How to Remove Makeup Without Wipes

How to Remove Makeup Without Wipes


Ah, makeup wipes. We’ve all used them on those nights where performing our entire skincare routine was just not an option. I mean, how easy is it to just grab a wipe, take off the bulk of the products that are on your face, toss it, and hit the hay? And while we aren’t arguing about the convenience of these babies, there are some downsides to these super popular makeup removers. What’s more, we know there’s a better way to get even better, easier, makeup melting results in a way that is better for you and the environment. So if you want to learn how to remove makeup without wipes, and add another beauty hack to your repertoire of tips & tricks – just keep reading.

Opt for a makeup remover that is packed with standout ingredients to remove makeup easily.

It’s late. You worked all day. You grabbed dinner with the girls and ended up coming home a little more tired than you wanted to. Essentially, this means that right about now, getting all of that mascara off of your eyes seems akin to climbing Everest.

At this point, so many of us would reach for a disposable makeup wipe to try to get to bed as quickly as possible. Or, you might reach for a makeup remover that has you tugging at your peepers to get all of that eye makeup off. That is unless you have the right makeup remover.

BBE’s makeup remover is loaded with calming cucumber extract, and superstar witch hazel as well. This means you won’t need to irritate your eyes or pull endlessly at that delicate skin area to get the job done. On top of that, this remover does an excellent job of nourishing your skin while removing the product. Basically, this little guy is an overachiever in every way.

All you need to do is use this favorite with our reusable bamboo makeup remover pads that can be easily washed and reused whenever you need them. Oh and trust us, this combo will have you forgetting all about those wasteful disposable ones real quick – we promise.

Follow it up by using a gentle foaming wash that won’t irritate your skin.

If you’re in the mood for a thorough double cleanse, consider following up your initial makeup removing routine with a gentle foaming wash to ensure those pores are squeaky clean.

And if you need to be *super* sure all of your foundation has left the building, we feel that! Pair your face wash up with BBE’s reusable microfiber makeup remover pads. These babies are unbelievably soft, easy to wash, and work with just water -- I know, right?! They gently remove any product off of your face and make you feel like you’re pampering your skin all at once.

The combination of our foaming face wash and microfiber pads is way more effective than using a reusable makeup wipe. Moreover, you’ll notice how quickly the product virtually melts off of your face when using this method. You know, instead of having to scrub and struggle with one of those so 2002 disposable guys.

Wash your reusable makeup removing pads on the regular.

Lastly, since we know how quickly you’ll become obsessed with using our reusable gems instead of disposable makeup wipes, we need to stress the following: be sure to wash your reusable removers on the regular!

Dirt, bacteria, and makeup can build up quickly on any beauty tool. Therefore, tossing these bad boys in the wash regularly will ensure you’re not causing any breakouts. And, that you are keeping your skin looking its freshest.

Both of BBE’s reusable makeup removing pads come with a way convenient laundry bag. All you need to do is toss them in there, and throw in the wash. They’ll come out looking fresh and new, just like that!

We know you’re tired, girl! But after you’re done removing your makeup sans wipes – moisturize that skin of yours!

Ok, we lied. We aren’t quite finished with our guide on how to remove makeup without wipes just yet. Before we sign off, we need to include this last tip that we think is crucial.

We know how badly you just want to get your makeup off and lay your head on your pillow. But hey, what’s an extra 30 seconds added to your routine that will ultimately benefit your pretty face in a huge way? Girl, take the *tiniest* bit of time to finish off with a moisturizer.

Listen, you just washed your face! Here's the thing. If you used the right products, your skin shouldn’t be stripped of vital nutrients. However, it does need some replenishment after a cleanse. Once you’re done removing your makeup, follow up with your favorite moisturizer that will have you waking up looking bomb.

Believe us, babe, you won’t be regretting that little bit of extra effort when you’re hitting the snooze button tomorrow. Seriously, who wakes up thinking “I really regret moisturizing last night”? Nope, not us, and certainly not you beautiful.

Mascara & Magic (reusable) wipes,

Carey <3

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