Best Peloton Classes

Best Peloton Classes


Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve likely heard about the at-home spin bike that has taken the fitness world by storm. Peloton users everywhere agree that having your very own setup in the comfort of your own home makes achieving your exercise goals way easier. Not to mention, this revolutionary spin brand provides babes with a slew of classes to choose from, making it harder to get bored of the same old workout. So let’s take a break from debating whether Mr. Big’s Peloton brought on his fatal heart attack in the Sex & The City revival. Because upping your cardiovascular endurance is definitely a healthy thing, sis. Here are the best Peloton classes (as rated by users!) that you’ll want to ride out to after winning the bike of your dreams courtesy of BBE’s Ride Well Giveaway. You’re not hallucinating, babe. You’ll want to keep reading this one, because we’re giving away a free Peloton.

Image of a woman riding a Peloton bike in her living room

The 20-minute Black History Month: Broadway Ride with Ally Love

If you want to ride with purpose and sing at the top of your lungs while forgetting you’re even working out in the first place, this ride is for you. And as far as Ally Love goes, well, she is a *huge* fan favorite when it comes to Peloton instructors. Her style is all about approaching fitness in a positive way, and this 20-minute Black History Month: Broadway Ride is no exception.

Leanne Hainsby's 30-minute Spice Girls Ride... the Peloton class you'll ride to over and over.

In our books, it doesn’t get much better than this, babe. Getting our sweat on to the legendary Spice Girls would make us hop on our bikes no matter how lazy we’re feeling! Peloton-loving babes everywhere love to ride with Leanne because of her motivating style of teaching. Not to mention, for her ability to make anyone step right outside of their comfort zone. This UK-based beauty is a fan favorite and has transformed thousands of bodies during the pandemic. Where can we sign up?!

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The 30-minute Beyoncé two for one ride with Alex Toussaint & Tunde Oyeneyin

Two stellar Peloton instructors and a Beyoncé themed ride? You’re not dreaming, babe. This is one class you’ll want to take again and again. High energy and unbelievably motivating, I mean what could possibly top riding along to Queen B herself? You already know how amazing Beyoncé is, so let’s give you a quick rundown on the instructors behind this class. Alex is all about “feeling good and looking good” by giving users a serious sweat session. And as for Tunde, she is beloved for her motivating character and helpful cues that keep beginners and pros right on track.

Image that reads "beyonce wasn't built in a day"

Kendall Toole's 30-minute World Mental Health Day Ride

Peloton users everywhere are loving Kendall Toole’s 30-minute ride in honor of World Mental Health Day. Not only does this babe focus on giving you a killer workout during this one, but she also spreads awareness and acceptance throughout the ride. All the while riding out to artists like Ariana Grande and Coldplay. We especially love this class because not only is exercise a great way to improve your overall mental health. But adding in a dialogue about how important self-care is while you ride? Well, that’s pretty amazing if you ask us.

The 30-minute 90s Hip Hop Ride with Alex Toussaint

You don’t have to be a 90’s baby to appreciate Alex’s 90’s ride. There is nothing quite like some old school hip hop to get you in the workout vibe, and well on your way to crushing your ride goals. Not only is Alex’s passion for fitness totally infectious, but you can always count on his classes to be well-structured and easy to follow. Trust us babe, this is one Peloton class you’ll be vibing out to again and again.

Image of Peloton instructor Alex Toussaint.

Robin Arzón's 30-minute 90’s Ride

And while we’re on the topic of 90’s riding, we have to give a shoutout to Robin Arzón’s 30-minute 90’s ride, too. Users love Robin for her powerful anecdotes and her ability to make them forget all about their fitness (and life) excuses. This babe is one powerful force, and her playlist in this one is seriously killing it. From TLC to the Backstreet Boys, this Peloton class will have you feeling hyped up from warmup to cooldown.

Matt Wilpers’ 45-minute Power Zone Ride

Looking for a Peloton class that will have you releasing all of those amazing endorphins? This is it, girlfriend. Users who run especially love Matt’s 45-minute power zone ride because it is reminiscent of those long, powerful runs that leave you feeling fresh and new. Moreover, Matt is known for breaking down the science behind his method during each ride. Making it easy for you to understand why the heck you’re putting yourself through this sweat session in the first place. Oh and music wise? Expect anything from Jay-Z to Fall Out Boy!

Image of Matt Wilpers teaching a Peloton class.

The 30-minute Lizzo Ride with Robin Arzón

Wanna feel good as hell after your workout? Crank this 30-minute Lizzo Ride to sweat it out and to give yourself a boost of confidence. Lizzo is the ultimate body positivity goddess, and users agree that riding to her jams is the ultimate pick-me-up. Sprinkle a little Robin Arzón on top to really get your heart rate going, and you’re definitely winning, babe.

30 minute lizzo ride with robin arzon

The 30-minute Lady Gaga Ride with Cody Rigsby... the Peloton ride that will pump you up.

I mean, need we say more here?! What could possibly trump spinning to the high energy chameleon queen herself? Users love riding to all of Lady Gaga’s hits while enjoying Cody Rigsby’s energy and authenticity. And as a former professional dancer, he is definitely one instructor that will get your heart rate up while you ride to the best beats. If you love dance music and pop hits, we totally recommend checking out more of Cody Rigsby’s Peloton classes!

The 30-minute Strength Class for Runners with Becs Gentry

Image of peloton instructor Becs Gentry

You might not know this yet, babe. But Peloton classes are *so* much more than spin related! And although cardio is uplifting, sometimes your body needs something a little different. From pilates to strength, there is a variety of classes you can choose from depending on your mood or what your body is craving that day. Becs Gentry’s strength class for runners is the perfect option for babes who love to cross train. It targets muscles you might not know you had and will help improve your overall performance on that next jog of yours. Not an avid runner? Don’t fret, sis. Beginner users love this class, too.

The 30-minute Holiday Broadway Yoga Flow with Ross Raybrun

If you haven’t tried your hand at yoga yet, what are you waiting for, sis? For real, there is nothing more blissful than laying in shavasana after a challenging yoga flow. And with that new Peloton bike of yours (now’s a good time to go enter the BBE Ridewell Giveaway, just sayin’!), you’ll have access to a variety of yoga classes that will have your body feeling ah-mazing. Oh and, that will give you the mental clarity that comes along with this type of body renewing exercise. Ross Raybrun’s holiday broadway yoga flow is no exception and will get rid of all of that holiday related stress. Go on, get your stretch on to some winter classics and most of all, enjoy that post-yoga glow!

Images of items being gifted in BBE's Ride Well Giveaway

Robin Arzón's 10-Minute JLo Core Strength... the cherry on top of your Peloton bike ride.

If JLo can’t motivate you to get that core in check, we don’t know what will, sis! This quick 10-minute class is perfect to fit into your busy day and will seriously fly by. We love adding in a quick strength training workout after a cardio session, and when they’re this short – it’s super easy to do. As with all of her other classes, Robin uplifts and inspires in this short yet strengthening Peloton strength class that users absolutely love.

Rebecca Kennedy's 30-Minute J Balvin Full-Body Strength

Image of peloton instructor Rebecca Kennedy doing a side plank

We don’t know about you, girlfriend. But we love a little reggaeton to get us in the ultimate workout zone. Not to mention, to help us burn a few extra calories with all the necessary dancing that comes along with it! Rebecca Kennedy’s J Balvin themed strength class will have you dancing (freely, since you’re in the comfort of your own home, duh!) as you get your sweat on. What’s more, it targets your full body with moves that you can adjust and tailor to your fitness level!

Olivia Amato’s 45-minute Arms & Shoulders Bootcamp

Are your glutes on fire from all these Peloton workouts, babe? We feel that (no like, seriously feel that). Olivia Amato’s arms and shoulders bootcamp will focus on upper body movement that will get you looking toned and fab. What’s more, we have to mention that users love this class for its jams. Think Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris, and Diplo vibes to keep you in the zone. Fair warning though, this babe’s classes are on the tougher side. However, Olivia’s upbeat personality will have you wanting to complete that last rep despite the burn – we promise!

Ready to crush all your fitness goals with your very own Peloton bike?

Image referencing beauty by earth's ride well giveaway - win a peloton!

Of course you are, gorgeous! This piece of fitness equipment has truly changed the at-home gym game, and we are totally here for it. And with such a wide variety of classes, you can be sure you’ll never get bored of keeping fit.

Around here, we think wellness goes way beyond the products you use on your face. I mean, don’t get us wrong – that is way important. However, eating healthy and getting regular sweat sessions in is a *huge* part of your overall natural health journey! This is why we’re giving away a Peloton to one lucky BBE-loving babe. All you have to do is head on over to this link right here, and enter to win the bike that will help you enjoy some of the best Peloton classes we just gushed about above.

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