanks for this useful post! A question I can’t seem to find the answer to, is how long do you need to wait before shaving AFTER applying so that you don’t just shave off the color? For instance, if I apply the self tanner before bed, then shower and shave the next morning, will I just lose all the color? How long should I wait?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jessica, I actually recommend shaving a few hours before applying the self tanner. If you absolutely can’t do this, you can definitely shave the morning after you apply it. The reason I say shave before is because shaving actually exfoliates and the self tanner is on your skin cells, so if you exfoliate those, the tan can come off. However just be sure that you moisturize after shaving and it should be fine. I’d say the wait time should be 8 hours. Thanks!

  4. Hello! I haven’t tried this yet but I’m very excited about it! After reading the reviews, I knew I had to try it. I have a question that I haven’t been able to find the answer anywhere……. after applying, how long should I wait before getting wet/taking a shower? Thanks so much

    1. Hi Melissa, I would say wait at least 8 hours after applying the self tanner before getting wet/showering so that it has time to fully develop. I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask any other questions.

  5. Hi know this post is old(er), but I’ve just seen it and cannot wait to try out your safe self tanner. Does this work on your face? And what is the purpose of the vanilla extract (can I use imitation vanilla?)? Thank you!

    1. Hi, yes you can use it on your face. It works great and the face is the most forgiving part of your body to tan if you are just starting out with a self tanner. The vanilla is only for the scent of the lotion.

  6. This is the FIRST and ONLY tanner I will EVER buy again. It is the BEST!!! Others can claim they are but I’ve tried every other brand you can think of and looked orange. This product looks natural and is healthy for you. I stopped using a tanning bed years ago due to all of the “scares” now I only use Organic Beauty. I highly recommend you at least try it. I only wish the bottle was bigger

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