How to Crush Your September Goals

How to Crush Your September Goals


If you thought goal setting was a January thing, think again. September is a time for renewal and beginnings and is a *fabulous* opportunity to outline all it is that you want to achieve. Whether you are getting ready to hit the books again or feel things ramping up at work, it is safe to say that we all feel a slight shift in our environments after summer is over. And while we will (definitely) miss those beach days, fall is one of our most beloved times of the year. Ready to crush your September goals? Just keep reading, beautiful – we’re about to show you how!

This September, get more sleep.

First thing’s first. You won’t accomplish much if you’re running on an empty tank, girlfriend. Sleep is crucial to our wellbeing and helps everything else in our lives fall into place whether we like it or not. I mean, have you ever tried to run a marathon on an hour of shuteye? We haven’t, but we’re guessing it’s not fun.

This September, set yourself up to crush all of your goals by curating the perfect bedtime routine and getting your recommended 7-8 hours of sleep every night. We know some can survive on less, so find your sweet spot or chat with a pro to figure out what works for you. There are tons of resources out there to help you hone in on the right sleep schedule, and it is *so* worth looking into.

We recommend having a nighttime ritual that will have you looking forward to hitting the hay. Whether it’s curling up to read a chapter or two of a book, or using a jade roller to apply your favorite beauty serum and relax your mind – find something calming to do that puts your brain right into unwinding mode.

Find an exercise routine you *actually* like.

Forget blanket resolutions like “losing weight” and switch things up with your health-related goals this September. And if you’re feeling like you need a little inspo in that department, don’t sweat it. We’ve got some pretty easy ideas, right here.

  1. Try something new. With social media and the Internet more broadly, there is a workout world at your fingertips, baby. From YouTube yoga classes to Couch to 5k apps, you no longer need a traditional gym or in-person trainer to get fit or to reach your activity goals. Take advantage of this new reality and try an exercise you may not have wanted to dish out money for in the past, or that you maybe didn’t have the guts to try! All of this will help you find a routine you enjoy, which makes sticking to a healthy lifestyle that much easier.
  2. Commit to a (realistic) schedule. Once you’ve found something you enjoy doing to get active, find an exercise schedule that works for you. We know it can be tempting to get swept up in the beginning and tell yourself you’ll workout 7 days a week. The truth is though, that overcommitting can cause you to feel not so good when life gets in the way. Instead, commit to a few days a week you know will work – and be proud of accomplishing that! Hey, two runs a week are better than none, amirite?
  3. Enlist some motivational help from a pal. If you find yourself needing a little extra boost during your workouts, ask a friend you can count on to join in. Whether it’s taking a walk together or hitting up a new spin class, the buddy system totally works. You can keep yourselves accountable, and you’ll feel bad cancelling – so you’ll be more inclined to make it on time to that sweat session!
  4. Mix it up. Finally, avoid getting stuck in an exercise rut by doing different things! Taking the dog out for a walk certainly counts as physical activity. And, you don’t have to always be lifting weights to be considered healthy. Switch up your routine as often as you need to enjoy being active, and when you’re lacking inspiration – refer back to step 1! Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are all sources of exercise motivation if you need it!

Lock down a solid skincare routine.

If you haven’t done this yet, we URGE you to! Because having glowing skin is a major #goal! And what better time to commit to taking care of your skin and locking down the perfect routine, than in September? Alright fine, any time is a good time to get your skin care regimen together, but September especially!

With the season change, your skin might switch up on you also. This is completely normal and happens to a lot of us as the weather gets a little colder. You may find yourself needing to layer up on moisturizer. Or, you might find that you’re craving a warm bath more than you did during those hot summer days. No matter what your cute face’s needs are, you can find the inspo you need to develop the perfect routine for it.

And if you’re looking for new and amazing products to incorporate into an already great beauty regimen, look no further. Here are our latest and greatest suggestions below.

Crush your skincare goals with these gems.

  1. Vitamin C Toner is the easiest way to change your skincare game. Not to mention, it is the simplest step you can add into your routine to see glowing results. We love this product for all of its brightening effects, as well as how it fights dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Trust us, everyone can benefit from a little Vitamin C!
  2. Hyaluronic Acid Serum is just what you’ve been waiting for to achieve *super* soft and even skin goals. We recommend adding a few drops of this on to your face before you apply your moisturizer. This serum is lightweight, and layers perfectly under other products. On top of that, it diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. What more could you ask for?
  3. Incorporating a Facial Oil into your skincare routine is the quickest way to feel like you just left the spa. BBE’s lineup of luxury face oils are truly the cherry on top of any skincare ritual, and give your skin the extra bit of hydration and TLC it so deserves.
  4. Using a Facial Scrub has to be one of the most underrated pieces of skincare advice out there! The key to having healthy and happy skin goes way beyond applying moisturizers! You need to get rid of dead skin cells, and encourage new ones to regenerate. Add in a gentle scrub to your routine once or twice a week, and you’ll reap all of these unreal benefits!

Hydrate, hydrate, then hydrate some more.

Girl, what kind of beauty experts would we be if we didn’t stress to you how important it is to drink water at every chance we get? Not to mention, if we didn't make it part of this How to Crush Your September Goals guide!

This September, up your water intake and enjoy the benefits it has on your body, skin, and overall health. If you’ve had trouble staying on track with this in the past, don’t sweat it. Incorporate this healthy habit by having a glass first thing in the morning, and before every snack or meal. One trick we love is to fill up a large reusable bottle at the beginning of every day. Make it your goal to have it be empty by the time you go to sleep!

To crush all of your September goals… stay organized.

Oh, organization. Some of us are blessed with this skill, and others… well, others are working on it! Luckily, being an organized queen really isn’t that difficult. Plus, there are a ton of tips for getting started on your very own organizational journey! And, they don’t have to involve watching an episode of Marie Kondo folding sweaters into color codes either.

Whether you opt for a cute organizer or an app that helps keep all of your meetings and commitments tracked, find a method that works to steer you right towards those September goals!

Prioritize making time for self-care before crushing all of your goals.

It’s no secret that we are big proponents of this next one in our guide on How to Crush Your September Goals. Self-care is the trend we hope never fades away. In fact, we won’t let it! Mostly, because it’s so much more than something that has recently gotten a ton of hype. It’s a necessity in life, and it totally does make you happier and more productive.

The simple reason behind it is that taking care of yourself first positions you to be ready to tackle all of your objectives. Not to mention, sitting in the tub with one of BBE’s relaxing bath bombs also makes for a great reward after you’ve crushed one of those goals!

Call an old friend.

Whether it be to catch up or to help brainstorm more September goals, call up an old friend you haven’t spoken with in a while or who you keep meaning to reach out to. Not only is this super healthy for your mental wellbeing, it can also be an *instant* mood booster.

These days, it is ridiculously easy to get caught up in all that we are doing. Friends are *everything*, so make it a point to connect with one whenever you can.

Commit to a “technology shut down” time.

This has to be one of our favorite priorities in this How to Crush Your September Goals blog post. What is a “technology shut down” time you ask? Well, before you go thinking it means anything scary – hear us out!

Make it a point to put your cell phone away and to get off of social media at bedtime. Instead, unwind at least one hour prior to catching those Zzz’s. Studies show that electronics before bed are no bueno, so having a cut-off time for them every night is highly beneficial for your sleep cycle.

And finally, accomplish all of your goals and stay in the know about all things organic beauty with BBE.

Before we sign off, we hope you enjoyed this guide on How to Crush Your September Goals, beautiful. And lastly, don't forget to feed your soul and your appetite for all things natural beauty by following BBE on the regular.

We love sharing everything we uncover with you, and we are *so* committed to helping you achieve all of your September objectives. We see you, crushing the heck out of them!

Goal crushing & natural beauty gushing,

Carey <3

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