Toxic Ingredients Hiding in Your Shower

Toxic Ingredients Hiding in Your Shower


Around here, we cherish self-care and the peaceful experience that a bath or shower can be. Think about it: your daily shower or bath can sometimes be your one opportunity for some alone time and pampering. Add in some essential oils, a little music, accompanied by all of your favorite products and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive way to get some R&R. But what if those products you count on to help you de-stress while getting clean are actually, well – not so gentle? Like a bad relationship, toxic ingredients in your shower or bath products can be hard to kick. But hey – BBE’s got your back. If you want to make sure your daily wash is healthy and doing all of the things it should for your skin, keep reading to uncover the toxic ingredients that might be hiding in your shower.

Image of a golden shower head in a white tiled bathroom.

Don’t get nervous now, but scary ingredients are everywhere.

For real, girlfriend. They are. And while it’s probably easier to be blissfully unaware of them, toxic ingredients are hiding in many of your go-to shower and bath products. We’re going to break down a few of the most common nasty ingredients below, but you can totally research a slew of them right here.

DEA, MEA, and TEA. These acronyms might sound harmless, but in reality they can disrupt your hormonal balance and put you at risk of cancer, and organ toxicity. Not so sexy, right? These guys are often found in soap, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and the list goes on. We thought we’d mention these three upfront, since they are so commonly found in your shower and bath products.

toxins hiding in your shower

Triclosan. This next toxic ingredient may sound like some kind of medication, so let’s be clear that it isn’t. Triclosan is added to bath and shower products to essentially give them antibacterial properties. Think soap, body wash, and any other product that claims to get you squeaky clean. Somewhat like the ingredients above, this element has been linked to skin cancer and hormonal imbalances. A.k.a., we’d much prefer to avoid it.

Parabens. You’ve likely heard about this toxic ingredient in makeup and skincare items. However, we're here to tell you that parabens often also hide as another toxic ingredient in your shower. Parabens aim to keep your cosmetics fresher for longer by preventing mold and bacteria from building up in them. Sound great? Not so fast. Parabens are harmful not only because of how they negatively affect your hormones, but because of how badly they can mess with your reproductive system. Additionally, prolonged use of paraben dense products can also cause skin irritation in the long-run. All and all, not so cute.

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Why choose clean ingredients?

In case all of the toxic ingredients hiding in your shower above weren’t enough to nudge you to come to the natural side, we’ve got more where that came from.

Here at BBE, you already know that we are obsessively natural. Not because it seemed like a cool trend to hop on board of, but because we know how harmful toxic products are to your health and we wanted to make a legit difference in the beauty world.

Beauty by Earth Self Tanner and Face Self Tanner with flowers

The benefits of opting for clean ingredients are numerous. Firstly, you won’t be exposing yourself to the negative effects of the toxins we just outlined. Secondly, you’ll enjoy effective beauty products without running the risk of harming your skin and body in the long run. Oh and thirdly, you’ll be doing your small part for the planet by buying products that keep the environment in mind.

And hey, while we are on the topic of effective beauty products, we want to shout the following statement from roof tops all over the world: it is a total myth that natural products cannot be as effective as other beauty brands.

Ready to make a few killer swaps?

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re now ready to revamp that shower caddy of yours – good! Below are some easy swaps you can make right now to minimize how many toxic ingredients you’re exposing your skin and body to on a daily basis.


Body Wash… You can still feel fresh and clean without toxic chemicals.

We swear, you’re still going to smell like a juicy peach, or a flower, or a strand of eucalyptus. You know, or whatever other glorious natural scent you choose. Just because you opt for a natural body wash, does not mean you’ll be left feeling and smelling like a very old organic pantry, we swear.

Clean beauty products that are pregnancy safe

With ingredients like coconut oil, lavender, and citrus, you can rest assured you’ll be smelling pretty lovely. What’s more, BBE’s body wash is safe for even the most sensitive or problematic skin types. So ditch that body wash you picked up without much thought on your last drugstore run. With a natural body wash, you don’t have to waste time worrying about harsh chemicals or toxins that will throw off your hormones or cause long-term skin cell damage.

Which means you’ll have way more time to do what you should be doing in the shower. Like finishing arguments you had 4 years ago, or wrapping up your most recent world tour à la Beyoncé.

Image of the BBE lavender citrus body wash, free of toxic ingredients.

Invest in a natural loofah… yes, the other guys contain toxins!

You may be surprised to learn that even the loofah you use to dispense body wash onto contains harmful toxins that are a huge no-no for your skin.

Here’s the thing. That harmless, plastic loofah you have hanging from your shower right now – ya that one. Well, we know you might think it’s the best way to foam up that body gel. In reality, though, it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Even worse, is that every time you rinse it tiny little bits of microplastic go down your drain and into your sewage system which… eventually ends up in the ocean. We know that was a long and heavy picture to paint, but it’s the truth! Ok, we’ll wait for you to return from throwing that thing out. Seriously go ahead, this article will still be here when you’re done.

non-toxic shampoos and soaps for your dog - Beauty by Earth Peppermint Tea Tree Body Wash

Welcome back! Ready for an eco-friendly alternative to that colorful loofah you’ve been repurchasing since high school? We’ve got you. BBE’s exfoliating loofah is basically a sea sponge from the cucumber family. Our loofah isn’t only better for the planet, it’s way better for that precious skin of yours babe. You can use it to help with eczema, clogged pores, and black heads.

Exfoliating Loofa Scrubber

We still recommend replacing your natural loofah once every 3 months to ensure your skin is getting the cleanest treatment around. Dead and flaky skin stands no chance against this little guy, and your gams will be glowing!

Switch out that face wash that is full of toxic ingredients for something safer.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this PSA about toxic ingredients hiding in your shower, face wash is a prime product for harmful chemicals that do not serve you in your journey to natural goodness.

It so doesn’t have to be that way though! I mean, who wants to be putting their precious face at risk for real? Check out the back of your face wash label, and we bet you’ll find one out of the 3 toxic ingredients we talked about earlier. Now, as you did with that loofah — turf it!

BBE’s foaming face wash smells just as delicious as our body wash. On top of that, it doesn’t require the help of any harsh ingredients to get your pores *squeaky* clean. How do we do that the natural way? Well, without Triclosan for starters. Tea tree oil on the other hand? Super effective as an antiseptic property, natural, harmless to your beautiful skin, and did we mention it smells like a refreshing spa-like dream? Now you know.

Image of the BBE foaming face wash surrounded by a myriad of reasons to love it.

Protect yourself from more than just razor nicks… ditch the toxic ingredients in your shaving cream.

If you’re a babe that reaches for your razor when you’re in the shower, this next one’s for you.

Look, we totally understand that a shaving cream is necessary to reducing skin irritation and ensuring you get every inch of unwanted hair. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you how toxic your classic shaving cream really is. It is full of sulfates, which are irritants to your skin, and emulsifiers that have been linked to more of that hormone disruption we keep mentioning.

clean beauty products that don't have microplastics

We know what you’re thinking… “ok well what do I freaking use to shave with then?!” Chill girl! BBE’s got the product for that too. Our shaving soap bar is a staple in so many of our natural beauty babe’s showers. We made this baby with lots of ylang-ylang to help with stubborn bumps, and coconut oil to nourish your skin. It smells delicious, and your razor will glide over your skin with the help of this magical bar. In short, you’ll wonder why you ever messed around with a spray can of toxic shaving cream in the first place. Never used a shave bar before? We've got a great guide all about it right here.

Image of the BBE shaving soap bar in use, free of toxic ingredients.

Clean beauty and the law… What is being done about all of these uncool, toxic ingredients?

Once you realize how common and accessible harmful ingredients are in the products around you, you might ask yourself how it’s even possible they be sold in stores.

Historically there has not been a huge push for safer cosmetics and consumer products in general. However, things are slowly but surely starting to change. Three years ago, Representative Jan Schakowsky introduced the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2019. This is the only federal legislation that immediately bans over a dozen of the most common harmful ingredients that are found in cosmetics. Additionally, the Bill aims to fund research for safer alternatives to these toxic chemicals, and ban most animal testing.

Similarly, Representative Frank Pallone, Jr. introduced a Bill entitled the Cosmetic Safety Enhancement Act of 2019 on Dec. 3, 2019. This Bill aims to heighten the FDA’s oversight of cosmetic manufacturers. Moreover, it requires these companies to notify the FDA of any customer complaints regarding the side effects of their products.

Face Wash

In summation, we’re relieved to see awareness surrounding toxic ingredients becoming more common and to see that lawmakers are taking note of just how important this is to our health.

And us here at BBE? Well, we feel blessed to do our part on this big natural beauty stage by bringing you effective and safe products we know you so love and deserve.

Until next time babe, we love ya <3!


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