Virgo Skincare Routine

Virgo Skincare Routine


The most humble, industrious, and practical sign of the zodiac – Virgos are the friends that always have the best intentions, and that you can always rely on. I mean, it’s no wonder why every girl wants one in her circle. Not only are these babes creative and kind, but they are also known for their unmatched patience and ability to have a systematic approach to life. Let’s just say, this earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and we kinda love them for it. So what kind of skincare routine does a Virgo queen deserve? One that delivers consistent, amazing results of course. Keep reading to find out what a perfect Virgo Skincare Routine looks like.

A practical Virgo needs an organic cleanser she can always count on in her skincare routine.

Virgos live for practicality and therefore need to start their skincare routines off with a product that never disappoints. You know, one that *always* gets the job done. BBE’s superfruits & sea kelp cleanser is the face wash a Virgo babe will reach for day after day, for both the results and the stellar ingredient list. This staple is loaded with natural oils and fights blemishes like no other. Meaning, this perfectionist of the zodiac can rest assured that no pesky breakouts will cramp her style. Because hey, a true Virgo would never stand for that.

And because she can be *a bit* of a perfectionist, a Virgo queen needs a face mask to keep her skin flawless at all times.

You won’t ever see this babe with enlarged pores or skin that isn’t baby smooth, that’s for sure! Virgos are hyper-aware of details, and their cute face is no exception! Therefore, having just the ticket to flawless skin is something this zodiac sign holds dear to her heart.

That is also why this earth sign’s skincare routine would not be complete without BBE’s hydrating face mask. This must-have product tightens pores and leaves skin looking clean, bright, smooth, and hydrated. On top of that, it’s the perfect addition to a skincare routine that values prioritizing a little self-care. Incorporate this step into any skincare regimen for skin that screams “I just left the spa”. Talk about being right up a Virgo’s alley.

Keeping with her meticulous standards, a Virgo needs a serum that delivers.

This purist isn’t afraid to continuously improve themselves in every area of their lives. For real. Even if it involves pulling an all-nighter to get things done, a Virgo is always down to do what it takes to meet their own expectations. So why wouldn’t they have the same attitude toward their skincare routine? A Virgo will reach for the best serums to keep their skin at its healthiest, and will have no problem switching it up if need be!

We recommend BBE’s hyaluronic acid serum for the Virgo that is always searching for the next best thing. Mainly because, they won’t have to search anymore after using this hydrating powerhouse! This serum plumps, firms, and smoothes skin while diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. What more could a Virgo queen ask for? Wait, we know. Keep reading, babe!

The only thing better than one serum for this sign, would be two! So layer up with BBE’s HyperActive Anti-Aging Vitamin C serum while you’re at it, dear Virgo. This little guy kicks dull skin to the curb, and gives serious protection against harmful free radicals. With continued use, you’ll see brighter skin, and say adios to dark spots. And when combined with the hyaluronic acid serum we previously mentioned? Well, let’s just say that’s one skincare duo fine lines and dull skin won’t want to mess with.

And finally, every Virgo skincare routine needs a little room for *extra* self-care.

Being one of the most careful signs of the zodiac, a Virgo always ensures they are treating themselves with love and care so that they can crush it in all areas of their lives!

And while this earth sign will show herself self-care with her skincare routine alone, she won’t stop there. What better way for a Virgo babe to care for herself than with a relaxing ritual that involves soaking and relaxing at home? And with the right products, you can make this happen in a cinch. Suffice it to say, BBE’s bath bombs were *made* for a Virgo beauty routine.

What’s more is that Virgos love to work hard, therefore curating the perfect wind-down routine is crucial for this sign. Luckily though, they are organized pros who know exactly where to go to do just that.

Savvy Virgos turn to BBE for the *best* natural beauty advice.

And no matter what your sign, so can you, beautiful. We hope you enjoyed this Virgo Skincare Routine, and that you have one of these logical, faithful, and kind humans in your life.

Until next time you zodiac loving queens,

Carey <3

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