What Your Next Skincare Treatment Should Be (Based on Your Fav Quarantine Snack)

What Your Next Skincare Treatment Should Be (Based on Your Fav Quarantine Snack)


Because, let's face it, we've all been scrounging through what's left in the pantry.


Why not make into a fun activity? Pivot that nightly nosh into your skincare routine—no fuss, no questions.



Good ol' pasta. A carb near and dear to our hearts, who will always come through when we need to eat in a pinch. A classic choice deserves a classic treatment. Therefore, if you last had some pasta, it's mask time for you babe! Grab Beauty By Earth's Hydrating Face Mask to clear up your complexion with charcoal while still maintaining moisture.



No Netflix-binge is complete without a handful of popcorn. If we weren't addicted to streaming before, we certainly are now. This couch-companion pairs perfectly with a jade or rose quartz roller for a quarantine skincare treatment. While you veg out watching your favorite series, indulge in a much needed face massage.


Anything Sweet

Sometimes you're craving the sweet stuff, but your pantry just isn't delivering the goods. So, you have to be smart. Fistful of chocolate chips here, some crushed graham crackers (From who knows when) there. Maybe you throw together a mug cake or something. If you've found yourself in this scenario recently, reach for any one of our sugary lip scrubs as your quarantine skincare treatment.


Mac And Cheese

SIDENOTE: If you put mac in the same category as pasta then you, my friend, need to reevaluate your life choices. They are separate entities. No, this is not up for debate.

There's nothing quite as comforting as a bowl of Mac and Cheese. It's incredibly versatile—dress it up or keep it simple. Either way, it's delicious. If you've had a bowl in the last week or so, you're in for a good soak with a bath bomb.


Nuts/Trail Mix/Granola

This seems like a broad category, but they serve a similar purpose, trust me. I'd like to name this the "handful" foods—otherwise known as the foods you snag a bit of from the pantry when you have the odd hunger pang. The good news is that a lot of these have things have hair-positive vitamins and minerals like biotin or fatty acids. So, if you've had the occasional handful, your next quarantine treatment is a hair mask or oil. (Such as argan oil.)



Calling coffee food is a bit of a stretch. But...does it end up as a meal sometimes? (*Shamelessly nods*) If that's the boat you're in, then your treatment-of-choice are homemade eye masks with aloe vera. Soak some cotton pads with aloe, stick them in the freezer, and apply them after they've become slightly frosty for around 10-15 minutes. Then, get some sleep, ya hear!


Hopefully this gives you the self care you needed with a kick of humor. It's easy to get brought down in these times, so allow yourself some light-hearted moments when necessary.

What quarantine skincare treatment did you end up with? Anything we missed? Leave a comment!

With love,


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