6 Black Women-Owned Brands You’ve Got to Try

6 Black Women-Owned Brands You’ve Got to Try


Today we are celebrating Black History Month by sharing some of our favorite Black-owned businesses with amazing missions. This month and throughout the year, Beauty By Earth aims to support, recognize and heighten visibility for Black-owned businesses in our community. From clothing to cosmetics, these brands have something perfect for everyone. ⁠Join us as we explore 6 Black women-owned brands you've got to try!

Why We Think Supporting Black-Owned Brands Matters

Now, more than ever, we need to uplift and encourage growth within our communities. That's why we strive to use our platforms as a place for advocating for an inclusive space for all. It’s a privilege and joy to be blessed with such a vibrant and diverse community. ⁠At Beauty by Earth, we hope to help that diversity thrive. That means celebrating our uniqueness and supporting mutual equality and respect. For Black History Month, in particular, we recognize and appreciate those influential Black leaders in our community. We encourage you to join us in using this time to reflect and celebrate!


Supporting the Black community can include donating to organizations, celebrating growth and history, and amplifying those around us.⁠ As a small business ourselves, we love shopping other brands as a way of showing our support and love.

Drop a comment and share your favorite Black-Owned Business or creator!

1: The Honey Pot Company - The Female Black Owned Brand Revolutionizing Periods

An image of some of honey pot's product offerings

This unique brand offers ladies a plant-derived alternative to traditional feminine products (yup, we're talking pads and tampons, ladies). Inspired by the use of cotton and lavender in their own lives, the Honey Pot Company Black founder Bea Dixon wanted to create a better option. Dixon became obsessed with plant-based alternatives to feminine products and decided to make them herself!

Bea Dixon, the founder of honey pot co

And wow did she succeed! These aloe-infused beauties are like cooling pillows of bliss as opposed to traditional period pads. And, unlike those other pads, these babies are 100% biodegradable. Say goodbye to those mountain-of-amassed-used-pads languishing in a landfill for 300 years. These pads are crafted from 100% cotton. When you're done with them, just chuck 'em wherever (there's no need to worry about irresponsible bin disposal!)

The Honey Pot Company also offers a range of other plant-based products like wipes, panty sprays, and bath bombs, all with the same aim at protecting women and the planet. Yes, Please! 🙋🏽‍♀️

Why We Love the Honey Pot Company

This Black woman-owned brand checks all of our boxes:

  • Small Business hustle
  • Sustainable products
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Promotes women and the destigmatization of periods

Last but not least, The Honey Pot Co. encourages customers to get in touch and share their stories and experiences. Because periods shouldn't be a point of shame. Amiright?

Support the Honey Pot Company

Grab these luxurious, plant-infused feminine products on the Honey Pot Company's website, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, or many more locations.

2: Earth Mama Medicine - A Black Owned Business That Knows Healing

Earth Mama Medicine is the brainchild of Veldaya, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. It sells natural supplements, oils, and ebook references for physical and spiritual healing and wellbeing.

Founder of Earth Mama Medicine, Veladaya

Like other holistic shops, Earth Mama Medicine takes into account the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person. Holistic healers utilize many different methods to achieve balance in their patients, from conventional medicine to Ayurveda. In keeping with this view, Earth Mama Medicine sells many different types of holistic supplements and oils.

Some of these offerings include:

  • Balance Bac Tincture— A harmonizing herbal tincture formulated to eradicate infections in the body caused by overgrowth of yeast and imbalance of bacteria.
  • Reproductive Remedy Herbal Tincture— Reproductive Remedy is a moisturizing herbal tincture formulated to support the reproductive system.
  • Earth Mama Reset tea— this tea blend promotes overall wellness for tired mamas

In addition to these products, Earth Mama Medicine also provides references for holistic remedies to different conditions.

Product Spotlight: Affirmation Books

  • Affirmations for Manifesting, Each book is 44 pages of high vibrational text intended to guide all beings towards manifesting that which you desire.

Affirmations for manifesting books by Earth Mama Medicine

Why We Love Earth Mama Medicine

This Black woman-owned brand has so much to love!

  • Promotes whole-person wellness 🙌
  • Uses natural ingredients and essential oils
  • Filled with resources on clean living, emotion, spiritual, and physical healing, and tips on coping with stress and anxiety.

Product Spotlight: Reset Tea

As big tea lovers, we have to take a moment and tell you how lovely this Earth Mama Reset tea is! (Maybe that's why it's always selling out)

Earth Mama Medicine herbal reset tea

Support Earth Mama Medicine

You can support this wonderful Black-owned brand by shopping the website here or by following Veldaya on Instagram and Youtube. Her content is interesting and insightful—never boring!

3: Black Vibe Tribe - The Black Owned Brand That's Gone Viral

It's pretty likely you've already seen or heard of Black Vibe Tribe. Trinity Simone, creator and founder of the apparel brand, first went viral by posting a photo of herself modeling one of our very own T-Shirt Creations, "Support Black Womanhood":

Since then, this young Black entrepreneur's brand has skyrocketed in popularity. The Black Vibe Tribe website offers all kinds of swag including shirts, tanks, kids apparel, sweatshirts, stickers, and more.

You can snatch up your favorite piece on the Black Vibe Tribe website. Or you can win one by entering their contests on Instagram.

Why We Love Black Vibe Tribe

We love this brand because:

  • It celebrates and honors the Black community
  • Its designs are modern, stylish, and striking
  • It's a great example of one young woman making a big impact!

As people who believe in the power of positive messaging, Black Vibe Tribe is a perfect fit for us!

Black Vibe Tribe Product Spotlight

We're in love with the BLACK HISTORY TEE featuring the text "Black History is American History." SHOP IT

Black Vibe Tribe's history t-shirt

Black Vibe Tribe's history t-shirt

We also highly recommend the og. Black Vibe Tribe tee, "Defend Black Womanhood." SHOP IT

Support Black Vibe Tribe

You can support this wonderful brand by shopping their website here or by following them on Instagram.

4: Black Girl Nerds - Where you can support a Black owned business and feed your nerdiness simultaneously

Black Girl Nerds is another popular brand that goes against the grain. Their site offers nerd-related content with a focus on Black women in pop culture. Oh, and did we mention this spunky brand has it's own blog and podcast too? Pretty cool in our book!

Black Girl Nerds logo

Why We Love Black Girl Nerds

We're head over heels for Black Girl Nerds because:

  • It highlights fun and creative aspects of Black pop-culture
  • It's all about telling little girls to DREAM BIG because one day they'll make those dreams a reality

Black Girl Nerds Product Spotlight

We love the PROUD TO BE NERDY tee by Black Girl Nerds! It's got all the fun vibes of an 80's sleepover without the bad hair.

Black Girl Nerds logo

Support Black Girl Nerds

You can support Black Girl Nerds by subscribing to the podcast or shopping their swag on their website.

5: Miss Jessie's - Empowering girls and women of color to embrace their natural hair texture

Miko and Titi Branch, Black sisters and creators of Miss Jessie's products wanted to empower young black girls with the message that their hair matters. That's why the brand specializes in products for curly, kinky, or wavy hair. It aims to help women of color embrace their natural beauty while finding the perfect product, designed with their hair in mind!

The founders of Miss Jessie's Miko and Titi Branch

This woman-owned small business also launched the #MyHairStory campaign. This unique campaign helps young girls to embrace their natural hair texture rather than seeking to change it. This movement features real hair, from afros to dreads, with statements on what womens' hair means to them. It inspires us all to love our natural beauty more!

Why we're loving this black owned beauty brand

  • It encourages girls to embrace their natural beauty.
  • It provides a space for girls to share their personal stories.
  • It empowers young black girls with the message that "your experiences are unique"

Miss Jessie's Product Spotlight

We love the GROW STRONG MAFURA-NATURAL HAIR GROWTH OIL for promoting healthy curls by hydrating parched locks and preventing split ends.

Miss Jessie's pillow soft curls

Need some moisture in those locks? Try PILLOW SOFT CURLS. It's a gentle cream that transforms curls into big, soft, pillowy bliss!

Support Miss Jessie's

You can support Miss Jessie's by shopping their website or following them on Instagram.

A List of Other Black-Owned Businesses You can Support


Addie Rawr | Art and stationary

Alex Hudson | Photographer

Beautiful You Studios | Photography

By Way of Dallas | Designer

KL Photography | photographer

Magnificine | Videographer

Phoenix Michele | Photographer

The Amber Studio | Wedding photographer

The Emma Rose Room | Venue | Irving


Adwoa Beauty


Bomba Curls



Canvas Girl Beauty

Coils in Paradise

Curl Box



EDEN Body Works

Emaan S. Cosmetics

Girl + Hair

Hairway Beauty Co

Honey's Handmade

Jane Carter Solution

Karina Mariie


Koil Hair Care

Melanin Haircare

MICHE Beauty

Mielle Organics

Mila Rose's Hair Care

Miracle 9

Miss Jessie's

Moisture Love

Nancy's Kitchen Products



Nourish & Love Co

ONE by Wankaya

Onyx Hair Company


Pattern Beauty

Positively Pure

Sienna Naturals


Taliah Waajid Natural Hair

Tee's Hair Secret


The Black Label Hair Collection

The Doux


Wakati Hair Care


Aeva Beauty

Alamar Cosmetics

B.Simone Beauty

Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Beez

B'ellegant Cosmetics

Black Opal Beauty

Black Radiance Beauty

Bossy Cosmetics

BOTXN Beauty


Cocoa Swatches

Coloured Raine Cosmetics

Danessa Myricks Beauty

Dope Queen Cosmetics

Doubledown Cosmetics

Fenty Beauty

For Her Cosmetics

Glam Goth

Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics

Glitz Artistry

GlōGirl Cosmetics

Glow Up

Helaz Beauty

Iman Cosmetics

Inside Outer Beauty Market

IOC Cosmetics

J Nova Collection

JD Glow Cosmetics

JLaRue Cosmetics

Juvia's Place


Maréna Beauté

Mented Cosmetics

Miss Maddness Cosmetics

Pat McGrath

Playing in Makeup by Yolondo

people of color

Pretty Well Beauty

Propa Beauty

Range Beauty

Sattrell Beauty

September Rose Cosmetics

The Bold Brand

The Crayon Case

The F & B Brand

The Lip Bar

Uoma Beauty


A&I Skincare

Acarre Beauty

AJA Naturals

Alikay Naturals

Ancient Cosmetics


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