A Parent's Guide to Surviving Quarantine – Self Care to Home School Life

A Parent's Guide to Surviving Quarantine – Self Care to Home School Life


Back to school season is upon us, but not like we've seen it before. Some are stepping out of the carpool lane, mask among the usual supplies, while others continue to tackle an online format. It's a lot for parents to manage on top of their workload.

So, with the help of a couple of parent influencers, we've come up with a list of resources to help ease the pressure of today's circumstances.

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Activities to Keep Kids Busy

Keeping kids entertained is one of the hardest parts of quarantine. Day after day the drones of boredom or restlessness sound as you attempt to go about your routine. Thankfully, these suggestions offer a nice distraction for both you and the kiddos.

toddler boy climbing in between door

Get Outdoors, Get Active

There's nothing like some fresh air and adrenaline to get kids' energy out. (And for you to blow off some steam, as well!) Sharonda, of Sporty Mommas, likes to shoot hoops with her family at the end of a hard day.

Our family likes to shoot hoops when the sun goes down. This gives us a chance to connect after a long day and get some exercise in!

Sharonda, @sportymommas |
family on five sitting on basketball court

Crafty Ideas You'll Both Love

Hands-on activities are the perfect way to challenge and inspire creativity in both you and your kids. Heather, of My Life Well Loved, has a wonderful blog post on rock painting. This activity can double as an away-from-home excursion as well, as you can take a short walk to your local creek to source the perfect rocks.

This fun sensory activity is a great way to spend an afternoon, but also a great way to spread some joy and love.

Heather, @mylifewellloved |
mom and two sons painting rocks outside

Self Care for Parents

If you read that title and went, "pfft...that's unheard of," you're not alone. However far-fetched it may seem, caring for yourself as a parent is just as important in these times. Burn out is a thing! Give yourself a minute to recenter every now and then.

Yoga + Meditation

Stretching and breathing does a whole lot more for you than you would think. You build up a lot of tension throughout the day, be it from stress, the kids going ballistic, or anything in between. The great thing about yoga or meditation is that it doesn't require a lot, meaning you can squeeze in a sesh upon waking up or in between calls.

Amanda, mom of 3 and creator of the littlesouthernwife blog, has found a lot of value in her practice.

I started yoga to help get back into the groove of working out but it has helped me in so many more ways. Anxiety, stress, and depression have no place in practice - it shuts the door on them.

Amanda, @littlesouthernwife |
woman in yoga set stretching

Skincare Treatments

Here's something you can easily squeeze in at the beginning or end of the day. We may be biased, but skincare is one of the best ways to give back to yourself. Having a routine you can rely on can give you a sense of normalcy in such a chaotic time. Or, you can add a step if your skin is craving something extra. (We love a good face mask or bath bomb!)

woman with hydrating face mask

Hopefully you've drawn some inspiration from this parent's guide to surviving quarantine. It's certainly no walk in the park, but you've got this! They'll be good days and they'll be bad, but with the love of your family and some of these in your back pocket, you'll pull through. Just know that it's ok to feel that stress. It's ok for things to not be perfect. Be kind to yourself as a parent.

woman and two children sitting in living room

Sending love,


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