How to Get Perfect Beachy Waves for Summer
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How to Get Perfect Beachy Waves for Summer


Who hasn’t swooned over the effortless yet chic look of beachy waves? And if Blue Crush was an integral part of your teenage years, you definitely tried your hardest to master this hairstyle. Although this look is supposed to make it appear as though you just woke up from a nap on a beach in Tahiti, it can actually be tricky to get just right. We feel that. This is why we rounded up a few tips below so you can learn exactly how to get perfect beachy waves just in time for summer.

Image of a woman using the BBE sea salt & texturizing spray to create beachy waves.

What you’ll need to get started: the perfect beachy waves essential.

Before we guide you through the best ways to achieve perfect beach waves for summer, you’ll need a little help from this star product.

Image of the BBE Sea Salt & Texturizing Spray

No matter what styling method you choose, BBE’s sea salt & texturizing spray is going to be a major key in making your style last and in giving you that just stepped off the beach look. Formulated with nourishing aloe vera and raspberry extract, this texturizing spray is truly like no other. We’re talking luscious locks that are *never* crunchy, and ingredients that will actually help your hair grow and look healthy.

Oh, and did we mention how delicious this stuff smells? For real. You’ll want to spray this on to your locks like, all the time.

Create the perfect beachy waves… overnight.

One of the easiest, most effortless ways to create the perfect beachy waves can be done overnight. Here’s how:

  1. Hop into the shower before bedtime, and wash your hair as you normally would.
  2. Once you’re done, put your hair into a loose braid while it is still wet. You can towel dry it a bit first. But you’ll want your locks to be damp enough in order for them to really mold to that braid shape while you sleep.
  3. In the morning, simply take your hair out of the braid (gently!) and add your BBE sea salt & texturizing spray to finish off the look.
Image of hair that has been freshly taken out of a braid.

Not only is this a foolproof way to get beautiful waves. It literally requires no heat, and very little effort! Plus, talk about saving time on styling your hair in the A.M.!

Master the art of the curling iron beach waves.

Another way in which you can get gorgeous beachy waves is of course, with the help of a trusty curly iron. This method does require a little practice, so we definitely recommend some visual aids while you’re practicing!

  1. Section off your dry hair to make using your curling iron as easy peasy as possible.
  2. Start curling at the middle of your scalp instead of at the root. This will make your waves look more natural, and less like those of a pageant queen superstar (I mean, we love that too – but not for this look!)
  3. Try to curl your hair in all directions, with some waves curling backwards and some frontwards. This is another tip for making your beachy waves look real, and totally undone.
  4. Finish up with your BBE sea salt & texturizing spray to add some depth and volume to your style. This will also de-shuffle those *too perfect* looking curls you just created.
Image of beachy waves achieved with hot tools.

… Or the flat iron beach waves.

Don’t have a curling iron? No sweat. There are several techniques you can use with a flat iron that will also create the cutest, beachiest waves, babe.

You’ll want to follow most of the tips we listed above with the curling iron. However, you’ll definitely need a different tutorial to master this technique.

Interested in learning more about how to wave your hair with this classic hot tool? Click here.

Not a fan of heat styling? Use this cotton headband technique.

If you’re not into using heat on your hair, we get that beautiful!

Not only can you use the wet braid technique listed at the beginning of this guide on how to get the perfect beachy waves for summer, sans heat. You can also use a cotton headband to wake up with gorgeous, enviably wavy locks! Check this out!

  1. Firstly, you’ll want to make sure your hair is damp for this technique and not soaking wet.
  2. Place a cotton headband (or two if you’ve been blessed with thick hair!) around your head. Then, section your hair in two right down the middle of your scalp.
  3. Wrap each section around the cotton headband, and you’re done! You can sleep with your hair wrapped overnight. Or, simply wait for your hair to dry before carefully removing your waves from the headband.
  4. As always, finish off your beachy waves with BBE’s sea salt & texturizing spray and you’ll be looking pretty fab if we do say so ourselves!
Image of a woman using the cotton headband heatless technique.

Our Favorite Beach Wave Looks

And the results? ...*drum roll* ... These are just stunning!

PERFECT Beach waves hair
Beautiful beach wave hairstyle
Flawless mermaid hair for summer

Flawless mermaid hair for summer

Flawless mermaid hair for summer for short hairstyles

beachy waves for dark hair

Flawless mermaid hair for summer

Flawless mermaid hair for summer

how to get beachy waves in hair using sea salt spray

how to get beachy waves in hair using sea salt spray

how to style wavy hair

boho waves in long hair

how to get beachy waves

summer hair

how to get beachy waves in hair using sea salt spray

how to get beachy waves in hair using sea salt spray

how to get beachy waves in hair using sea salt spray

beautiful bow in long hair with curls and waves

how to get beachy waves in hair using sea salt sprayhow to get beachy waves in hair using sea salt spray

How easy was that? And who would have thought about a cotton headband to get those perfect beachy waves, just in time for summer? What’s more, this technique won’t damage your hair and the results are seriously gorgeous.

pink hair with waves

Until next time beautiful!

Sea salt sprayed hair & salty rimmed margaritas,

Carey <3

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