Best Books to Look Out For in 2021

Best Books to Look Out For in 2021


We’ll admit that we’re looking forward to a lot of good things in 2021. You know, like a little restored normalcy in the world, more time with loved ones, and more opportunities for growth. Reading has kept so many of us sane during these *nothing short of* crazy times, and we plan to keep our bookworm statuses throughout this year too! So while we were searching high and low for the best books to look out for in 2021, we thought we’d share the gems we found with you!

Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas

If you’re looking for a book that brings a poignant story to the table, paired with real world experiences – this one’s for you. In this story about a young man named Maverick Carter, Angie Thomas explores the challenges of black boyhood and manhood. From working to support his mother while his father is in jail, to coping with the brutal murder of a loved one, Concrete Rose is sure to stir up all the feels. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one.

Image of author Angie Thomas alongside the cover of her new book "Concrete Rose"

New Yorkers: A City and Its People In Our Time by Craig Taylor

We love New York! And this book is an ode to everything this amazing city has been through in the 21st century. From the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to the recession, Craig Taylor presents a picture of the strength and resistance New Yorkers ooze. Taylor is often praised for the way he presents truthful conversations in his writing, and we’re sure this book will be no exception to his real and raw style.

Image of the cover of "New Yorkers: A City and Its People In Our Time" by Craig Taylor

My Mother’s Daughter: A Memoir of Struggle and Triumph, by Perdita Felicien

In case you haven’t heard about girl boss Perdita Felicien, we’ll give you the quick lowdown. Felicien is a World Champion hurdler. She ran the biggest race of her career back in 2004 at the Olympics and is now retired. In this memoir, Felicien talks about the struggles her mother overcame while she was pregnant with her. She details how her mother had the courage to leave the small island of St-Lucia to come to Canada for better opportunities. Additionally, Felicien touches on extremely important topics in this gripping piece such as racism and homelessness. The reviews for this book are killer, and we’re excited to learn more about this World Champion’s story.

Image of author Perdita Felicien, alongside her book

Look out for this powerful book... Home Body by Rupi Kaur

This book sounds like just what the doctor ordered for 2021. In Home Body, Rupi Kaur gives us more of her beautiful poetry that the world just can’t seem to get enough of. This time, she presents conversations that remind readers to fill up on love, and embrace change. Throughout the book, pieces on family, acceptance, and community are brought to light in a way that encourages readers to have meaningful inner dialogues with themselves. We love this 21-year-old poet for so many reasons, and we can’t wait to dive into her latest work.

Image of author Rupi Kaur holding up her latest book "Home Body".

Unwinding Anxiety by Judson Brewer

We all know how stressful this past year has been. As a result, some of us are experiencing serious difficulties in dealing with our new normal. In this book, Dr. Judson Brewer uses brain-based techniques and hacks to get rid of your anxiety from its root cause. Dr. Brewer has worked with countless patients and athletes over the last 20 years. Therefore, we think he definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to mitigating feelings of anxiousness. At a time where we can certainly use all the calming techniques we can get, we’ll definitely be adding this book to the top of our reading lists.

Image of the cover of "Unwinding Anxiety" by Dr. Judson Brewer.

My Year Abroad by Chang-rae Lee

If you’re into a good adventure story, we thought of you! Keep a lookout for this interesting piece on our Best Books to Look Out For in 2021 list. In “My Year Abroad”, Chang-rae Lee talks about how an uncommon trip to Asia transforms the seemingly normal American life of the book’s main character. Lee dives into the human connection between pleasure and pain, and uses action-packed scenarios to illustrate these intense themes. Chang-rae Lee is one of the most critically acclaimed authors of our time, and we’re eager to read his latest.

Colorful image of the book title "My Year Abroad" written in geometric shapes.

Bravey by Alexi Pappas

With a cover page that reads “Chasing dreams, befriending pain, and other big ideas” – it’s safe to say we’re already hooked. Alexi Pappas wears many hats in her life. She is an Olympic runner, a filmmaker, actress, and writer! In this memoir, Pappas talks about being brave in the face of adversity and how to stay confident no matter what kind of challenge you’re facing. We love a good feel-good bio, and Bravey seems like it’s going to be right up our alley.

Image of the cover of the book "Bravey" by Alexi Pappas, with Pappas on the cover in a blue dress.

Look Out For... Billion Dollar Start-Up by Adam Miron, Sébastien St-Louis, Julie Beun

We love a good success story to inspire us to rise and grind. Billion Dollar Start-Up is just that. Titled “The True Story of How a Couple of 29-Year-Olds Turned $35,000 into a $1,000,000,000 Cannabis Company”, this book explores the triumphs and challenges two brother-in-laws faced in creating what is now a hugely successful cannabis company named HEXO. The coolest part about this book is that most of it was actually written in real-time, as their story was unfolding. We’re pumped to use this book as some solid work hard motivation.

Image of the cover page of "Billion Dollar Start-Up"

Humor, Seriously by Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas

Did you know humor is a superpower at work and in life? As much as we love a good laugh, we sure never thought of it that way! In this book about how anyone (yes, including you) can leverage humor to their advantage, Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas explain how being funny is in fact serious business. In “Humor, Seriously”, Aaker and Bagdonas explore how being funny can actually make us appear smarter, and more confident, making it super beneficial in our every day lives. We don’t know about you, but this one’s certainly got our attention!

Image of the cover page of "Humor, Seriously" on a white background.

Look out for this new read... The Conversation by Robert Livingston

Once in a while, we crave a book that really makes us think deep. “The Conversation” touches on several important themes that are definitely relevant to the current world environment. In this book, Robert Livingston explains how speaking the truth about racism can radically transform people, and the organizations around them. What’s more, Livingston elaborates on how the reader can be a part of the solution. We always want to learn more about how we can play our part in bettering the world around us. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this piece made our list of Best Books to Look Out For in 2021.

Image of Robert Livingston's new book entitled

Like Streams to the Ocean by Jedidiah Jenkins

From New York Times bestselling author Jedidiah Jenkins, comes his new book that broaches tough topics we often avoid talking about. In this book, Jenkins takes the opportunity to reflect on what it is we need to consider in order to live an authentic life. In his effort to do this, he expands on the themes of ego, love, family, and work. Jenkins also explores how experiences shape us into who we are. What's more, he explains how it is possible to find fulfillment in the things that are already around us. Since we already love the positive effects of gratitude on our health, we think this book sounds like a serious thought-provoker that we won’t be able to put down.

Image of the cover of the new book "Like Streams to the Ocean" by Jedidiah Jenkins.

The Greatest Secret by Rhonda Byrne

If you’ve already read The Secret, this next one on our list of Best Books to Look Out for in 2021 will likely spark your interest. In “The Greatest Secret”, Rhonda Byrne offers new practices and revelations about how you can manifest everything it is that you want in your life. Byrne explores ways we can live in “permanent peace and happiness” and shares, well, the secret to achieving this. And since we are always looking for ways to bring the positive vibes and energy, this one is definitely going to be a binge read!

Image of author Rhonda Byrne alongside her latest book "The Greatest Secret".

A little something for the fiction junkie on our list of Best Books to Look Out For in 2021... The Wrong Family: A Thriller by Tarryn Fisher

For all our fiction loving babes, we wanted to include a few fascinating reads geared towards you! “The Wrong Family” is a story full of twists and turns about a retired therapist named Juno. Juno makes the critical decision of moving in with the Crouch family. Let’s just say, this fam has a lot more deep-seated secrets than she could have ever expected. So many readers know Tarryn Fisher for her dark mind and bestselling thrillers. So, it's safe to say we know this story is sure to keep us on the edge of our seats. Grab your popcorn babe!

Image of a gloomy cover page of Tarryn Fisher's latest book

The Four Winds: A Novel by Kristin Hannah

Another novel we’re excited about in the fiction section of our Best Books to Look Out For in 2021 list, is “The Four Winds”. This story takes place during the Great Depression in Texas, when millions of Americans were out of work. Farmers in particular were struggling to keep their livelihoods intact. Main character Elsa Martinelli is faced with the difficult decision of staying put and fighting for what’s hers, or packing up and heading to California for new opportunities. Kristin Hannah gives a riveting story of the American Dream in this one, and we’re ready to get into it.

Image of Kristin Hannah's latest book

Last but not least on our list of Best Books to Look Out For in 2021... Letters in a Bruised Cosmos by Liz Howard

Liz Howard is a remarkable writer who has won the Griffin Poetry Prize for her inspiring work. In “Letters in a Bruised Cosmos”, Howard gives readers a collection of poems that are both intimate, and thought-provoking. If you enjoy reading a small chapter or piece before bed, this is the perfect assembly of poetry for you. It will leave you with some soothing food for thought before ending your day. Howard’s previous book of poems “Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent” is a favorite amongst poetry junkies, so we’re definitely curious to see what she has to offer in this latest book of hers.

Image of Liz Howard's latest book

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on one of these Best Books to Look Out For in 2021!

Out of our 15 picks in our list of Best Books to Look Out For in 2021, we hope you found something that sparked your interest! Most importantly, we hope this line-up gave you the inspo you needed to get reading! Let us know if you’ve read any of the works above! Or, if there’s another book we should keep on our radar this year! Until next time, keep learning, growing, and reading gorgeous! <3, BBE.

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