Summer Trends 2021

Summer Trends 2021


Summer is finally here! And with that, new skincare, beauty routines, and closet essentials are here too. You can forget searching the web for all that is new and cute, though. BBE has lined up everything from must-have sweats that you need for lounging with your girls, to the best hair and skin products for the season. Grab a drink, sit back, relax, and get ready to brush up on some of the best Summer Trends 2021 has to offer.

Summer trend #1: Very minimal makeup.

We know being quarantined was far from fabulous. But becoming comfortable with being makeup-free on a regular basis is an after-effect of 2020 that we can definitely get behind.

Given how much life has changed, minimal makeup has made a serious comeback for summer 2021 – and we’re loving it! Not to mention, we especially swoon over minimal and clean makeup options like these.

Image of a young woman applying bronzer in the mirror.

Wearing less foundation, contour, blush, concealer (you know, all of the things) means your gorgeous natural skin can shine through. Oh and let’s not forget, it also means you can head out the door about ten times faster.

Think mascara, brows, lip balm – and you’re out. And if that sounded scary, we get it. Throwing on some quick bronzer or concealer to brighten up your eyes is totally permitted, babe.

… Accompanied by dewy, glowy, and freckled skin.

We’ll admit that the minimal makeup trend is certainly easier to master when your skin is on point. And when it comes to the summer 2021 faux freckle trend - well, we think it pairs pretty perfectly with beautiful skin, too.

Image of a woman applying the BBE facial oil for glowing skin, a summer 2021 trend!

And for that, you need a killer skincare routine, a lot of h2o, and a healthy diet. If you’re feeling like your skin needs a revamp before you can go makeup free, don’t sweat it. Below are some tips you can incorporate into your daily routine that are *way* easy, and that will get you well on your way to glowing and gorgeous skin.

  1. Make your water intake a priority, and incorporate super fruits into your daily diet. These guys are loaded with antioxidants and will nourish your skin from the inside out. If you want additional info on clean eating more broadly, girl we’ve got a blog for that – click here.
  2. Invest in a gentle foaming cleanser that has tea tree oil in it. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and helps keep breakouts at bay. BBE’s version is pretty bomb if we do say so ourselves.
  3. Incorporate a powerful and nourishing facial oil into your daily skincare regimen. Not only will this make your skin glow immediately, but the long-term effects of using a facial oil include fewer wrinkles, fewer dark spots, and way softer skin.

Image of the BBE tea tree foaming facial cleanser.

Want a more intensive skincare routine to help you master this summer trend in 2021? Click here. Or, interested in learning how to create the perfect faux freckles? This is the tutorial to watch.

Athleisure wear: for when you need to leave the house, but aren’t quite ready to pull out your heels.

Look, it’s time to leave the couch. But there’s no reason why you can’t still be comfortable doing it!

The athleisure trend is here to stay, now more than ever with the amount of staying at home we have all done throughout the past year. But babe, forget your ex’s old sweats or that hoodie you’ve had since high school. Ok I mean, fine keep them. But seriously, refrain from wearing them to the grocery store.

Image of the muy cozy sweatpants from Lights Label.

There are tons of comfortable and cute collections out for Summer 2021 that will make throwing together a stylish outfit *super* easy. We’re loving Lights Label for their bright originals, and inclusivity. Especially their “muy cozy” collection. Translation: “very cozy”. Need we say more?

… Bright dresses, for when sweats won’t cut it but you still need a no-brainer outfit.

You might be thinking, aren’t dresses always in style for summer? Sure, maybe! But this year, they’re brighter, flowier, and maybe all of the sweatpants wearing has us wanting to stock up on them more than ever!

Dresses are an easy one and done way to get ready in a cinch. It’s one piece that you throw on - and bam. Just like that, no one would ever guess you spent the last week talking to no one but your dog and watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 14th time.

Image of a beautiful floral, off the shoulder dress, right on trend for Summer 2021.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get on-trend either. Several fashion boutique sites are following the neon and floral trends for summer 2021. And here’s the good news. If you want to be environmentally friendly and thrift shop instead of buying new, bright colors and flowy silhouettes have *definitely* been in style in the past. This means chances are you’ll find an item that fits this trend at your local second-hand store – no doubt about it!

The summer trend we’re loving: Effortless, tousled beach waves.

Our current beauty obsession is without a doubt, effortlessly flirty beach waves. In fact, we love this summer 2021 trend so much, we wrote a whole post on how to master it. And once you get the hang of this hairstyle, you’ll find yourself constantly recreating it.

Keeping with a minimalist look, this tousled hairstyle can be created while you sleep. No joke. It is meant to be effortless after all! The key to really nailing beach waves though is having the right product on hand.

Image of the BBE sea salt and texturizing hair spray.

BBE’s sea salt & texturizing spray is the ticket to those tousled locks that will have everyone wondering what beach you just got back from. I mean, no need to tell them you were just in your backyard watching your kids build a fort for the 78th time this year, right? Regardless, you had beautiful beachy waves while doing it, babe.

Slides for every occasion.

Whether you’ve seen the ridiculously comfy pillow slides all over Tik Tok, or have swooned over your favorite designer’s version of the slide – you can’t deny that this summer trend is everywhere in 2021!

Image of 3 pairs of colorful pillow slides on a neutral colored rug.

If you’re not up for busting out your heels just yet, we feel that. And luckily, there’s no need to with how popular slides are this year. For casual wear to date night chic, there is a slide for that!

Image of beautiful, jeweled, chic slides.

And finally, the one summer trend that never goes out of style: a golden tan.

We had to slide this last one into our 2021 summer trends, even though we think it’s in style all year, every year.

Pairing your “no makeup” makeup look with the perfect summer dress and slides to match is just not the same without the cherry on top that is… a golden, glowing self tan. And us, well – you already know that this is one trend we will forever be behind.

Refresh your self tan routine this summer with BBE’s self tanner mousse. It’s unbelievably easy to apply, the ingredients are vegan as always, and the results are fab. And if you're feeling adventurous, why not try the latest self tan contouring trend, too? We have the lowdown on how to become a pro at it, right here.

woman holding up self tanner mousse

What are some trends you’re loving this summer, babe? Let us know down below! And if you’re not usually into trends, what’s one beauty or style trick you think is timeless?

Kindness is always in style,

Carey <3

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