Clean Beauty Bloggers to Follow Right Now!

Clean Beauty Bloggers to Follow Right Now!


If living a clean and healthy lifestyle sometimes requires you to seek a little bit of inspo, we’re with you. Let’s face it. Some days, our go-to recipes or natural skin and makeup hacks just seem like they need a little refreshing. One of our favorite ways to learn about new products and tips for natural living is to follow some of the best influencers out there. These ladies bring you the latest on all things clean and take the guesswork out of finding new and improved ways to lead your healthy lifestyle. Check out these inspiring clean beauty bloggers to follow, right now!


From natural hair tips to makeup, Madisen’s blog is full of products and hacks that will give your beauty cabinet some sprucing up – pronto. Based in Charlotte North Carolina, this beauty & lifestyle blogger believes in openly sharing wellness tips on the regular. Moreover, she is all about making resources available for up-and-coming influencers like herself. And hey, we love a girl who gives back!


This organic beauty blogger is on a mission to prove that natural beauty can still be glamorous. And let’s just say, we can definitely get behind that.

The Organic Bunny Blog will give you the lowdown on things like where to find the best spa robes, to everything you could possibly ever need to know about natural makeup. Not to mention, you'll get a regular dose of important clean beauty info by following her on IG!


This next gem on our list of clean beauty bloggers to follow right now is constantly bringing us fresh content and ideas to make healthy living easy.

Mona is an expert in nutrition and natural wellness, and is a health coach dedicated to keeping people off medications in the first place. Moreover, what we love so much about her blog and YouTube channel is that you can always find the best health and wellness tips - and they always feel like they're coming from a friend!

Check out her delicious vegan recipes, her swaps for clean products, and so much more by making her a regular on your IG feed.


Next up on our list of clean beauty bloggers to follow right now, is one source we love for home related eco-friendly tips.

The Green Product Junkie Blog talks about how to filter your shower water, green mattresses (yes, you read that right!), and even where to find the best plastic-free phone cases. You know, the things you *really* want to know about when you’re going green.


This Organic Girl is… addictive! We love this natural beauty blog for so many reasons. We’re talking healthy diet tips, gray hair hacks, and a love for facial tools. Which as you know, is totally our jam. Based out of Atlanta, Lisa Fennessey is committed to finding non-toxic products that will change your daily habits, and therefore your life!

What's more, Lisa's commitment to healthy living began as a personal endeavor. After her son’s struggle with eczema, she made the switch towards a natural lifestyle and the results of this journey are exactly what she wants to share with all of her readers.

Follow this next healthy blogger for all the daily inspo you need: Annie Jaffrey

Think fashion, deliciously colorful healthy recipes, makeup tricks, and organization hacks! Annie Jaffrey has all of that on her blog, Instagram, and Youtube page.

We’ll admit that we mostly adore following this beauty for her easy to create food recipes that always have us salivating, and actually wanting to eat healthy. Moreover, Annie strives to use the most natural and nourishing ingredients to promote glowing skin from the inside out.

It’s safe to say, we definitely recommend adding this natural maven to your list of healthy inspo!

We love this @littlesouthernwife

High on our list of clean beauty bloggers to follow right now is Amanda. A mom of 5 who makes natural swaps a breeze, and who's makeup tips we also can't get enough of. Amanda started her healthy living journey 9 years ago. And trust us, it is safe to say that she has gathered some impressive tips along the way.

If you're looking for kid approved smoothies, and ways to make your home a little more eco-friendly, check out and follow Amanda's so pretty to admire IG page.

Wellness, yoga, food, nutrition, skincare tips – and the list goes on! Kate Murphy created her blog as a safe space to discuss holistic nutrition and health. Moreover, Kate is a self-professed natural beauty fan.

On top of that, her curiosity for all things natural started young due to her mom being a strong proponent of health in her life. In her blog, you’ll find healthy drink and food recipes, ingredients to avoid in your day-to-day, and yoga tips that will blow your mind. Seriously, yoga for fertility? Who would have thought!

Another clean beauty blogger to follow, right now: Sara Steele

An organic hairdresser by day and a green beauty blogger by night, Sara Steele admits she has a slight obsession with beauty oils. And honestly, we kinda fell in love with her right then and there. Who doesn’t love a good, natural beauty oil?

Additionally, Sara loves sharing her tips for naturally gorgeous hair, and does so in a relatable, easy to master way. Check out her reviews and honest opinions on all things natural beauty that catch her eye!


Looking for a place that will give you legit eco-friendly tips for your home, and kids? Low Toxic Living will give you all the info you need to ensure your home is cozy, healthy, and toxic ingredient free!

Alexa is a a former D1 soccer player, event planner & business analyst turned stay at home mom on a mission. She created her website as a way for her readers to learn everything about making their home a low toxic one. Not to mention, to encourage people to be conscious consumers. Suffice it to say - we are so into that.

Must follow clean beauty blogger: Karalynne Call

Karalynne Call is a nutritionist, mental health advocate, and mom of 6. And if you want your daily fix of healthy swaps and clean living advice, we totally recommend you follow her.

From the snacks she travels with to the household cleaners she swears by, you can find all of the healthy items Karalynne has researched and vetted, all on her IG page!

We also suggest you check out her podcast called "Just Ingredients", to hear from various food and health experts that she invites on her show regularly!

Last but not least on our list of Clean Beauty Bloggers to follow, right now: Mademoiselle Nature

With a name like Mademoiselle Nature, we couldn’t resist checking out this next clean beauty blogger to follow, right now!

The cool thing about this Mademoiselle, is that she actually remains anonymous by choice. This clean beauty blogger doesn’t believe in paying exorbitant amounts of money for natural products.

What’s more, she gives honest and independent reviews. Essentially, you know you’re getting the real deal when you check out this natural beauty junkie’s list of go-to’s. Oh, and did we mention she is a scientist by trade? We know she has you intrigued, so click here!

Which clean beauty bloggers are your go-to's?

Go on, scroll through that refreshed IG feed of yours. After that, let us know down below which natural beauty babes get you excited about clean living! We love hearing from you. Oh and, we love adding new clean beauty bloggers to our list of must follows on the regular!

Signing off with love & clean beauty blog fever,

Carey <3

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