What is a Beauty Fridge and Do You Need One?

What is a Beauty Fridge and Do You Need One?


Beauty Fridges keep your products cool and preserve their freshness and longevity. But do you really need one? Get an inside look at what's behind that tiny, pastel door.

Beauty Fridge, Skin Care Fridge, Cosmetic Fridge, Makeup Fridge ... There are a lot of names for these tiny little beauties. But do you have any idea what they actually are? And why has Instagram suddenly lost its mind over them? There are so, so many questions, babe, but no worries! We've got some answers for ya, right here.

What Is a Beauty Fridge Anyway?

beauty fridge

A beauty fridge is a compact, chilled container very similar to your typical mini-fridge. Although, those built particularly for products tend to be small, with spaces dedicated to your creams, face masks, oils, etc.

Do I Really Need a Beauty Fridge?

Well, not exactly. Sure, you "need" one like you "need" chocolate, Netflix, and Saturday morning sleep-ins. But if we're being totally honest, you can live without one quite happily. Being Beauty-Fridge-less isn't going to hurt you or devastate your beauty products. That being said, there are some real, tangible advantages to storing your beauty products in a refrigerator (small or otherwise).

1: Beauty Fridges Are Paradise for Products That Need a Cool Environment

oil, spray, and soap bar

A majority of beauty products are made to be stored at room temperature. This totally makes sense, since most of us keep our eye creams and serums in the bathroom cabinet. However, there are a couple of (fussy) ingredients that may benefit from some time in the fridge.

beauty by earth products

For instance, natural or organic brands tend to rely on naturally-occurring preservatives (like Beauty by Earth!) as opposed to chemical alternatives whipped up in a lab. While these alternatives are considerably safer and healthier for you, their shelf life can take a hit. Frequently, they don't last as long as their potent chemical competitors.

Putting your natural products in the fridge can help keep them fresh while shielding them from damaging sunlight or steam from your bathroom.

For instance, consider products containing beloved Vitamin C (a.k.a. ascorbic acid or ascorbate on your ingredients list). Maybe you've heard that it's brimming with antioxidants which are crucial to keeping skin looking young while warding off sun damage. But did you know that Vitamin C is also sensitive to light and heat? Yup, this baby has all the heat feels—making it a perfect candidate for your beauty fridge!

2: They Add a Soothing, Cooling Element to Your Beauty Routine

You probably know from experience that cooling is wonderful for de-puffing eyes and causing your face to shrink back to it's normal, pre-marshmellow state. After all, that's one of the many reasons why we all love Jade Rollers so much! They naturally maintain a cool temp. Need some science behind all this cold-talk?

Cooler temps constrict blood vessels, making your face appear less puffy or swollen.

Because your beauty fridge maintains a cool environment for your products, you get the de-puffing effect with all your products, not just your jade rollers! Goodbye puffy eyes! Better still, these cooler temped products flood your senses with a soothing, refreshing experience every time you apply them.

3: They are Totally Instagram-Worthy

Want to start adding your own pics to that #topshelfi / #beautyshelfie crowd? A Beauty Fridge is a great way to do it! Because of their innate cuteness factor (Pastels colors! Smallness! So flippin' ADORABLE!), taking snaps of your eye creams and glow oils has literally never been easier.

Its pre-made style lends for some serious hashtagging and no need to clean up your bathroom or vanity just to showcase your beauty stash. In our book, that's a win-win-WIN!

Best Mini Beauty Fridges

There are many companies dedicated to designing these specialty fridges, from Beauty Fridge to Teami. But, your options needn't stop there.

Looking for something a little more versatile (hear "for your beauty products OR your iced latte"), you can even re-purpose one of these Chefman or Fridgidaire micro-fridges. And we totally won't judge you if you keep your Starbucks nestled next to your Anti-Aging Face Serum.

Keep it cool, real cool, babe!


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