Sexy Superfruits: Why Your Body Loves Them

Sexy Superfruits: Why Your Body Loves Them


If you’ve been hearing all of the buzz surrounding “superfruits,” you’re not the only one! These days, it’s next to impossible to get through a wellness article without noticing a few references to these seemingly magical foods. So what gives? From apples to acai, what exactly makes these babies so “super” in nature? We needed to know, so our beauty and wellness experts here at BBE went to work. And after all of that research, we realized something. Superfruits are… well, kind of sexy! And we’re about to explain why your body loves them.

Sexy Superfruits - Blueberries in bikinis

An apple a day… keeps your super fruit consumption at bay.

You know how the old saying goes. But did you know that this common fruit is actually a part of the super crowd?

Apples are high in antioxidants, and believe us when we tell you: your body LOVES these. Antioxidants help your body fight free radicals, inflammation, cancer, arthritis, and the list goes on. On top of all of that, they are killer for keeping your skin young and healthy. Just keep in mind that most of these benefits are all found in the apple’s peel, so don’t forego eating it!

Needless to say, we definitely recommend consuming that apple a day! And yes, we’re just rhyming all over the place in this one.

Avocados… On toast, in guac, by the spoonful.

Sexy avocado in lingerie - Sexy Superfoods

If you’re anything like us, this next sexy super fruit is high on your list of essential foods for a multitude of reasons, therefore why your body loves it is just an added bonus!

Put aside how well that side of extra guac hits and how perfectly it pairs with your favorite margarita. Because although that in itself is a good enough reason to get your regular dose of avocado (we know), there’s actually some extremely healthy side effects of consuming this sexy super fruit!

Image of sliced open avocados on a teal background.

Avocado is full of fiber and healthy fats that your body and skin love. Research has shown that avocado can even help lower heart disease and blood sugar levels. Additionally, the type of healthy fat that is found in these guys can also help your body absorb nutrients from other plant-based superstars. For real, who would have thought that this super fruit is so much more than creamy and delicious?

Avocados are truly an overachieving super fruit. They boast more potassium than bananas, and contain a slew of vitamins that your body craves. So next time you spring for that *kinda* overpriced avocado toast, don’t feel so bad babe!

Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries… all of the berries.

We’ve already told you how key antioxidants are to the health of your skin and body. And berries, well, they’re like prime real estate for all of those strong free radical fighting babies to live in.

Sexy Raspberries - superfruits and why your body loves them

The best part about this next sexy super fruit is that it is delicious and ridiculously simple to incorporate into your every day diet. You can throw frozen berries into your blender for a quick and easy health-boosting smoothie, or use them as toppings to your daily bowl of oatmeal. We like to call these gems nature’s candy, and we seriously can’t get enough of them!

Blueberries especially contain a high amount of potent antioxidants. These tiny beauties have even been linked to slowing rates of mental decline in adults. Pretty cool, right? If you’re more of a strawberry lover, rest assured that your body loves these too. They have also been shown to lower risks of cancer, and they contain a lot of that fiber that your body needs to feel fuller, longer. You know, so you can proudly avoid that 3 p.m. vending machine run.

Image of a colorful smoothie bowl topped with seeds and goji berries, a super fruit.

These berries deserve an honorable superfruit mention: GOJI & ACAI.

This list of Sexy Superfruits and Why Your Body Loves Them would be no real compilation at all if we didn’t include the highly popular goji and acai berries in a category of their own.

I mean, if you haven’t heard of an acai bowl – where have you been hiding, babe? Not only are these delicious, they do wonders for your body. So trust us when we tell you that it’s time to start sneaking them into your diet.

Image of a yogurt parfait with goji berries and pumpkin seeds on top.

If we’re being honest here, the benefits of acai are quite astounding. Let’s start with the obvious. Those antioxidants we keep mentioning that we’re so obsessed with? Well, acai is loaded with them. We’re talking 3 times more loaded than blueberries. Yep, that was no typo. If you’re interested in trying this powerful superfruit out, it’s as easy as incorporating it into a delicious smoothie recipe or making your very own bougie at-home acai bowl.

Now on to these lovely little things called goji berries. We love these for so many reasons. Adding this super fruit to your list of must-consume food will have you benefiting from an improved immune system, healthier skin, high amounts of antioxidants, and improved blood sugar levels. And if that wasn’t enough for you, these guys taste like a natural treat and can totally turn your boring mid-afternoon snack into the delicious fuel your body is craving.

Your body and your taste buds love… Pomegranate.

We’re about to make you feel a little less guilty about that pomegranate martini because hey, that’s what friends are for.

In all seriousness though, real, 100% pure pomegranate juice is ah-mazing for you. Not to mention, way less messy than busting open a pomegranate yourself. If the latter is your jam though, that works too!

Sexy Pomegranates - Superfruits and the benefits to your body

Pomegranate has a coveted spot on our list of sexy super fruits for many great reasons. Most notably though, we love this sexy super fruit for making our skin glow, and keeping our immune systems top-notch. This tart yet tasty fruit is high in vitamins A, C, and E, and we were stunned to learn that its antioxidant level is 3 times higher than our beloved and powerful green tea. We know! We couldn’t believe it either!

So Sexy - Best Self Tanner 2022

And, pomegranate is one of the prominent ingredients in our very own Self Tanner and Face Self Tanner. That's because your skin needs those vitamins and antioxidants just as much as your body. So next time you're getting your glow on, remember all that sexy superfruit goodness you're giving your skin.

And when you’re craving a little something special, reach for a pomegranate — in its purest form, or in a martini (we won’t judge).

Image of 3 pomegranate martinis on a gold serving tray.

Easily consume this sexy super fruit… Lemon.

This next one on our list of Sexy Super Fruits and Why Your Body Loves Them is one you likely almost always have on hand: the lemon!

Whether you choose to consume lemon water on a daily basis, or squeeze some juice on to your salads or other meals – you need more lemon in your life, girl! Lemon is a star at supporting your digestive system, which is why it is so often used in cleanses. What’s more, it is a stellar source of vitamin C, fiber, and a known cancer fighter.

Sexy Superfruit Lemons!

Peaked your interest? Try incorporating lemon (or other super fruits) into your daily water intake by using an inexpensive and convenient infuser bottle. These bottles are way easy to use, and they will totally get you excited about those 8 glasses a day.

You can also make using lemon as a base for your salad dressings a habit. Mix a few teaspoons with some apple cider vinegar and spices of your choice, and you’ve got yourself a natural and extremely healthy mix that will help detoxify your body.

Image of two diffuser bottles. One is filled with kiwi, and the other with strawberries.

Kumquats. Because seriously, who doesn’t like saying the word kumquat?

For real though, we included this guy for more than just its cute name. And just to set the record straight here, a kumquat is not only something you use to refer to your ex-boyfriend. They are small citrus-like fruits that happen to also make the “super” list.

Superfruits - Kumquats

Kumquats are super low in calories, but high in vitamin C which makes them a great choice for promoting healthy skin and energy levels. They also contain a solid amount of vitamin A, which is critical for good eye health. As with most sexy superfruits, they also pull their weight in the antioxidant category, which makes them excellent to consume on a daily basis.

Stumped about how to add these into your diet? Don’t be! If you’re not a fan of eating these raw, you can toss them into salads or even make them into marmalade. Kumquats are an easy way to break your fruit boredom, which totally comes in handy when you’re on a healthy lifestyle journey.

Image of the kumquat super fruits in a white bowl along side marmalade, on a white marble counter.

More than just a cute emoji… The peach.

We hate to be pessimists here! But your beloved cobbler won’t do it if you’re looking to reap all of the amazing benefits of none other than the sweet and comforting peach. 🍑

Peaches are a perfect choice if you’re looking to increase your intake of phytonutrients. This sexy super fruit of course boasts all of the impressive vitamins and anti-inflammatory benefits as the others above. However, it may also reduce allergy symptoms. You read that right.

This is all because peaches help prevent the release of histamines in the blood. What are histamines you ask? Simply put, they are your body’s way of triggering allergy symptoms such as sneezing and coughing. Therefore, reach for a peach and lessen your chances of suffering from that pesky sniffling you can’t seem to shake when those seasonal allergies come around!

Image of 3 peach baskets at a farmers market.

Sexy super fruits… we seriously can’t get enough of them!

Before we sign off, let us tell you that all fruits are healthy and beneficial in their own right. What makes a fruit a part of the “super” crew is its above par antioxidant levels, nutrients, minerals, and plant enzymes that just make it a little more special than the rest. We hope you enjoyed learning all about these sexy super fruits, and just exactly why your body loves them so much.

Superfruits - pomegranate seeds

Most of all though, we encourage you to incorporate these into your everyday diet because they will have your body feeling amazing. Once you make eating super fruits a habit, you’ll notice how quickly your energy levels change and how much healthier your skin looks. And of course, that sure doesn’t hurt in the feeling sexy department. As always, BBE loves ya babe <3.


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