2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Everyone

2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Everyone


Whether you think Valentine’s Day is the sweetest day of the year or the most obnoxious Hallmark holiday that exists, around here we think that any excuse to celebrate love is pretty dope. But you see, we don’t think V-Day should only be relevant for those of us that are paired up. In fact, we think it’s about time a modern-day Valentine’s Day revolution takes place. At a time where it seems like the world is in need of all of the love and positive vibes it can get – why not start with transforming this February 14th holiday, once and for all? So whether you’re single, taken, or feeling like “it’s complicated”, BBE has developed the ultimate 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide… for everyone to feel included this year.

For the single, independent, boss babe…

We all know her, love her, and go to her when we need a hype girl. She’s always working on her next promotion, yet still manages to find time to binge watch Real Housewives of (insert your fave city from the franchise here) with you when you need a break.

This girl seems to have it all, so what could you possibly get her on a day that *secretly does* phase her. Easy peasy! Every boss babe needs her beauty sleep so she can wake up and crush her goals in heels (or more like in slippers these days).

Gift her a luxurious yet affordable silk pillow and eye mask set like this one. Not only will she feel like sleeping beauty every night, but she’ll also wake up with less frizz in her hair and none of those pesky pillow lines on her face. You know, saving her precious time in the morning when she’s rushing out to kill it at her first of many meetings.

Image of a charcoal gray set of a silk pillow and silk eye mask, the perfect Valentine's Day 2021 gift for the boss babe in your life.

Want to make her truly feel VIP? Add in a clay facial mask for an evening of self-care followed by silky, blissful shut-eye.

For the loving, and ever-evolving cool mom that deserves more than a Valentine's Day Gift…

This woman simply amazes you. And if anyone on our 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide list deserves a little extra spoiling this year, it’s her. She takes care of everyone around her, and kills the motherhood game. Plus, you wonder how she’s managed to stay sane during the many lockdowns of 2020 with those little ones!

Although she may not think V-Day is all about her, make it that way this year by gifting her a little something something that will force her to slow down.

Image of a hand holding the new BBE Radiant & Rosy duo which includes a rose quartz roller and the coffee bean eye cream.

Get the busy mom in your life a set of the most relaxing bath bombs out there to give her the nudge she needs to indulge in some self-care. If you really want to go the extra mile in spoiling her, we've got you covered. We have our Rosy + Radiant Duo featuring our eye cream and rose quartz roller. She can keep these two by her bedside for regular nightly pampering. Because let’s be real, she deserves it.

For the dad you most admire…

We love all the mamas out there, but we think Dad’s deserve some appreciation too this Valentine’s Day. So we went ahead and included some easy and cool ideas for the dad in your life who has the best jokes.

So this guy in your life might have a busy schedule, or on the flip side he could be enjoying the glorious life of a retiree. Either way, chances are the man has a cellphone. And when he’s busy fixing your furnace or running to soccer practice, he just may forget to charge it.

Valentine's day gifts for dad

This next one on our 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide you’ll likely want to pick up for yourself as well. Seriously, this little portable charger is so thin that it can fit in your back pocket. We already know dads love practicality, and this gadget is just that.

To make this Valentine’s Day Gift a little more festive, we recommend adding some classic V-Day treats to your gift bag. Who doesn’t love a spicy candy heart, or a heart-shaped Reese’s pieces? For real, they somehow just taste better!

Check out some other dad-picks he'll be crazy for:

For the guy who ghosted you twice but randomly pops into your DM’s periodically…

We’re definitely just kidding. Nothing for him.

If you’re taken: For your boyfriend or girlfriend…

If you’re a lucky love bird, we know you’re excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year (even if it looks a little different). And at a time where going out can be difficult for some of us, we’ve got some unique ideas for how you can show your better half just how much you appreciate them.

Valentine's day gift guide for your boyfriend 2021

Put on your Martha hat and organize an indulgent picnic, just for the two of you. For real though, go all out with the bougie basket and everything! Pack it with some scrumptious charcuterie items, and throw in your significant other’s favorite wine or drink of choice. Finally, finish up your snack for two with some fruit and decadent chocolate to really add a special touch to your small but sweet V-Day activity.

Image of a picnic basket and balloons laid out on a hardwood floor of a living room.

If you can get outside for this and enjoy some fresh air – even better. If not, ditch the regular kitchen table and have your picnic on the living floor. Trust us, change is good! What’s more, something as simple as putting in an effort to spend more time together is the best gift of all for any couple this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Ideas

Here are some other clean beauty favorites your boyfriend/girlfriend will be cupid-struck for:

For your favorite married couple…

If there’s a pair in your life who you look at and automatically think #couplegoals, put some good karma out into the universe this Valentine’s Day and show them how much you admire them!

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Let’s face it. Seeing a happily married couple make it through life’s struggles is totally inspiring these days. And if you’re lucky enough to have that kind of dynamic duo in your life, we think you should take the time to show them some appreciation this year. Whether it’s your best friend and her husband, or your in-laws, gift them a small token of your admiration to make them feel so good this February 14th.

Image of a wooden cheeseboard with the words

Check out this personalized charcuterie board you can have specially crafted, just for them. It is sure to add a special touch to their next at-home gathering, while reminding them how lucky they are to have a friend like you around!

And if you're still stumped, you can always gift some reef-friendly, mineral-based sun protection (can't go wrong with SPF, babe!):

For your best friend who quite frankly is often more reliable than your boyfriend…

For the one who always answers your calls, always gets you, and always makes you feel like a priority. She is none other than your trusted and beloved bestie.

Valentines day gifts for bffs 2021

Use this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show her just how much you appreciate those vent sessions and crazy laughs she brings your way. Because let’s face it, without her you’d be lost!

This next idea on our 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is super easy and eco-friendly. Gift your BFF a beautiful bottle of bubbly in an even cuter reusable bag. If she’s a beauty junkie, throw in some nourishing lip balm that you know she’ll reach for every day.

Image of a canvas bag shaped for wine or champagne bottles that reads "pop, fizz, clink" on it.

I mean, how can you go wrong with champagne and lip balm? Two major life essentials.

For that special someone who inspires you on the regular…

If you’re blessed enough to have someone in your life who inspires you daily, use February 14th as a day to recognize them!

Vday gift ideas for friends 2021

You might have that co-worker, family member, or even your significant other might be your regular source of inspo. No matter who it is, make them feel loved and thank them for being a positive force in your life. Believe us, they’ll appreciate it on a day that is traditionally a *little* superficial.

Image of author Angie Thomas alongside her new book titled "Concrete Rose".

Gift this gem of a human a little inspiration back with one of these 2021 must-reads. There is seriously nothing better than offering someone a good book that has left its mark on you. Especially one that you know they can find some light in too.

Who said Valentine’s Day had to be all about roses and glittery cards for lovers only?

For you, who’s made it through 100% of your bad Valentine’s Days (even without this amazing V-Day Gift Guide)…

Last but certainly not least. For the person who is truly the most important in your life: you. That being said, there is no way we were going to leave you out of our 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

Listen, it’s like this. Whether you are single, taken, or still trying to figure out what exactly you and your crush even are – it’s not important. If you don’t love you first, nothing else matters. Cheesy, we know. But so, so true.

So if you were thinking of drowning your single girl sorrows in one too many glasses of Pinot while watching Bridget Jones’ Diary – stop right there! This Valentine’s Day, gift yourself some chill yet productive you time, or something nice you’ve been eyeing for a while.

Image of a gray sweater alongside jean shorts and flip flops, with a picture of Bernie Sanders sitting cross-legged on it.

Basically babe, spoil your own self! Maybe it's time you finally indulge in a seriously beneficial new skincare routine. Or, perhaps you can choose to gift yourself that cozy sweater you’ve been eyeing. Whatever you decide, be your own Valentine this year and treat yourself. And don’t worry, you can do all of the above with that glass of Pinot in hand.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide or not... As we always say, BBE loves ya.

We hope this 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide gave you some better ideas than your usual bouquet of roses. Most of all, we hope it inspired you to spread love to whoever is important in your life this year. You know, instead of making this holiday only about those of us who are happily paired up.

What are some of your not-so-traditional Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Is there anyone extra special you like to usually spend this holiday with? Let us know down below!

Until next time, we'll say it again: BBE loves ya <3!


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