Beauty Advice From Social Media That You Shouldn’t Follow

Beauty Advice From Social Media That You Shouldn’t Follow


We’ll admit it. We’re guilty of getting swept up in the slew of Instagram reels, Snapchat posts, and TikTok vids that seem to just constantly be popping up on our screens these days. And while we love some of the quick tips we can pick up by simply watching our smartphones, we still try to keep a watchful eye out for the *not so cute* suggestions we can live without. Since we know your screen time is way up these days (don’t worry, so is ours), we thought this would be an opportune time to swoop in and give it to you straight. Here’s some beauty advice from social media that you shouldn’t follow.

Alleged “Beauty Tip” #1… Using Elmer’s Glue For Blackheads

We’re not kidding. Have you seen this one? People on the internet are literally suggesting you should use glue to remove blackheads. Just when we thought the world couldn't get any crazier...

Listen we get how annoying blackheads can be, but putting GLUE on that precious face of yours is definitely never an option.

Not only is using glue to *quite literally* peel your skin off unhealthy in itself. It’s also packed with toxic ingredients that should never touch your skin, especially for the purpose of allegedly unclogging it. Plus, there's seriously no reason to resort to this when there are effective and safe products out there to clear up your skin.

While we're at it, please don't use any other form of weird face mask, such as leaches or whatever these things are . . .

Stick to natural and dreamy face masks for that, girlfriend.

"Shave your brows so you can then fill them in"… Sorry what? GIRL, NO.

So many influencers started doing this a few years back, and it’s never stopped making us cringe.

First off, your eyebrow hair takes forever to grow back. And that’s if, it ever grows back completely. Overdoing it with the hair removal on your brows can even cause permanent damage in some cases. Meaning that when you eventually regret shaving off half your eyebrow (because trust us, you will), it might be too late.

Instead, be gentle when grooming your brows and see a professional if you’re not so confident in your YouTube tutorial following skills. Believe us when we tell you that you do not need to shave your brows off in order to use the latest and greatest products on them! Oh, and can we also ask, if you already have a brow to work with – why in the heck would you shave it off in the first place to start from nada? C’mon now.

Using a household cleaner to remove dark spots… NOOOO.

We didn’t believe this terrible beauty advice from social media until we heard it for ourselves, here.

If you want to lighten up dark spots and get yourself a beautifully even complexion, please (we BEG of you) do not resort to the stuff you use to clean your floors! This stuff is mad toxic and questionable to even use on your hardwood, let alone your cheeks.

Instead, opt for an antioxidant-packed face oil that will lighten up any dark pigmentation on your skin over time. Not only will this smell a whole lot better than floor cleaner on your face, but you can also rest assured your skin won’t burn off in your quest for glowing skin.

So just in case licensed esthetician Madihearts didn’t make it clear enough, we’ll say it again: DO NOT *EVER* USE AJAX CLEANER ON YOUR FACE. EVER.

Ok, we can breathe again.

"If your skin's oily, just skip the moisturizer." Wow, NO.

Any influencer from social media who gives you this bad beauty advice should get a quick and easy unfollow in our books. Oily skinned babes need just as much love as dry skin ladies!

Skipping moisturizer is terrible advice for a few reasons. First off, even though your skin may be oily – it still needs moisture! That’s because believe it or not, excess oil production does not equate to hydrated skin. On top of that, by choosing to just forego that moisturizer, you can cause your skin to actually overproduce oil. You know, to make up for what it’s not being nourished with.

Now, we definitely agree with being picky about the type of moisturizer you choose when your skin is on the oilier side. A rich, thick cream will likely make you feel like a grease ball and we’re definitely not here for that. We recommend using an oil control moisturizer that will give your pretty face the nourishment it needs, without feeling heavy or clogging your pores.

Speaking of moisturizer, using mayonnaise as one is *so* not good beauty advice.

We’ll be honest. We don’t know why you’d want to put mayo on anything other than your fave sandwich, but we’ll address this anyways.

Yes, there are oils and fats in mayonnaise that one could think would do wonders for moisturizing their skin. On the flip side though, this beloved condiment is also full of lemon juice and vinegar. Both of which are highly acidic and damaging for your skin.

If you’re looking to give your skin the hydration it needs, close your fridge door babe. I mean, unless you’re reaching for a snack while you finish up this article. In which case, cool – we’ll wait.

If you want to rest assured you’re not hurting the delicate skin on your face, we’ve got you covered. Instead of mayo, opt for a nourishing face cream that doesn’t pair well with potato salad.

"If you have a breakout, dab some garlic on your skin." Honestly, so unnecessary and … just, no.

Ok, while this next piece of beauty advice from social media that you shouldn’t follow isn’t necessarily dangerous, it just isn’t necessary at all.

Garlic is often used in many DIY facemasks, and we know it boasts some cool antibacterial properties. But the truth is, applying it to your face and going about your day can totally leave you smelling like the bread basket at Olive Garden. We love garlic bread, for obvious reasons. But we’d prefer not to walk through life smelling like it.


If you struggle with acne and are now second-guessing reaching for that garlic clove – good! Instead, wash your face regularly with a gentle foaming wash that contains tea tree oil. You’ll get the same antibacterial goodness to help with those breakouts while smelling a little fresher. Follow up with a facemask once or twice a week that unclogs pores, and you’ll never consider spreading garlic all over your face again – we promise.

Making your own sunscreen…

We love a good DIY skincare recipe, but we just can’t get behind this next one.

SPF is one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine, and you shouldn’t cut corners with it. Sunscreen is tested and re-tested before it’s manufactured and before it ever hits your skin. And even though we know you’re a powerful woman who can do anything she sets her mind to — leave the sun protection formulations to the experts.

Get yourself some safe and effective BBE sunscreen, and leave this so-called beauty advice on your list of what not to follow from social media.

Dunking your face in a bowl of several bacteria carrying fish for revitalized skin… SERIOUSLY?

We have no words for this bad piece of beauty advice from social media. Click here and watch for yourself, if you must.

Applying a ridiculous amount of layers of ANY product to your skin… we’re cringing.

We don’t know what would possess anyone to take this next piece of “beauty advice”, but were hoping that one look at this TikTok vid will do a great job of explaining why you should NEVER apply 100 layers of anything to your skin!

Thinking any skincare routine will work overnight… patience, friends.

We know how inspiring some of those before and after’s on Instagram can be. However, oftentimes these posts fail to mention how long it took for those enviable results to actually happen. All and all, you need to know that beautiful skin just doesn’t happen overnight. Your skin needs time to adjust, this girl knows!

Now don’t get us wrong. If something is irritating your skin or just seriously doesn’t feel right, discontinue its use right away. But if you’re just a little skeptical about whether a product is working or not, be patient. It takes about a month for new skin cells to turnover, so give that new product a chance before you deem it ineffective.

Last on our list of Beauty Advice from Social Media You Shouldn’t Follow: Using nail polish as eye shadow… we can’t make this stuff up guys.

We really hope we don’t need to go into details about this one, but seriously – who does this?! Ok fine, we love products that can multi-task. But nail polish isn't one of them!

And hey, we don’t care how beautifully chromatic that gold polish looks on your nailbeds. Those toxic and paint-like ingredients do NOT belong on your eyelids. And for the love of all things beauty and wellness, please pass this message along!

All that bad beauty advice has us wiped!

If you’ve retained anything from this list of somewhat funny, yet terrible beauty advice from social media that you shouldn’t follow, we hope it’s to take everything you see and hear on the internet with a (major) grain of salt.

If something sounds weird or isn’t usually intended for use on your skin, question it! We know how easy it can be to get wrapped up in all of the crazy hacks out there, but you have BBE to always guide you in the right way of beauty and wellness.

So the next time you need the perfect trick to get rid of a breakout or take off your makeup, put the apps away! We've always got a blog for that, or drop us a line at any time gorgeous. We’ve got all of the good stuff you need. BBE loves ya!


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