DIY Fruit Masks: Why You Just Shouldn’t

DIY Fruit Masks: Why You Just Shouldn’t


We know how easy it is to get carried away with DIY-ing. A recipe here, a home décor project there, and before you know it you’re telling yourself you can concoct your very own face products right on your kitchen counter. But girlfriend, wait. We don’t mean to brag but, there’s a reason why we are skincare experts! Some things are best left to the professionals, especially when it comes to your precious face. And while we can’t discourage you from all of the DIY hacks out there (we see you, building that spice rack), we have to step in for this one. DIY fruit masks: oh dear, here’s why you just shouldn’t.

What do we mean by a DIY fruit mask?

Allow us to start this post off by showing you exactly why you just shouldn't DIY your own fruit masks. What we mean by a DIY fruit mask includes using one of these obscene gadgets. Or alternatively, creating a “natural face mask” that ends up turning your face bright yellow. We’re not kidding, it has happened. Check this out.

To get a little more technical, we mean any face mask that you put together with ingredients you are likely to find in your kitchen. And that quite frankly, should remain in your kitchen. Or in your stomach, we’re cool with that too.

What’s the problem with putting fruit on my face?

Look, we know how tempting it can be to just smear avocado on your face. I mean, we’ve gushed about the power of superfruits before, haven’t we? We did – here’s the blog post to prove it.

Unfortunately though, ingesting these bad boys is a lot easier to endorse than making them into a face mask. Here’s why.

Firstly, just because you put a fruit that is high in Vitamin A on to your face, doesn’t mean you’ll be reaping the benefits of it. In some cases, ingesting these nutrients is far more effective at making your skin glow. What’s more, fruit is often acidic. This means that if you put too much of it on your face, well – it could turn out seriously *not cute*. The difference that exists when you choose to use products specifically formulated for your skin that do contain fruit, is that you are ensuring that the ingredients have been customized and formulated for safe application to that pretty face of yours.

And as you saw above, some ingredients can have some (very) bad repercussions when improperly applied to your face. We don’t want to give you any more reasons for not leaving your house, so please – put down the turmeric and leave skincare goodness to us.

Where else can I get the benefits of fruits for my skin, safely?

Babe, we’re so glad you asked. If you think fruit has some major benefits for your skin, it does. The thing is though, for it to safely benefit you, you need to invest in products that were actually formulated for your skin. Sounds simple enough, right?

Lucky for you, BBE loves to include powerful superfruits in so many of our products. From face moisturizer to aloe gel, we never miss a chance to leverage the benefits of these natural gems. In fact, so many of our most popular products include green tea, jojoba oil, cranberry, and blueberry extract… and the list goes on!

Plus, squeezing out a bit of our hydrating face mask that is rich in all of the essential oils your skin needs, is way easier than smashing up fruits and veggies into mush and then *hoping* for decent outcomes. Trust us babe, don’t waste your time or take the chance. Why bother when you can add to cart on a product that is guaranteed to give you real results, no risks involved?

Leave DIY-ing for home décor and gardening my friend…

For real. We won’t press you if you’re into DIY outdoor cushions or flower beds. But please, for the love of all things beauty – do not DIY your own fruit masks... you just shouldn't! And, do NOT turn your kitchen into a mad scientist’s lab and try to make your own skincare products either! You’ve got us for that. Seriously, put down the kiwi’s girlfriend.

Drop us a line anytime, we’ll talk you out of it – no awkwardness involved, and nothing but loving advice from your besties in beauty here at BBE.

Carey <3

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