Seven Ways to Stay Hydrated

Seven Ways to Stay Hydrated


It’s the piece of wellbeing advice you hear all the time. “Drink more water”. “Hydration is the pathway to good health”. “More h2o is the answer to all of your problems”. And while we wish that last one were true, we must admit that staying hydrated is a *major key* to feeling and looking your best. From a health perspective, the benefits of getting your daily dose of water are numerous. From flushing away bacteria to aiding digestion, being properly hydrated truly is a magical thing. Not to mention, it is also completely essential for your body to function. Despite these facts, many babes often have trouble incorporating more hydration into their lives. Therefore, if you’ve ever struggled with this, you’re definitely not alone, sis. In fact, this is such a common health blunder that we decided to bring you 7 simple ways to stay hydrated. You know, so you can get this whole hydration thing under control once and for all.

Spice up your 8 glasses of water a day to make staying hydrated easy.

Babe, this one is a little obvious. I mean, isn’t it easier to consume basically anything that is more appetizing to you? We think so, too. If drinking bland water all day long just isn’t your idea of a good time, this first tip on our list of 7 Ways to Stay Hydrated is for you.

Consider adding fresh fruits or vegetables to your water for some added flavor. There are *tons* of combinations you can choose from and adding a little natural goodness to your h20 can be just what you need to wrap your head around drinking more of it. Here are some of our favorite naturally flavored water mixes below.

  • The detox duo: Cucumber and mint.
  • The energizing citrus blend: Lemon and orange.
  • The sweet treat: Strawberry and raspberry.
  • The tangy refresher: Basil and ginger.

You can totally opt to make your very own version of a naturally flavored refresher beyond the suggestions above. And no matter what herb, vegetable, or fruit you choose, you can be sure that you’re not only getting your daily dose of water. You’ll also be getting the added nutrients from these natural powerhouses as well. We recommend leaving your water with your mix of choice in to soak overnight. This will ensure that your water has soaked up the taste of whatever fruits or veggies you’ve chosen, making it delicious and ready to gulp down in the morning.

Pro-tip: If you’re really into the naturally flavored water movement, consider investing in your very own h2o infuser. This makes adding in fruits and veggies seamless. Plus, it ensures that you won’t get any chunks or pieces of them mixed into your water. Make a pitcher to enjoy every day and feel good knowing that you’re crushing all of your daily hydration goals.

Use a water bottle that tracks your progress.

Being able to measure how much water you’ve drank throughout the day is more crucial than you think, babe. Measuring progress is essential to success in anything. You know, beyond tracking your Peloton rides and pounds lost on the scale.

Your water intake is no different, sis. At the end of the day, you should feel good knowing that you’re hydrated to the heavens and having this simple (not so little) water bottle can definitely help with that.

Whether it’s the cute words of encouragement or the fact that you can track your progress as you drink a gallon of water daily, this seemingly simple gem can make staying hydrated that much easier. Filler’ up at the beginning of the day and go to bed satisfied knowing you drank all the water you needed to!

Stay hydrated by loading up on water-rich fruits and veggies.

There’s a reason why your body feels so *ah-mazing* after it consumes those delicious fruits and veggies. Not only are these babies packed with the healthy nutrients your body craves, but they are also high in water content. And if you haven’t caught our drift yet, more water equals more hydration which equals feeling like your best self.

You should know that some veggies reign supreme in the water-rich department. And while all vegetables contain benefits of their own, these guys are our faves when it comes to upping your hydration levels.

  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Zucchini

And when it comes to fruit, the story is no different. Packed with Vitamins and antioxidants, these babies are some kinda wonderful for your overall health (and your skin!). And when it comes to fruits that pack a hydrating punch, we love these gems.

  • Watermelon
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Cantaloupe
  • Peaches

Pro-tip: Are you down for some extra hydration but don’t have time to munch on water-rich fruits and veggies all day long? No problem, babe. Smoothies are an amazingly easy way to get all the nutrients and hydration you need. There are countless delicious and nutritious recipes to choose from. And if you’re a busy babe, consider investing in one of these portable mini blenders that make being healthy way easier than waiting in that drive thru lineup.

Add broth-based soups to your diet for added hydrating benefits.

If you haven’t heard of the numerous benefits attached to consuming bone broth, you’ll want to hear this next tip on our list of 7 Ways to Stay Hydrated.

Bone broth and collagen supplements have gained some serious popularity in recent years, and with good reason. Not only is bone broth highly nutritious (think iron, Vitamins A and K, and zinc), but it also helps your gut health by relieving inflammation. Moreover, many babes love adding bone broth to their daily diet to help curb cravings and to feel fuller for longer.

But for the purpose of this 7 Ways to Stay Hydrated article, let’s stick to how great bone broth-based soups are for keeping you hydrated. Firstly, this broth is primarily made with (you guessed it) water. Additionally, some recipes call for apple cider vinegar, which is another natural health superstar that can help boost electrolytes and hydration in your body.

Suffice it to say, adding lots of bone broth-based soups to your regular diet is an easy way to up your hydration levels sans having to drink another glass of water. Just add your favorite veggies and meat (or plant-based alternative!) and let the ingredients simmer. Healthy, tasty, and perfect for the babe who needs to stay hydrated on the go.

Be sure to hydrate more on days when you’re getting your sweat on.

Although staying hydrated on any day is *seriously* important, workouts make gulping down the h2o even more essential. This is because your body loses hydration by sweating, therefore you must replenish it any time you’re getting some exercise in. You know, like when you’re killing it on that Peloton you won from BBE’s latest Ride Well Giveaway (we’re not kidding, babe. Click here).

Not only does keeping hydrated during a workout make you more efficient, but it also allows you to recover sooner. What’s more, it gives your joints and muscles the TLC they need to go the extra mile. Not to mention, it feels pretty darn refreshing after a long bike ride or an exhausting run, #amirite?

Make hydration delicious and refreshing with this easy peasy popsicle recipe.

This next idea on our list of 7 Ways to Stay Hydrated is one that you and your family will love. Treat your inner child to a deliciously refreshing and healthy popsicle. All you need to do is pick the fruits of your choice and add some of that glorious h2o we keep telling you all about.

You’ll need some cute popsicle moulds, and the rest is self-explanatory, babe. Pop your hydrating creations into the freezer. After that, they’ll be ready to enjoy within just a few hours. These are easy to make in bulk and to have on hand whether you’re in need of some hydration or simply want to satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way. We especially love having these post-workout to cool down and up our water intake. Just think about it. You, hopping off your at-home bike, and enjoying a deliciously nutritious treat that will make that post-spin high that much better.

Most importantly babe, don’t ignore the signs of dehydration.

You might be dehydrated and not even know it, girlfriend. Lacking water in your life goes way beyond feeling thirsty. What’s more, the effects of dehydration can manifest themselves in ways you might not know are possible. Which is why we must wrap up these 7 Ways to Stay Hydrated by warning you that knowing the signs of dehydration is key to staying hydrated in the first place. The next time you feel any of the not so cute symptoms below, consider your hydration levels before googling the worst-case scenarios.

  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • A fever or headache
  • Dark or very yellow pee
  • Muscle cramps
  • Feeling dizzy or faint
  • Rapid heartbeat or breathing

As you can see, failing to stay hydrated can bring about some seriously unenviable side effects. And sometimes, feeling not so great for no apparent reason can be tied to a lack of hydration. By monitoring your water intake and by ensuring that you’re getting the right amount each day, you’ll mitigate your chances of not feeling so hot and you’ll feel a whole lot healthier.

There you have it, babe. All the tips & tricks you need to be one hydrated goddess.

Staying hydrated isn’t rocket science, honey. Especially with these 7 Ways to Stay Hydrated that we just shared, of course. In fact, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself actually craving water and water-rich foods. Between running around for your family to getting your sweat on in your at-home gym, your body so deserves all the h2o. And in our books, a hydrated babe is certainly a happy babe.

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