The BBE Guide to Skin Concerns

The BBE Guide to Skin Concerns


Skin concerns. Everyone’s got ‘em, babe. Whether it’s a tendency to break out or feeling like your skin gets dryer than the Sahara, we all struggle with skincare dilemmas at some point or another. Luckily though, with a little help from the right clean beauty products and some advice from the experts here at BBE, you no longer have to stress about solving pesky skincare issues. This is the post you’ll want to share with e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. This is the BBE Guide to Skin Concerns.

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If you’re concerned about dry skin…

Babe, don’t be. Ok, ok, easier said than done – we know. But get this, dry skin is easy to treat if *drum roll, please* you have the right clean beauty products! All you need, are a few gems that won’t strip your skin, and that add moisture back into that cute face of yours. And of course, BBE has all of the items you’ll want on your bathroom vanity to nix dry skin once and for all.

Cleansing your skin can be downright scary when you’re feeling dry and flaky. This is why choosing a cleanser that is gentle yet effective is at the top of our list for dry-skinned babes. Any of BBE’s facial cleansers will do, but we especially love a foaming cleanser when dealing with sensitive dry spots. Moreover, we recommend using a facial scrub once or twice a week to get rid of dry flakes and to keep your skin at its healthiest.

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This next piece of advice will come as no surprise because anyone who deals with dry skin likely feels like they are moisturizing a-l-l the time. And while it’s true that this skin type may require extra hydration, you want to moisturize smarter not harder. Does that make sense? Hang on, you’ll see what we mean.

Most importantly...

Re-evaluate which moisturizer you’re reaching for on a regular basis. Dry-skinned beauties will benefit from cream formulas that are typically a little thicker in nature. Meaning, if you’re using a moisturizer that isn’t right for you, you’ll end up feeling like you constantly need to reapply. Reach for something like BBE’s anti-aging cream though, and you’ll be in hydration heaven.

Alright, we saved the best for last in the dry skin portion of our BBE Guide to Skin Concerns. This little pièce de resistance will have you saying “dry skin, where?” in no time. What you need babe, is one of BBE's Hyaluronic Acid Serums as the cherry on top of your skincare routine. Not only will these guys drench your skin in hydrating goodness, but they’ll also keep you breakout and fine line-free. For real, and there is nothing better than topping off any skincare ritual with a few drops of face oil to seal in moisture and feel heavenly. We know that sounds extreme, but it’s the truth!

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Pro-tip: If you suffer from dry skin concerns, consider upping your water intake. Drinking enough water throughout the day will keep you hydrated from the inside out, and can have an impact on how supple your skin is. Invest in a few BBE products, and then drink up buttercup. You’ll be glad you did!


If acne is your main skin concern…

Acne and unpredictable breakouts are so not the move, and we have just the advice you need to get rid of them right here in this BBE Guide to Skin Concerns.

As with any skin type, acne-prone skin needs cleansing. However, because unclean pores can worsen acne, cleanser becomes even more important for this babe. BBE’s Superfruits and Sea Kelp Cleanser is just the ticket for oily, acne-prone skin. This is because sea kelp does a killer job of mitigating acne with its anti-inflammatory properties. Use this face wash twice a day to ensure your pores are clean and blemish-free.

Image of the BBE superfruits and sea kelp cleanser, perfect for acne skin concerns.

Pro-tip: If you have acne-prone skin and love to wear makeup, consider doing a double cleanse when it comes time to take off your glam. You can start with a makeup remover to get most of the products off of your face. After that, follow up with your cleanser. This will ensure that no dirt is left behind. And, that you’re not applying your other products over unclean skin!

Following your thorough cleanse, you’ll need moisturizers that fight to keep breakouts at bay. BBE’s Oil Control Moisturizer does just that, and so does our Balance & Restore Luxury Face Oil. Both of these babies are lightweight and contain natural ingredients that acne doesn’t stand a chance against. From Japanese green tea to rosemary extract, these organic gems will have your skin looking crystal clear.

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We recommend using the moisturizer first and following up with a few drops of the face oil to get rid of breakouts and blemishes, pronto.

Does an oily complexion get you down?

We get it. No babe wants to walk around with blotting papers every day hoping to keep oily skin under control. And, having oily skin can be a real head-scratcher when it comes to mastering how to care for it.

First thing’s first, we need you to know that having oily skin does not mean you do not need hydration. The most common mistake oily skinned people make is skipping moisturizer or over-cleansing. All skin types need hydration, and stripping your natural barrier from this will only cause it to freak out and overproduce more oil in order to make up for it. Alright, now that that’s out of the way…

Here's what to do...

Invest in a gentle cleanser that also has antiseptic properties. Oily complexions tend to be more prone to breakouts, therefore using a product with tea tree oil in it will ensure pores are squeaky clean, and clear after use. We love the BBE peppermint tea tree foaming cleanser that balances out oilier skin types, without striping the good stuff away like we mentioned above.

Image of the BBE foaming face wash in peppermint tea tree, perfect for oily skin concerns.

Once you’re cleansed and are ready to move on, opt for a lightweight moisturizer that will hydrate your skin without making it feel greasy. BBE’s oil control moisturizer was created especially for oily and combination skin types that need to hydrate, the right way. This bad boy balances out oil production while boosting your skin’s elasticity and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, it absorbs easily into the skin and makes for the perfect daytime hydrator under your makeup. Trust us when we tell you that if you’re an oil-skinned babe, this is *the* moisturizer for you.

If fine lines and wrinkles are your main skin concern…

Curate a skincare routine that will leave your skin nourished, and that is packed with natural antioxidants. All of BBE’s products are loaded with these powerhouses and are still gentle enough for all skin types to use.

If you’re worried about aging skin or want to prevent premature lines and wrinkles, we’ve seriously got you covered girlfriend. From our Vitamin C serum to our beloved Anti-Aging Cream, BBE has all of the products to keep your skin looking youthful for life. Below are our top contenders for mitigating aging skin concerns along with the reasons why we love them so much.

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The BBE anti-aging powerhouses you need

The Anti-Aging Cream

This bad boy is a staple in any anti-aging skincare routine. Formulated with Japanese green tea extract, jojoba oil, and willow bark extract (to only name a few), this must-have moisturizer is loaded with ingredients that will prevent signs of aging and keep skin *way* hydrated. Apply this cream morning and night for the best youthful results. And then? Say goodbye to this unwanted skin concern once and for all!

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The Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Not only is this powerful little serum great for dry skin. It’s also a perfect match for mature complexions as well. We recommend applying this serum right under your moisturizer, to stop fine lines right in their tracks.

BBE’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum will help you get smoother, plumper skin. On top of that, it will have you looking glowy and radiant all while protecting your skin’s natural barrier from those annoying free radicals that make it age prematurely. Like all of our serums, it is lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin so you don’t have to worry about layering it with your go-to moisturizer.

Use this serum morning and night, and say goodbye to those aging skin concerns!

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The HyperActive Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum

We know that most people consider fine lines and wrinkles as the culprits behind older-looking skin. The truth is though, that having an uneven skin tone and dark spots also plays a crucial role in the look of a healthy complexion. This is why you should consider incorporating Vitamin C into your beauty regimen if aging skin is your main concern.

BBE’s HyperActive Anti-Aging Vitamin C serum is the ultimate compliment to our anti-aging cream, and to any youthful skincare routine. It’s lightweight yet powerful and specially formulated to get rid of dark spots while evening out any skin tone. Additionally, it helps to firm skin and protect it from harmful free radicals. We love pairing it with the Vitamin C toner for ultimate benefits, as well as for getting that glowing effect you will love.

Image of a hand holding up the BBE HyperActive Anti-Aging Vitamin C serum.

The cherry on top of any skincare routine: The Luxury Face Oils

If you want to have glowing youthful skin that will have everyone asking you what you’re using or doing – BBE’s luxury face oils are where it’s at. All of these gems work wonders at preventing signs of aging and are safe for all babes. What’s more, they’re a cinch to incorporate into your skincare routine and won’t leave your skin feeling tight or irritated.

Our Glowing & Radiant oil is a fave amongst BBE babes who want to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Not only does it pack a slew of natural oils that keep skin looking youthful. It also brightens any complexion. And as we mentioned above, a bright and even skin tone is a major key when it comes to keeping your cute face looking healthy. We also added Vitamin E into this facial oil as a standout antioxidant that is proven to fight signs of aging with continued use.

Image of the BBE glowing & radiant luxury face oil, perfect for wrinkles and fine line skin concerns.

And finally, if you have sensitive skin…

We have *unreal* news. All of BBE’s products are formulated with sensitive babes in mind. This means you don’t have to stress out while navigating all of the above.

Using clean beauty products that are formulated without parabens, sulfates, or unnecessary filler ingredients is the best advice for everyone, but it is especially true for sensitive beauties. What’s more, we never use harsh fragrances, which is another way our products fail to irritate delicate skin.


So whether your main skin concern is acne or fine lines (aside from being sensitive), feel confident reaching for any of BBE’s options. We also recommend patch testing an area of your skin first. Especially if you are *super* sensitive, just to be on the safe side of course.

Have a dilemma we didn’t quite get to in this BBE Guide to Skin Concerns?

If you still have a burning question we didn't address in this BBE Guide to Skin Concerns, drop us a line at any time babe. We’d be Disney World happy to help.

Carey <3

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