2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Ah, Valentine’s Day. The highly divisive holiday seems to create two very distinctive camps of people. You know, the idealistic love birds and those who believe this day to be a Hallmark conspiracy. Regardless of what side you fall on, we think that any day that brings a reason to spread more love is a good one. So whether you’re single, taken, or still trying to figure out how the heck to set up a Hinge profile – stick with us, babe. BBE is bringing you the 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to make this year’s love-filled celebration sweeter than ever, for everyone.

For your significant other who is still riding the relationship rollercoaster with you after all this time…

But you know, a fun rollercoaster. I mean, if you’re caught up in a relationship that constantly feels like you’re about to hurl – we strongly suggest you get off the ride. However, if your partner makes you feel like you’re cutting the line at 6 Flags and enjoying life on a regular basis – keep reading, sis.

A personalized docking station

Alright, we’ll admit it. If your partner is notorious for having a messy side of the bed or a night table that makes you cringe, this gift is a little for you too, babe. Practical, cute, and totally affordable – this personalized docking station is a V-Day gift that will keep on giving. Add your partner’s name to this gadget to make them feel *extra* special, not to mention, *extra* organized this year.

Decadent treats that go beyond chocolate

We know what you’re thinking. Gifting chocolate to your partner for Valentine’s Day is way overdone. But babe, pairing some sweet treats with coffee? Who could say no to that? This Godiva set is packed with all of the good stuff. Ground coffee, and chocolate biscuits that will pair perfectly with it. Plus, it makes for a great excuse to enjoy an extended Sunday morning with your someone special (just saying!).

A self-care bundle any partner will love

Whether you need a gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or another importantly titled partner in your life, this Clean Slate Shower Kit will do the trick. Not only does it come with BBE’s beloved peppermint tea tree body wash, but it also includes our totally underrated back scrubber and charcoal facial bar. These are the products that will turn any old shower routine into an excuse for some much-deserved self-care. Ps. You might just want to add to cart on this bundle for yourself too, sis.

For your bestie who you wouldn’t make it through most days without…

If there’s one person we want to seriously highlight in this 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, it’s your bestie. Without these gems, getting through life’s little mishaps would be *way* more difficult. I mean, who else are you calling on a Sunday afternoon to re-hash the latest episode of Real Housewives with, #amirite?

A personalized memento she will keep forever

We are pretty obsessed with this personalized gift that will show them just how much you appreciate their friendship. Gift a print that is *extra* special and that will warm up any space in their home and heart.

For your co-worker who might very well be just as single as you are…

… Or maybe not so single! Either way, Valentine’s Day can totally be an opportunity to show this person just how much they brighten your life. If you’re blessed enough to have a co-worker that makes your days a little sweeter, show them how much you appreciate them this Valentine’s Day with some of these gift ideas below.

The journal that will curate some seriously good habits

This next gem on our 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide will have anyone in your life feeling just a little happier, every single day. The Five-Minute Journal is a quick daily habit that uses positive psychology to make any babe grateful for all of the good around them. All it requires is a few minutes in the morning to start their day off right, and a few minutes at night for them to go to bed feeling seriously great. And after all of the hard work you and your favorite co-worker do on the regular, they will definitely appreciate an opportunity to unwind and give thanks.

Candles with a cause

You know what they say… when in doubt: candles, candles, candles. At least that’s what we learned when the Dragon Fly Inn caught on fire in Gilmore Girls (hey, if you know, you know). If you’re stumped on what to get your beloved co-worker, keep it simple, babe. A luscious and aromatic candle is a no-brainer. Plus, it will give them an easy way to create a chill ambiance after those hectic workdays. The Hummingbird Candle Co. makes some seriously dreamy options, and you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a business that creates jobs for black women, white women, Latina women, and LGBTQ babes.

Products that will make their morning routine that much simpler

Because this babe feels the pain of those first-thing-in-the-morning meetings your boss tends to call (pretty often, might we add). So why not gift her a few products that will make getting ready in the A.M. a total breeze. We especially love a lightweight sunscreen that absorbs quickly into the skin, or a tinted mineral sunscreen stick that can make applying foundation a thing of the past. Throw in some nourishing lip balm, and just like that you’ve helped your fave co-worker curate *the* ultimate natural babe morning routine.

Valentine's Day gifts for the people in your life that are total #relationshipgoals…

Whether it’s mom and dad or that couple next door that you love having drinks with, this Valentine’s Day gift them a little something, something. You know, to let them know that you appreciate just how much they keep the love alive.

The romance bundle

All you’ll need is bottle of vino or bubbly, and a few bath bombs to put this one together. Cliché, we know. But this little combo can totally make any couple take some time out to themselves. What can we say, babe? Some things are just classic V-Day gifts that we don’t want to mess with.

The at-home dinner special

If you’re at a loss for what to gift mom and dad this year, this next idea is something they will truly appreciate. This year, consider cooking up a storm for them… and then getting out of their way. We love the idea of popping by (perhaps while they’re out) and putting together a beautiful (and romantic, duh) dinner for two so they can enjoy each other’s company this V-Day – no cooking involved!

The love plant

No, seriously. This gorgeous plant (officially named Oxalis triangularis) is often referred to as the love plant. So gift green this Valentine’s Day! And, spread a little more love to the couple in your life who already has an abundance of it. We love this eco-friendly gift for how low maintenance it is care for. Not to mention, for its gorgeous hue of purple that can spruce up any room.

And finally, Valentine's Day gifts for your own fabulous self…

You’ve undoubtedly heard this one before, babe. But the most important relationship you have is the one you cultivate with yourself. Even if you have the best partner in the world, being cool with who you are can truly make your life easier in a myriad of ways. But at the risk of sounding like we just stepped out of the self-help aisle at Barnes & Noble, we’ll make this short and sweet. We certainly weren’t going to forget you in this 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, so check out these ideas below. And go on, treat yourself.

A natural beauty shopping spree

Don’t worry, babe. It can totally be a mini shopping spree if you’re on a budget, we promise! If you’re spending Valentine’s Day solo this year or maybe just want to carve out some time for yourself, this is a super-easy way to. First off, you’ll want to head over to to have a serious browse. After that, pick a few natural beauty faves that will have you truly appreciating your drama-free, fabulous single-girl life. Need some inspo? Click here for tips on how to have the perfect self-care night in this V-Day.

A cozy blanket to make nights in that much better

This is one of those items that you don’t quite realize how essential is until you have one. A big, cozy and luxurious blanket is a major key to making curling up with a book or a glass of wine that much sweeter. This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a piece that will make your home and your alone time a joy. We are living for this chunky knit chenille blanket that quite honestly, looks like a better time than any V-Day dinner reservations out there.

A piece of jewelry… because who needs a man for that?

The best part about this last idea on our 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is that it can cost as little or as much as you would like. Whether you choose to pick a unique yet inexpensive handmade piece on Etsy or to visit a jeweller, treat yourself to something truly special this year that you can wear everyday as a reminder of how much you have your own back, babe. Because honestly, you so deserve it.

On Valentine’s Day and every other day… BBE loves ya.

Here’s to you, babe. Make everyone around you feel loved no matter what holiday is popping up on the calendar next. We see you, we appreciate you, and honestly – we totally think you have this Valentine’s Day gift game on lock. I mean, how could you not with a stellar guide like this one? *Insert shameless kudos to ourselves, right here*.

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