How to Make Your Own DIY Natural Makeup Remover Wipes

How to Make Your Own DIY Natural Makeup Remover Wipes


I'm on the go, a lot! With three little boys under the age of 10 years, sometimes I feel like I'm in my car more than I'm at home. That's why I'm loving this simple (but oh-so-useful) DIY natural makeup remover wipes tutorial put on by our very own, Prudence. In this 50-second video, you'll discover 3 easy steps to make your own makeup remover wipes for all those times you're on-the-go!

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients

What You'll Need:

It's important to know just what exactly you're putting on your face. That's why we strongly encourage you to use a makeup remover solution that gives you all the details about what's underneath the lid. Accordingly, we used our natural makeup remover for this example. It's made from the safe and gentle natural ingredients and has a clean citrus aroma.

You can find organic cotton pads at Target, Wal-Mart, most drug stores, and (of course 😊) Amazon. Prudence uses a small glass mason jar to hold her makeup remover wipes, but you can use any small container you'd like (I like this small glass jar with a Bamboo lid). Just be sure to keep it under 3.4 ounces (100ml) if you're planning on carrying it on a plane.

Step 2: Pour Makeup Remover Solution Over Cotton Pads

Place a small stack of 10 or so organic cotton pads in your mason jar or container. Pour a small amount of makeup remover solution in the container over the pads. Watch out! Too much liquid will make your wipes soaking (not ideal). Aim for about 2 - about 1/2 cm of liquid in the bottom of your container. Don't worry! The cotton pads will soak up the liquid over time so it's usually best to pour in a little less than you think you need.

Step 3: Seal the Lid + Go!

Now seal the lid and shake to make sure no liquid escapes. BOOM! You're done! See? We told you it was quick and easy!

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