Glowing Summer Skincare Routine

Glowing Summer Skincare Routine


As you likely already know babe, we love to glow all year 'round. We live for a beautiful tan, even when there's snow up to our knees or when the cold could knock us off our feet. But when it comes to summer, there's just something about this time of year that makes us step up our glow game to another level. With the help of a few *way* essential BBE products, you too can have a glowing summer skincare routine that would make Jlo jealous. We mean it! Just keep reading.

For glowing skin all over... Exfoliate!

Here's the thing girlfriend, you should exfoliate regularly all year long! But in the summer? Well, you already know your legs are going to be a little more on display, so an all-over glow is crucial if we do say so ourselves! Stock up on your favorite BBE body scrub to ensure the shiniest, smoothest all over body glow!

... And don't forget your pretty face!

Opt for a nourishing facial scrub before you move on to the next portion of this glowing summer skincare routine. Trust us, your rosy cheeks will thank you!

Check out this glowing skin essential: The Facial Oil

Ever wondered how some girls have skin that just seems to glow no matter what? Well babe, they likely use this secret weapon: the facial oil.

Add a few drops of this gentle yet nourishing product to your glowing summer skincare routine, and you'll be having more makeup-free days than you could have ever imagined!

For the perfect summer skincare routine, reconsider your moisturizer!

No one wants to ever look like a greasy mess, especially when it's ridiculously hot outside! If your skin tends to get oilier in the warmer months, reconsider the type of moisturizer you're using on the daily. Instead of a thick cream, consider choosing an oil-free option that will give your skin the nourishment it needs, but no shiny after-effects.

And finally, our favorite essential...

You already know: the best self tanner out there! Forget the old-school belief that you can only have a killer tan during the summer, gorgeous. With BBE's best-selling gem, you can be glowing up a storm even when, umm... there is a snowstorm.

Laying out and catching harmful rays is never in style, no matter what the season. Whether you choose a self tanning mousse or cream, BBE has you covered with plenty of options that will fit your personally curated glowing summer skincare routine.

Let us know down below how you step up your glow game.

Bronze skin & all the facial oil,

Carey <3

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