DIY Natural Padsicle Recipe for Postpartum Pain with Aloe Vera

DIY Natural Padsicle Recipe for Postpartum Pain with Aloe Vera


There are so many resources out there to prepare you for the toll of labor, but not so much about what to expect after. Postpartum recovery can be a not-so-glamorous process as your body heals itself. I mean, you delivered a whole new life, mama! If you're in need of pain relief, padsicles are a quick and easy option. The cooling effect combined with the natural healing properties of aloe vera and witch hazel make this padsicle recipe for postpartum pain a safe, but effective tool in navigating life after the birth.


Liz Teich, of The New York Stylist, just recently welcomed her second child in the throes of a global pandemic. (Crazy, right?!) She used Beauty by Earth's aloe vera gel to create her own padsicles, which inspired us to share.

She gives a glimpse into postpartum life:

This is postpartum. ⁣

My second time around at this and it still all comes as a complete shock. Like why doesn’t anyone tell you these things?? I was totally clueless the first time around and wish someone warned me—and told me it was going to get better.⁣ (Read more of the caption on her Instagram, it's wonderfully insightful!)

I used Beauty By Earth organic aloe to make padsicles after both of my births and it was such a relief. It also gave me peace of mind knowing that I was only using the best ingredients on my body, especially as I’m breastfeeding and everything that goes on my body can potentially be passed to my baby.

Liz Teich, The New York Stylist | @thenewyorkstylist

Liz is dawning a pair of underwear from Mommy Matters, a maternity and nursing clothing store that donates 100% of proceeds to Saving Mothers, a nonprofit that works for worldwide reproductive and maternal health.

Before We Begin...

You'll only need a couple of ingredients, but, most important is their quality. Such a sensitive area shouldn't be exposed to unnecessary chemicals or questionable additives, so be sure you're only using the good stuff. We're talking pure aloe without any fragrance, neon green coloring, or other nasties. When shopping for witch hazel, look for something that's unscented and alcohol-free.



Beauty by Earth Aloe Vera gel with a pad and witch hazel


Open it Up!

Open up a pad, reserving the wrapper for later usage. Don't remove the paper backing that covers the adhesive.

Give it a Soak

Soak the pad with witch hazel. (A couple tablespoons should do it)

Layer on the Aloe

Apply a generous layer of Beauty by Earth's aloe vera gel on the surface of the pad. Use a Q-tip or butter knife to spread it evenly.

Fold Back and Store

Carefully fold it back up, using the wrapper to keep it together. Place in a gallon freezer bag or Tupperware container and pop in the freezer.

Time to Chill

Allow the pads to freeze completely, and use as needed.

Beauty by Earth's thoughts are with all the new moms embarking on their postpartum journey. It can be difficult, but you have all the strength to make it through! If it ever becomes too emotionally overwhelming and you feel you as though you need additional counseling, do not hesitate to reach out to Postpartum Support International. You are not alone.


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Did you try out this padsicle recipe for postpartum pain? Have any other postpartum recipes or tips you'd like to share? Leave a comment.

Stay strong!


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