What’s the difference between a Self Tanner Face Serum and a Self Tanner Face Mist?

What’s the difference between a Self Tanner Face Serum and a Self Tanner Face Mist?


If reading the title of this post was a mouthful for you, we hear ya babe! From lotions to serums to mists (oh my!), there are a *ton* of self tanning options out there for your face. And while we love our OG lotion formula for all that it is, we have to fill you in on our latest and greatest creations for getting your glow on, specifically on that cute face. So if you’re wondering what route to take when it comes to self tanning facial products, look no further, sis. We’re about to answer the newly popular beauty question: What’s the difference between a self tanner face serum and a self tanning water bronzing face mist?

The Self Tanner Face Serum

We must admit that when we created this gem, we truly broke the facial self tanning mould. Because babe, why would you simply self tan your face when you could be nourishing it at the same time? C’mon now, you know you can do better than that!

BBE’s Self Tanner Face Serum is loaded with calming aloe vera, acne-fighting witch hazel, and the anti-aging powerhouse that is green tea extract. Not only does it give your skin that just-stepped-off-the-beach glow. The hydration this formula provides is seriously dreamy, and layers easily under your go-to moisturizer and facial oils. Think of this bad boy as a quick and easy step to add to your existing skincare routine for glowing, healthy results.

The Self Tanning Water Bronzing Face Mist

A facial mist that can bronze up your cute cheeks in no time. Sounds too good to be true, right? I mean, the thought of not actually having to drench your skin in thick, sticky formulas to achieve real at-home self tanning results? Well, that is pretty ground-breaking, we agree!

BBE’s Self Tanning Water Bronzing Face Mist is without a doubt the lightest weight formula you could possibly use to achieve those tanned face goals. And those amazing naturally derived ingredients we mentioned in our ode to our self tanner face serum above? Well, this easy to use mist contains them and the hydrating superstar we like to call Hyaluronic acid. And as you can guess, this is one combination your skin will love. Yes, even you, sensitive babe!

Which product is right for you to achieve that perfect facial tan?

First thing’s first. The ingredients in both of these self tanning products are phenomenal for the precious skin on your face. So whether you choose to apply a serum or spritz away to your heart’s content, we support you, babe! And, you can rest assured that you are nourishing your skin with only the best ingredients out there.

Secondly, both of these gems can provide you with an even, natural looking, and buildable tan. Meaning, you can totally reapply either of these self tanners as many times as you want throughout the week to develop the level of bronze you prefer. Additionally, none of BBE’s self tanners contain any dyes, artificial fragrances, and will never stain your sheets. Because that’s one self tanning girl problem we could all live without, #amirite?

Decisions, decisions. Which bronzing wonder should you pick?

So which one should you pick? Well babe, that all depends on how you want to incorporate your facial self tanning routine into your current skincare regimen. And, depending on what type of formulation you prefer. If your skin is on the dryer side, adding in BBE’s facial tanning serum is an easy way to get that added boost of hydration you’re craving. More of an oily skinned babe? Opt for the mist formula that will never leave your pores feeling clogged or greasy. Or perhaps, you’re the girl who is constantly on the go and misting your way to a glowing complexion feels easier.

In summation, both formulas are self tanning overachievers that will make your skin happy. However, if you’re new to the at-home glow game, hear this. You might find applying a serum a bit easier than a mist. And if self tanning for the first time really has you nervous, we recommend using our facial self tanning lotion which goes on with a white tint. Most babes who are new to self tanner find this formula easier to use as the white lotion can provide a bit more guidance when applying. As in, you can better see exactly where you’re placing it.

Go on girl, get your glow on.

There you have it, babe. The answer to the burning “What's the difference between a Self Tanner Face Serum and a Self Tanner Face Mist?" question you’ve been wondering lately.

Whether you choose to use BBE’s facial tanning serum or you prefer to reach for a mist that will have you glowing like no other, you can chill knowing that you are choosing the best organic ingredients the self tan world has to offer. Both of these facial self tanners will deliver the results you so deserve, babe. And hey, there is nothing stopping you from dipping into both of these glow enhancing products. No shame in our self tan game, sis.

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