Your Guide to the Ultimate Self-Care Date Night

Your Guide to the Ultimate Self-Care Date Night


If you’re wondering how you’re going to get through Valentine’s Day weekend this year without feeling single as a Pringle, we’re here for you. And if you are paired up but feeling like you just need a little space (Alexa, play NASA by Ariana Grande), we’re here for you too babe! The truth is, you totally do not need an event like Valentine’s Day to carve out some alone time and treat yourself to some much deserved self-care. But if this little known holiday or better yet this article happens to be the push you need to start your very own weekly self-care ritual – we’re down with that. Getting started is easy, and you’ll only wonder why you didn’t start sooner. Keep reading to uncover your Guide to the Ultimate Self-Care Date Night – no one else required but you, beautiful.

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Before you get to chilling, get your body moving.

We know when you think of a night in with yourself, you may not picture getting in a workout. For real though, we can’t blame you if all you were hoping for was a simple bag of Cheetos accompanied by yet another binge watch of Gilmore Girls. Just trust us though, this is an *ultimate* guide to your self-care date night! Which means we have to do it up big before we get to Netflixin’.

Image of a woman doing an at-home stretch on her yoga mat.

Exercise is an amazing way to kick off your self-care date night this Valentine’s Day, for so many reasons. Firstly, it is one of the best ways you can take care of yourself, inside and out. Secondly, even some light exercise will get your blood flowing and release some of those amazing endorphins that your body craves. These guys make you oh so happy, and they also help to reduce your stress levels. This is a major key to being able to truly wind down for your relaxing night in.

Don’t get us wrong. You don’t need to go run a marathon or lift weights for two hours to benefit from this self-care step either. Go for a refreshing walk in your neighborhood. Or stay in, pop on a short yoga vid and take a moment to breathe. Even 10 minutes of getting your body moving will have a positive impact on your ability to really unplug. It will also make you appreciate kicking back that much more.

Set the self-care mood.

Alright, your YouTube pilates video is over, you’ve moved around a little, and you’re ready for some relaxing alone time. We hear you. This next step on Your Guide to the Ultimate Self-Care Date Night is crucial. Girl, you gotta set the mood!


Pick your favorite spot in your home where you typically feel most at peace. Whether it’s your living room floor or your bedroom is totally up to you. After that, add in some candles, a cozy blanket, or some essential oils to that diffuser of yours. You know, whatever it is that makes you feel like you’re ready to switch gears into relax mode.

We also recommend making sure your home is tidy and clean, so you don’t feel any guilt putting your feet up for the night. Plus, you’ll get way more out of your self-care night in by lounging in a clean living room than one surrounded by mess or dirt!

Image of a cozy living room floor set up for a self-care date night and a tv with Netflix on.

If you really want to go the extra mile to relax, consider turning off your cellphone or any other electronic devices that can be distracting. Take a much needed break from social media during your self-care date night this Valentine’s Day. Even if it is only for an hour of your night, the benefits of unplugging are numerous and we promise it is so worth the try. You’ll feel more present, and recharged.

If you do decide to add in this step to your self-care ritual, we recommend going "electronics-free" for the hour before you go to sleep. This will ensure that your mind is calmer, and that you get the most optimal kind of shut-eye. If you can use this little self-care tip every night, even better gorgeous!


Line up the self-care products.

This next step in your relaxing V-Day night will keep you from running around your apartment looking for your favorite reading socks, or your beloved body scrub you hid away from your roommate last week.

Make sure you have all of the products you need laid out and ready for use before you settle in for your self-care date night. If you intend on completing a skincare ritual, we so support that! This is the perfect time to line up all of your fave products on your bathroom counter.

Need some inspo? BBE’s got all of the things you need to feel refreshed and revived this Valentine’s Day, no candy or flowers required. I mean, do candy and flowers even make you feel refreshed and revived? Didn’t think so.

Image of the BBE hydrating face mask alongside cucumber slices, on a white background, the perfect product for your self-care date night.

First off, give your skin some TLC with a nourishing facemask. We know this one is to be expected. But let's be real, there’s nothing quite like revealing a silky soft face after that 10-minute facemask! We love applying the BBE hydrating facemask before hopping in the bathtub to unwind. Add in some bath bombs or Epson salts, and you’re basically chilling in your very own at-home spa oasis.


Once you’re out of the tub and you’ve washed off your skin-changing mask, don’t skip to moisturizer just yet! This is your ultimate self-care date night after all, so be sure to add in a luxurious serum that you might not always include in your every day routine.

With your skincare routine on lock and done with, you’re now ready to move on to the next part of your night while feeling just a little more in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Pick out your favorite book or movie.

Once you’ve shown that pretty face of yours some love, it’s time to catch up on that book or that show you’ve been putting off for weeks now. You know, the one your coworkers keep talking about that you just need to be in the know about.


Take your self-care date night this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to get to do the things you always mean to do! We don’t mean chores though, so no laundry allowed. What we do mean, is taking the time to do the things you enjoy that you sometimes get too busy to carve out time for. Unless of course folding laundry is a form of relaxation for you, then by all means go for it babe! We’re not judging!

We love the idea of incorporating a good book into your self-care date night. Mostly because reading really does make you disconnect from it all, and sort of transports you into another world. On top of that, inspiring words can definitely feed your soul which is a *major* key to proper self-care. Need some ideas on what to dive into this Valentine’s Day? Check out our favorite books to look out for in 2021, right here.

If you’re leaning towards sitting back with a good movie or series though, we condone that too. Sometimes it can feel amazing to get lost in a show, or watch an old movie that brings back memories and feel good vibes. Clueless, anyone?

Meme of Cher from the movie Clueless speaking to her father that says "I like this boy... and he likes someone else". Her father responds: "Obviously this boy is a complete moron".

For your ultimate self-care date night, set up your favorite at-home dinner for one.

This next step on Your Guide to the Ultimate Self-Care Date Night is honestly probably our favorite.

For your night in this Valentine’s Day, plan to have your favorite dinner, snacks, and drinks of choice. This could include ordering from your favorite local restaurant, or taking a trip to the grocery store the day before to make sure you have all you need for that perfect charcuterie board. If you’re someone who finds comfort in cooking, why not make yourself something you typically don’t have time for or try a recipe you’ve been meaning to for months. This is the time for it!


Whatever your special meal of choice is, make sure you have your favorite cocktail (or mocktail!) ready for pairing. It is your Valentine’s Day date night after all, so go all out! Now’s the perfect opportunity to spring for that unique vintage Cabernet Sauvignon. Or better yet, to try that new sangria recipe you keep hearing about online.

Sit back, and enjoy some beautiful food and drinks solo style. You’ll be so glad you did.

Meme of a surprised Kim Kardashian that reads "me on the 14th of February pretending to be shocked at the flowers, roses and chocolate outside my door that I put there".

What do you say? Ready for some self-care this Valentine’s Day?

We think you deserve to curate your very own self-care date night ritual, regardless of your relationship status or what day of the year it is. And hopefully your new Guide to the Ultimate Self-Care Date Night has helped you realize that!

The benefits of having a dedicated time to yourself as little as once a week are numerous. You’ll mitigate feelings of stress, and you’ll be more in touch with yourself. In other words, you’ll be way better equipped to deal with all that life throws your way.

Also, we need to make one thing crystal clear. Taking time out to indulge in some self-care is not selfish! In fact, it’s completely necessary. Forget about all of the hashtags and the overwhelming need to engage in #self-care online culture. Instead, make it a real priority for yourself and yourself only. What’s more, self-care could look different for you than the ideas we listed above. If your idea of taking time out for yourself is going to browse your favorite shop, or calling up a friend for some catching up – that too is excellent, babe!

Image of a woman enjoying two glasses of rose on her self-care date night in an outdoor setting.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, we hope you remind yourself of the most important relationship of all in your life. The one you have with yourself. *Queue cheesy closing scene music*. Let us know how you make self-care a priority below. Or, tell us how you plan to have the best solo Valentine’s Day this year. After all, spending time alone is a luxury (we see you, busy moms!), and crucial to your wellbeing. And you babe, well you deserve all of that, and a bag of Cheetos. BBE loves ya <3.


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