Problems Every Self Tanning Girl Knows!

Problems Every Self Tanning Girl Knows!


We’ve got 99 problems… and we’ll admit that a few of them *sometimes* come from our slight addiction to natural self tanning. But hey, we think sun damage and harmful UV rays are a way bigger issue than the occasional orange palms. If you’re a babe who loves to get her glow on the natural way, you’ll totally relate to these problems every self tanning girl knows!

You’re always worried about your self tanner rubbing off on your sheets.

Especially if they’re white. You hop out of the shower. Rub on your self tanner, let it dry, and hope for the best as you get in between your sheets. But instead of worrying your pretty little head as you lay down to rest, you can opt for BBE’s self tanner that won’t transfer over to any fabrics. For real. Now, all you need to do is catch some Zzz’s and wake up a glowing goddess. Easy, right?

No matter how hard you try, you always seem to miss that one spot.

Even after years of experience, you sometimes feel a little inadequate in the self tan department. Don’t sweat it, babe. We’ve all been there. In fact, because we know how common of a problem this is, we went ahead and wrote a whole post on expert-level tips on how to apply self tanner to the hardest spots.

Click here, read away, and get ready to feel confident the next time you reach for that natural glow in a bottle.

You struggle with using your fave body exfoliator and being afraid to scrub off your tan.

Now this is self tanning girl problems 101! To exfoliate or not to exfoliate. Well, we get how tough this call can be. Especially when you have a deliciously addictive body scrub in your shower. You know, something like BBE’s vanilla coconut gem right here.

The truth is though, you definitely need to exfoliate before you self tan. And as a self tanning junkie, we know you already knew this. Don’t be afraid to scrub dead skin away again a week later. Yes, your tan will have faded, but it’s the perfect opportunity to touch up, re-apply, and keep your glow game up.

Your makeup doesn’t always match your tan on the days you go overboard with the self tanning coats!

If you find yourself needing to apply a *little* more bronzer to get those cheekbones to match your new natural self tan – we feel that! And rest assured, this is one of the problems every self tanning girl knows.

Thankfully though, it’s an easy one to fix. First up, we totally recommend using a self tanner that is specially formulated for your face. Opt for an easy-to-blend, natural formula that will help you look even all over, like this one. Next up, if you love makeup as much as you love self tanning, make sure you have a clean bronzer on hand at all times. Adding a little bronzer to that pretty face will help blend your self tan, and make it look stunningly natural.

The only time you wish you had a boyfriend is when you’re self tanning and need to reach your back (ok, and also when you need to bring the groceries in).

We know how much of a struggle it can be to get your self tan even and perfect on the areas you can reach. So we definitely feel you when it comes to reaching your back!

But babe, every self tanning girl knows how to solve this one of many problems! You need to get yourself the ultimate buddy, the one who will never let you down: the self tanning back applicator.

Once you have one of these guys in your life, you can count on your back looking even and tanned – no boyfriend required.

And finally… you’re always a *little* paranoid to look in the mirror the morning after your nighttime self tanning routine.

You know exactly which feeling we’re talking about here. You exfoliated, and you did all the right prep. Last but certainly not least, you applied your self tanner. In the process, you blended so much that you lost track of time (seriously, how did that episode of Real Housewives end so soon?). Oh and, you invested in every applicator you needed to get the job done properly.

So you go to sleep (kinda stressing about your sheets) and hope for the self tanning gods to visit you within the next 8 hours. Then, you wake up and head to the mirror hoping that you’ve awoken looking like a stunning bronzed beauty instead of an Oompa Loompa.

… And luckily for you, you’re a BBE babe so you don’t wake up looking like one of the cast members from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Instead, you’re feeling yourself. What's more, you know you have all the self tanning knowledge you need to kill the glow game. And trust us, girlfriend, you are killing it!

How do we know? Well, because you’re kind enough to send us your impressive before and after’s that we quite frankly, live for. Check them out for yourself, here.

Until next time gorgeous. We see you, glowing up a storm over there.

Carey <3

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