How to Get the Best Sunless Tan for Your Wedding Day

How to Get the Best Sunless Tan for Your Wedding Day


It's almost the big day. After several arduous months of Pinterest-ing, planning, and prepping, you can practically hear the wedding bells. That glow of elation you have on the inside is best worn on the outside, too. But, before you go seeking some color to perfect your style from the sun's damaging rays, pick up a self tanner instead. Here's how to get the best sunless tan for your wedding day, made from wholesome ingredients that will leave your skin flawless for the aisle.

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Getting the Best Sunless Tan — Stage One: The Bod

Want to make that beautiful white dress pop? Add some golden tones to your body to elevate your look and give you an ethereal glow.

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Before you slather on a heap of product, it's important to prep your skin for the best, most consistent results. The first thing you should do is exfoliate. Exfoliation will get rid of lingering dead cells and allow the tanner to be applied evenly and last longer. One way to effectively scrub the surface is with a round dry brush pre-shower. Above all, you'll get a smooth base—and a number of other benefits to boot.

(If you need more exfoliation tips, check out our blog post all about it!)

Next, apply a body butter, lotion, or cream. You'll want your skin nice and moisturized—especially in areas like your knees or elbows—because dry skin will collect color.

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Finally, take your Beauty by Earth Self Tanner, and apply a thin layer starting from the bottom up. It's easiest applied using a self tanning mitt to make sure everything is blended.

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Stage Two: The Face

Bringing a healthy touch of color to the face will ensure every flash-picture, close embrace, or toast is flawlessly met.

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Similarly to your body, you'll want to exfoliate and moisturize your face prior to application in order to get the best results. Be gentle when exfoliating your face, though! Harsh motions can aggravate the more delicate area.

After, spread a thin layer of BBE's Face Self Tanner across your face, making sure you get your neck all the way down to your chest and behind your ears.

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Put Your Best Tan Forward, Babe!

Ready to get that gorgeous tan for your wedding? (And, to kick off that beach-bound honeymoon after?) Lucky for you, Beauty by Earth has a bundle that features everything you'll need! The Self Tanner Deluxe Bundle includes the face tanner, body tanner, and application mitts.

Ahh...wedded, non-wan bliss.

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