21 Ways to Promote Health & Wellbeing This Year

21 Ways to Promote Health & Wellbeing This Year


You’ve surely heard about these resolutions before. You know, like another new year, and another chance to prioritize putting your health and wellbeing first. But know this, babe: The truth is that you don’t need a change of calendar year to decide it’s time to put some positive emphasis on caring for yourself. In fact, you can choose to make beneficial changes at any time you want. To help you on your wellness journey, we’ve lined up 21 Ways to Promote Health & Wellbeing This Year that will have you embracing your best self. And after that, secure yourself some good karma by passing them on to a babe you know and love.

Ways to Promote Your Mental Health...

Start journaling.

Getting your thoughts out on paper can be a seriously therapeutic way to declutter your mind and find peace. And while not every babe gets into journaling easily, it can definitely be a helpful way to find more mental clarity.

This year, consider investing in a journal that you can use for 5 minutes a day or however long you please. You can choose to write about what you’re grateful for or to simply get out all of what is going on in that pretty little head of yours. If you’re someone whose mind runs wild at night, this can be the perfect nighttime routine to calm your thoughts before bed.

Make meditation a part of your daily routine.

Whether you choose to embrace the practice of yoga followed by some quiet time or to solely meditate, this calming exercise can deeply affect your mental wellness. Make no mistake, meditation takes some serious practice to master. But once you do get the hang of it, you’ll fall in love with the benefits.

Not sure where to start on your meditation journey? Check out these helpful reads or apps that will provide you with just the guidance you need, babe.

No matter how busy you are, take the time to call a friend or family member weekly.

This next tip on our list of 21 Ways to Promote Health & Wellbeing This Year might sound overly simple. However, making time to connect (or reconnect) with those you love can have a tremendous impact on your mental health and overall happiness. In 2022, put down the remote and make time to call (not text!) someone that matters to you.

Try therapy.

If there’s one thing the last few years have shown us, it’s that taking some time out for self-care can make a serious difference in how good we feel mentally. And when it comes to prioritizing your mental health, therapy can be a total game-changer. There are now a variety of resources online that make talking to an expert that much easier. So if you find yourself needing a helpful ear to listen to you, don’t hesitate to try some therapy this year, sis.

Learn how to say no more often and how to not take things so personally.

Alright we’ll admit it, this one is kind of a 2-for-1 tip. But it’s a piece of health advice that will have a significant impact on your mental health once you get the hang of it. Make 2022 the year of saying yes more often to things that make your heart sing. Want to learn more about the benefits of this magical tip? Click here.

Ways to Promote Your Physical Wellbeing...

Fall in love with exercise once and for all.

We know what you’re thinking. This is the typical “New Year, new me” resolution. But babe, we’d be remiss if we ignored how important exercise is to your overall health and wellbeing. And while we know that getting regular sweat sessions in isn’t always easy (hello, early runs and after-work yoga classes), it is completely necessary for feeling your best.

The key here is to find an exercise that you actually enjoy doing. At this point, if you’re thinking “sure, easier said than done!” – hang tight for a minute, sis! These days, there are *tons* of options when it comes to getting your body moving in a way you can appreciate. From spinning to yoga class, you are bound to find something you love doing no matter what your fitness level.

Struggling with finding your calling for exercise? Or, do you find it tough to fit in regular movement into your already hectic schedule? Consider opting for at-home fitness equipment that will make sweating out those glorious endorphins a little easier. And what kind of friends would we be if we couldn’t help you with that? We’re giving away a Peloton to one lucky babe. Head over to this link and check out BBE’s Ride Well Giveaway!

Get out and enjoy nature whenever you can.

When you’re not riding away on your dreamy Peloton bike curtesy of BBE, get out and move your body while enjoying some fresh air. Studies have shown that getting outdoors has serious health benefits for both your physical and mental wellbeing, so make this a priority in 2022.

To promote your overall health: Stop neglecting your diet.

Don’t get it twisted. We aren’t talking about crash or fad diets, here (ew!). We are all about wholesome, beneficial for your body and spirit nutrition around here. Nourishing your body from the inside out is something you can feel good about immediately, and that will have *huge* benefits in the long run. So if you’ve been struggling with your diet, first off – don’t sweat it, babe. We’ve all been there and eating healthy is no easy feat. However, there are ways to make this struggle a thing of the past, once and for all. Need some healthy inspo? Click here.

Get around to finally seeing a physiotherapist for that achy body part.

If you’re blessed with no aches and pains, snaps for you babe. We wish we could say the same, but the truth is that so many babes deal with chronic pain daily and simply never get around to seeing a specialist for it.

This year, take caring for your body to the next level by seeing a physiotherapist or other health professional for that annoying pinch or pain you’ve been neglecting. Your body will thank you and you so deserve the relief.

Get on the more h2o bandwagon.

We can’t stress this next tip enough. And out of our 21 Ways to Promote Health & Wellbeing This Year, this is one piece of health advice that we think is totally underrated. So much so, that we even wrote a whole blog post on how to stay hydrated. For real, click here.

Ways to Promote Your Soul's Wellbeing...

Find a hobby that allows you to give back, give thanks on a daily basis, and make peace with whatever and whoever you need to.

Declutter your life to leave space for new & better things.

You don’t have to go on a full-out Marie Kondo tangent to bring a little more peace and organization to your life, girlfriend. I mean, you can totally take it to that level if you wish, but we want you to know that even a bit of tidying up can make a *huge* difference in your overall well-being. This year, consider tackling the clutter around the house that seems to continuously pile up. Whether it’s organizing your sock drawer or doing a revamp of your spice rack, adding order to your living space is a proven way to feel better (and to waste less time looking for the oregano on spaghetti night).

Read more books.

Whether you’re into fiction or self-help tips, reading more books is an excellent way to feed your soul on a regular basis. Not only are the benefits of reading numerous. It can also be an amazing complement to your nightly wind down routine. So instead of only throwing on a face mask a few times a week to relax, consider reaching for an inspiring book while you do so, too.

Ways to Promote Your Skin Health...

Lock down a killer skincare routine.

If you haven’t done this by now, take this as a sign that it’s time, sis. Every babe needs a skincare routine that will make her cute face glow, and that includes you! If you haven’t found a daily ritual that works for you yet, make that a priority this year. And luckily, BBE has all of the tips and tricks you could ever need to do so.

Make SPF a regular part of your day.

Once you’ve locked down that stellar skincare routine, call all of your friends. No seriously, call and let them know just how life-changing it is! Alright, alright, alright. Now that that’s out of the way, also remember to make SPF a regular part of your day.

From applying it in the A.M. to reapplying throughout the day, 2022 is the year you’re going to embrace SPF for all of its amazing abilities, babe. Whether you opt for a lightweight lotion or an easy-to-carry stick, baby your skin by protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays on a daily basis. Trust us, your future self will thank you tremendously.

Find products that work for your skin and the planet.

If you’ve been a BBE fan for a while, you already know that this next tip on our list of 21 Ways to Promote Health & Wellbeing This Year is of top priority. And if you haven’t already started on your journey to using more natural products, 2022 is the time to, babe!

Whether you choose to explore the thousands of organic beauty tips that can be found on our stellar blog or to click add to cart on some skincare favorites, we encourage you to take a look at your current beauty regimen and to incorporate some new and better for the planet products into it!

Curate a self tan routine you can go to for a pick-me-up, any time.

If you haven’t locked down a get your glow on routine yet, it’s time, babe. And luckily, we have a *ton* of advice on how to do just that in 2022. Not only is this the perfect cherry on top of any regular beauty routine. But it will also help nourish your skin. You know, if you use the right products of course. BBE’s self tanner lineup is unmatched, and you’ll want to check it out, pronto.

Exfoliate your body on a regular basis.

We can’t say this loud enough. Every babe needs to make body exfoliation a priority in her skincare routine. The key to healthy and smooth skin goes way beyond moisturizing. Therefore, using a luscious body scrub a few times a week will help you get the silky touchable results you’ve been craving – we promise. And hey, what better time to start than in 2022? #Goodskincarevibesonly.

And finally, make time for a self-care routine that involves pampering your skin and your mind.

By combining a few of the tips in our 21 Ways to Promote Health & Wellbeing This Year, you can curate a self-care routine that won’t only have you looking good physically but will also have you feeling good mentally. Around here, health and wellbeing are at the top of our long list of priorities. You know, along with being your besties in all things natural beauty and caring for this beautiful planet of ours.

BRB babe, off to journal some dreams.

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