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How to Get Clear Skin


High on the list of the most googled beauty questions of all time is “how to get clear skin”. You know, along with how to look like you’ve gotten 8 hours of sleep in 4, how to get a promotion, and how to find the perfect match. But hey, we’re skincare experts here and unfortunately, we can’t help with all of the above. However, what we can do is give you the lowdown on how to make your face glow, and answer that first burning inquiry: how to get clear skin.

First thing’s first: Drink your water, babe.

You are made up of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Ok, not quite. I mean, maybe you are but you’re also made of lots and lots of water, girlfriend.

We know you’ve heard this piece of advice before, but it’s because it is straight facts. The more h20 you incorporate into your daily routine, the better your skin will look. The reason for this is that drinking the right amount of water a day will ensure you are flushing your system of unwanted toxins. And the fewer of those culprits you have floating around in your body, the better your skin will look in return.

What’s more, you’ve probably noticed, (or maybe you haven’t, in which case lucky for you this blog is here) that when you’re dehydrated your skin definitely shows it. Ensuring that your body is hydrated at all times will result in plumper, more youthful-looking skin. On top of that, it will help prevent breakouts.

So what are you waiting for? Add a few lemon slices for some extra detoxification to that water bottle of yours, and get to drinking!

Incorporate foods and supplements that promote clear and glowing skin.

Ever heard of the saying “you are what you eat”? Well, we’re here to tell you there is in fact some truth to it.

Here’s the deal. Consistently eating junk and fast food will inevitably result in dull, not so healthy looking skin. Incorporating leafy greens and superfoods, though? With time, will totally pay off in the form of beautiful, glowing, clear skin on that face of yours.

And in case you didn’t know, we’re sort of obsessed with superfruits around here. They’re delicious, nutritious, and contribute to the overall health of your body and your biggest organ of all: your skin. The reason why these foods are crucial in your quest for clear skin is that they boast a ton of antioxidants. This means your skin will be stronger, more resilient against the elements that can age it, and less prone to breakouts.

Want to know more about these antioxidant packed gems? Check this out.

Image of some colorful superfruits, an essential part of getting clear skin.

If you want to go the extra mile in your skincare game, you can also add in collagen powders and vitamins like zinc, fish oil, and biotin into your daily routine. All of these guys help your skin regenerate itself faster. Moreover, with consistent use you’ll notice improvement in not only your skin, but in your hair and nails as well.

We do need to mention though, that supplements are of course not enough to replace a healthy diet and stellar water-drinking schedule. They can, however, be an amazing compliment to all of those efforts you make on the regular, gorgeous.

Avoid common skincare mistakes everyone makes.

Meme of Kris Jenner that reads "me: no more beauty products. Also me: night cream? Just gonna do a little research..."

No one’s perfect, babe. And when it comes to the skincare game, so many of us make mistakes that totally hinder us in our quest for clear skin.

From using the wrong products for your skin type to not changing your pillowcase frequently enough, there are common skincare mistakes you should know about if you want to crack the code on how to get clear skin.

Ensuring you’re not guilty of some of these habits will help you clear up your skin, and keep it that way. We recommend reading up on these pesky mishaps right now, to get your skincare game on lock.

Invest in a gentle, yet effective cleanser for clear skin.

This next tip on our how to get clear skin guide should come as no surprise. The basics of skincare certainly involve a cleanser, but not just any old product will do if you want your skin to be at its best.

Take a look at the kind of cleanser you are using on a regular basis, and what type of skin type you have. If you read up on all of those common skincare mistakes we mentioned above, you now know all about how many people fail to understand which kinds of products their pretty faces really need.

Image of BBE's superfruits and sea kelp face wash.

Using a cleanser that is gentle is a no-brainer. You’ll be sure not to irritate your skin, or clog your pores thus causing your skin to be anything but clear. You can opt for a foaming face wash that will get your face squeaky clean. Alternatively, you can also choose a facial cleanser that is packed with nourishing ingredients as well. Either one of these options from BBE is sure to get your pores clean, without every causing any annoying *not so cute* flare-ups.

Starting with a clean canvas before you go any further in your skincare routine is priority numero uno. Once you’ve got this covered, you’re ready to move on to the next tip, gorgeous!

Woman using Beauty by Earth's face mask

Find a moisturizer that won’t clog your pores.

After you’re done getting your skin clean with the perfect cleanser or face wash, it’s time to pick a moisturizer. One that will help you get that clear skin you’re looking for, beautiful.

If you struggle with acne or breakouts, consider using a moisturizer that is lightweight and that will help with oil control. BBE’s oil control moisturizer does just that, while boosting your skin’s elasticity and diminishing fine lines. Talk about a multitasking superstar, right?

It is loaded with cranberry extract, calming organic aloe vera, and blueberry extract to make your face its happiest and brightest. Oh and not to mention, it will help your skin stay clear of any congested pores that other too thick creams leave behind.

Make sure you moisturize twice a day after your cleansing routine to achieve soft, clear skin. And in the colder months, choose a formula that takes care of dryer skin. We especially love our anti-aging face cream that also never causes breakouts.

You should also know that it is also loaded with powerful antioxidants! What's more, this essential moisturizer is safe for every beautiful skin type out there. So don't be scared to add to cart - even you, sensitive babe!

Take time to face mask it up once or twice a week.

This next tip on our how to get clear skin guide is one we seriously look forward to in our skincare routine. And p.s if you’re looking for some help getting your beauty regimen started, check this out first.

Adding a face mask to your morning or nightly skincare ritual can make a huge difference in keeping your skin clear. A good facemask will tighten your pores, clean them out, and have your complexion looking even with consistent use.

And of course, BBE has the most luscious hydrating face mask your skin has been craving. Not only will it totally detox your pores on your way to clear skin, but this gem will also make your face *super* smooth. Use this baby while you’re chilling in the tub, or catching up on emails. It’s a multitasking product in so many ways, and you’ll become addicted to seeing its results!

A major key to getting clear skin: Get your sleep!

If you needed one more excuse to get more Zzz’s, clear and healthy skin is certainly one of them.

This is why: while you sleep, your skin regenerates itself and creates collagen. This is a major factor in keeping your face looking youthful and bouncy. On top of that, that regeneration process we mentioned? Well, it is a great way for breakouts to recover and for new pretty skin cells to develop.

Not to mention, you already know that when your skin is rested and eyes aren’t puffy from lack of shuteye, you do look *extra* fresh. So make your sleep schedule a priority, unwind with a bath bomb before bed, and wake up a little closer to clear and amazing skin.

Reasons to love our Beauty By Earth Bath Bombs

Listen to your skin.

Last but certainly not least on our how to get clear skin guide is way important, babe. And quite frankly, this is a tip that isn’t explored or mentioned enough in the bigger clear skin picture. Get to know your skin, and listen to it.

We know what you’re thinking. What the heck do you mean by “listening” to your skin? It’s kind of like when you eat bad food, and your body tells you it wasn’t cool. You feel bloated, uncomfortable, and can even get sick. Your skin is very, very similar.

Use a product that is too thick for your skin type, or a cleanser that is too drying – and your skin will tell you. Sleep with a moisturizer that is nourishing, lightweight, and non-irritating – and you’ll wake up a glowing clear skinned goddess. Essentially, pay attention to how your skin reacts to different products, foods, supplements, sleep schedules, and take note.

Don’t keep using products that irritate you. However, do give non-irritating options a chance to work before you write them off (again, if you read those common skincare mistakes, you are all brushed up on this already babe).

Image of a woman with clear skin using the BBE anti-aging cream.

Ready for clear skin?

If you’ve gotten this far in this blog, we love you for it! And, we know you’re now equipped and ready to get the clearest skin like, ever. You have all of the inside secrets, knowledge, and expert-level tricks to make your face glow, girlfriend!

So drink your water! Never skip washing that pretty face, and keep up with BBE for the latest and greatest products that totally have your back when it comes to the clear skin game. Because you already know babe, we’ve got you.


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