5 Benefits of Dry Brushing

5 Benefits of Dry Brushing


Dry brushing—what is it exactly? Sure, you brush your hair, you brush your teeth, but why should you be brushing your body? What seems like a non-sensical proposal is actually a centuries-old beauty regimen in certain cultures. If you've been searching for a lifeline to smooth skin, look no further. Implementing a dry brush into your routine is sure to deliver a number of divine benefits and leave you feeling revitalized.

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1. Exfoliate

Dry brushing is massaging the skin with a stiff-bristled brush. This action helps shed dead skin with the friction of movement and the coarse nature of its surface. In addition, it clears pores of built-up sweat, dirt, and other nasty gunk you might encounter on the daily.

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2. Detoxify

As a result of toxins found in a plethora of mainstream products, the lymphatic system is forced to work in excess. This may lead to chronic inflammation. Dry brushing stimulates the lymph nodes into releasing waste, helping the body to detoxify.

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3. Increase Circulation

The blood circulatory system delivers nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body. Upon brushing, this system is triggered and circulation is encouraged. Along with it, your immunity is boosted since your body can more effectively transport immune cells and flush toxins.

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4. Reduce Cellulite Appearance

While dry brushing won't eliminate cellulite's existence entirely, it can break it up and reduce the appearance of it considerably. Greater circulation plumps the skin, hiding the bumpy appearance. When combined with exercise, diet and drinking lots of water, you'll notice even better results.

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5. Relieve Stress

Using a dry brush can be a truly relaxing experience. Spending time on your body will alleviate some of the weight of the day. Moreover, you'll be able to drift away with the rhythmic, repetitive motions of the brush.

Types & Where to Find

While there are many variations of body brushes, it's best to have one long-handled for those hard-to-reach places as well as a smaller, rounded brush for extra focus.

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Beauty by Earth's Long-Handled Dry Brush is made from quality beechwood and boar hair,* and it's length makes getting pesky areas like your back less of a hassle.

*Boar hair is shaved, not plucked.

Additionally, BBE's Dry Brush With Cellulite Massager delivers extra attention through its compact size. Combining grass tree and boar hair with rubber massaging bits, the brush is sturdy and effective.

How To Use

You've got the dry brush and you're excited to start. But how is it that you go about that, exactly? If you need some help with the technique, watch this informative video.

Hopefully, you've gained some insight into the world of dry brushing. It's a wonderful addition to any regimen and doesn't take a whole lot of time or expertise.

Already a brushing fanatic? A newbie, perhaps? Either way, leave a comment about your experience!

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