Are You Brushing Your Hair Wrong?

Are You Brushing Your Hair Wrong?


You probably consider brushing your hair a menial task. And, it is! You don't need to be a hairstylist to grasp that quintessential brushing motion. Even so, there are some things to keep in mind. From the type of brush, your hair state, and more—you could be falling short on your true hair goals without knowing it. It's time to stop brushing your hair wrong, girl. You don't need that kind of breakage in your life.


You're Brushing Your Hair Wet

When your hair is wet, protein molecules in your strands are bonded to water molecules as opposed to having a direct protein-to-protein connection. Thus, the bonds are far weaker, making your hair more vulnerable to damage.

Instead of ripping that brush through your locks first thing out of the shower, try combing your hair before washing. Or, you can let your hair completely dry before tackling tangles. Either way, you're preventing unnecessary fallout and breakage.

You've Got a Low Quality Brush

The problem with cheap, entirely plastic hair brushes is that they're far more likely to get caught on your 'do. You'll find that you're using a lot more elbow grease to get your hair sorted. And, once you have, lo and behold the hair fallout.

Instead, reach for a brush made of sturdy, quality materials. If you tend to experience some killer knots, your best bet is a detangling brush. Beauty by Earth's detangling brush was made to target unruly strands with flexible bristles and a strong bamboo handle.

woman holding two hair brushes

If your hair needs some extra love, consider a boar brush. Boar brushes distribute the natural oils from your roots to the tips of your strands, conditioning along the way. In doing so, the boar brush decreases frizz, and the occurrence of dead ends.

Skipping Straight to the Top

Brushing the hair means all the hair in one stroke, top-to-bottom, right? Not exactly. Starting from the top can make knots even worse and hold up your brush. You'll also have to use a lot more effort to pull it through, increasing stress on your strands.

woman brushing hair

The best route of brushing is to go in small sections, starting from the bottom and slowly working your way up. If you encounter any bumps, simply run over the portion again.

Video Tutorial

Need a little how-to? We've got you!

Brushing is important for hair health, but so is doing it correctly. Brushing your hair wrong can put a damper on your ideal style from the start. Show your mane some love by keeping these tips in mind and investing in quality tools. Maintaining a proper brushing regimen will lead you down a path of stronger, happier hair.

Only good hair days from here.


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