Face Self Tanner vs Regular Self Tanner: What is the difference?

Face Self Tanner vs Regular Self Tanner: What is the difference?


If you've dabbled in self tanner, you know how difficult it can be to get the perfect *non-orange* glow on your face. And because we think all of you should turn out bronze and beautiful when you use a self tanner, we can't stress the importance of a facial self tanner enough! So if you haven't heard of BBE's self tanning goodness, buckle up girlfriend. We know what you're wondering: Face Self Tanner vs. Regular Self Tanner... What's the difference?

Do I really need both self tanners?

We think so! Check this out. BBE's face self tanner was formulated with the same amazing ingredients as our version for your body. However, our facial formula is lighter weight. What does that mean? Well, it means you can sleep easy knowing your self tanner won't clog your pores, or cause breakouts. Oh and, you won't have to stress about waking up screaming when you see yourself in the mirror.

We'll admit that both formulas are super nourishing, clean, and non-streaking. But the truth is that once you use our facial self tanner for your face, you'll totally notice a difference in how stunning your results are. A lighter-weight formula doesn't only ensure you won't break out, but it's also easier to apply and blend. Your BBE body self tanner though? It can afford to be a little thicker and still look when applied to those legs, babe!

What other differences should I know about facial self tanning vs. body self tanning?

We also recommend using a "mini mitt" when applying your facial tanner. This ensures precision and helps you get right up into your hairline. You know, for the most natural looking results.

Want to know more about self tanning? We've got you covered on all that is natural and glowing. For real. From creating a self tan contour to everything else you need to know on sunless tanning: there is no self tan conundrum BBE can't solve for ya.

And just like that, you're all brushed up on what the difference is between face self tanner vs. regular self tanner, gorgeous!

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