Latino Heritage Month

Latino Heritage Month


This month, we are proud to celebrate Latino businesses we know and love. From the local eateries in our hometowns to the latest jewelry pieces we can’t get enough of, Latino-owned brands are everywhere and we are *so* here for them. Although it was tough to narrow it down to this killer list below, we lined up some of our favorite Latino-owned brands and businesses that we think you need to know about, right now. Sit back, relax, and get ready to add to cart on more than one of these gorgeous products. And hey, you can feel good doing so knowing that you’re supporting the Latino community in your own small way and celebrating Latino Heritage Month, all at the same time!

Lights the Label

First up on our list of beloved Latino-owned businesses is none other than Lights the Label. Owned by Cuban YouTuber Kathleen Lights, this brand has the athleisure wear you’ve been waiting for. From the comfiest tees to the softest sweatpants you’ll ever put on your body – this is the label you’ll want to fill your closet with no matter what the season.

Image of a woman wearing the Mas Cafe sweatpant set from Lights the Label, a hispanic-owned brand.

As the java enthusiasts, we are, we can’t get enough of the ¡MÁS CAFÉ! line in particular. Let’s just say, the only thing better than sipping on your strong Cuban coffee in the morning is doing so wearing one of Kathleen’s cozy creations.

Hija de tu Madre

While we are on the topic of must-have merch, Hija de tu Madre deserves a huge shout-out. If you’re looking for quirky products that will have everyone asking you where you got them, you *need* to check out this Latina-owned brand.

Image of 4 day planners from the brand Hija de tu Madre.

From desk accessories to unique graphic tees – we want all of it! Plus, Hija de tu Madre even makes the stationary you need to plan out all of your jefa moves. I mean, what more could you ask for than a day planner that literally reminds you that “si se puede”?! This Latino Heritage Month, treat yourself to a few items that will help you keep your dreams on track. We love this brand and all that it stands for and trust us, you will too!

XIO by Ylette

We’ll admit it. We are suckers for dainty, beautiful jewelry that completes even the most casual of outfits. And if you’re looking for pieces that are timeless yet unique, XIO by Ylette offers up just that. This accessory brand is owned by none other than Ylette Luis, a Cuban American entrepreneur who credits her passion for jewelry to her late grandmother.

Image of a woman wearing XIO by Ylette necklaces, a Latino owned brand.

We especially love how Ylette created a monthly subscription to XIO, so we can always get our accessory fix! Think of it as having your own personal jewelry shopper, without ever having to leave your couch. Because really, who wants to do that?

We're loving Latino owned brand Lucky No. Candles

If you’re anything like us, you live to fill your home with candles that smell ah-mazing. What’s more, you know all about just how much the ambiance can shift in a room once you light one of these little guys up. Candles are a total must-have product in our books, and Lucky No. makes them like no other. With scents like “La Playa”, and “Dry Spice”, you’ll want one of each babe!

What’s more, we don’t only love this Latino-owned brand for its luscious scents and sleek packaging. Lucky No. Candles packaging and containers are all proudly made in the USA, and can easily be repurposed or recycled, too!

Image of 3 Lucky No. Candles on coffee table.

Or as they put it, their products are “not just something that looks great on Instagram and not so great in a landfill”. We can definitely get behind that!

Alamar Cosmetics

If you’re looking for a Latino-owned makeup brand that will get you inspired to get ready in the morning, this is it, babe. Gabriela Trujillo is the CEO of this bourgeoning cosmetic company and was born in Alamar, Cuba (hence, the name!).

Image of 2 makeup palettes from Alamar Cosmetics, a Latino owned brand.

Alamar Cosmetics is the refreshing line of cosmetics we’ve been looking for, and their palettes make the perfect addition to any makeup collection. From luscious lip glosses to blush colors that will make you swoon, this line has something for every babe who lives to get glam. What’s more, this brand truly stands for celebrating culture and self-expression. Their ethos is inspiring to say the least, and is totally worth a read before getting on board the Alamar Cosmetics train.

Swimwear by Maaji

Ready for luscious prints and amazing fabrics before you take off on that well-deserved vaca? Babe, us too! Made in Colombia with love, Maaji makes swimwear for everybody, and their pieces are unlike anything we’ve ever seen! From one-pieces to a slew of different bottom styles and options, this inclusive swim line has something for every babe.

Image of a woman holding a book and wearing a bikini by Maaji, a Latino owned brand.

Their new pink drop of swimwear has us missing summer already, and planning a tropical vacation in our minds. This line is seriously reminiscent of Colombia’s love for vibrant, gorgeous colors and the styles are totally versatile. On top of that, Maaji has an upcycling series, which features a variety of artists and how they find ways to recycle, reuse, and protect this beautiful planet of ours.

Celebrate Latino Heritage Month by treating yourself to some Décor by Casa Chiqui

BRB, filling our houses and apartments with all of this stunning décor by Casa Chiqui. For real, the aesthetic of this Latino-owned brand is *to die for*. Inspired by various cultures and countries, Chiqui de Echavarria makes pieces only a true world wanderer could think of creating. To call her line of home interior items unique would be an understatement, and the craftsmanship put into her pieces is truly unlike any other décor line we’ve ever seen.

Image of a woman surrounded by Casa Chiqui designs.

The artistic flare behind her line can be credited to traveling and uncovering beauty in everything from Balinese culture to Thai traditions. “By experimenting with the traditional materials and techniques of Colombian crafts, I uncovered their unexpected possibilities and created something surprisingly wonderful.” Surprisingly wonderful, indeed.

Essentials you need in your closet right now, by Naja

This might be TMI, but we think every babe needs undergarments that are not only practical but c-o-m-f-y. Naja makes the most comfortable underwear we’ve ever tried, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t fill you in on this Latino-owned brand everyone needs more of in their lives!

Naja makes sustainable bras and underwear and believes in empowering women above all. What’s more, Naja employs several Colombian women living in unfavorable areas through their Underwear for Hope program. On top of that, 2% of their revenue is donated to local charities that continue to educate these women today. Suffice it to say, you’re doing so much more than scoring a *really* comfy bralette when you support this eco-friendly, Latino-owned brand.

Image of a woman wearing a bra by Naja, a Latino owned brand.

The Latina-owned brand you need in your beauty cabinet... Lights Lacquer

You’re not seeing double, babe. This is totally another sensational brand by none other than Latina powerhouse, Kathleen Lights. This girl does not stop, and her line of cruelty-free nail polishes is at the top of our must-have beauty products. Not only is Lights Lacquer vegan and toxin free, it boasts color palettes that would impress even the most seasoned of nail techs. From dreamy pastels to vibrant neon hues, there is a nail polish for every babe at, and we just couldn’t leave this amazing brand out of our Latino Heritage Month tribute!

Image of Lights Lacquer nail polish, a Latino owned brand.

Mexico en la Piel

If you don’t already have a penchant for artisan handbags, Mexico en la Piel will change that real quick. Their pieces are meticulously made, and come in colors that will simply make you gush. From their every day bucket bags to their clutches that resemble works of art, this Latino owned line has pieces you’ll want to keep forever. The details are seriously captivating, and we honestly want a clutch in every color. But really, can you blame us?! Go on, celebrate Latino Heritage Month by treating yourself to one of these babies.

Image of a woman wearing a clutch by Mexico en la Piel, a Latino owned bag brand.

The cutest footwear you’ll ever find by Guaraxes

Apologies in advance if you’re already a shoe aficionado. Because this Latino-owned brand is about to send you over the edge. Made in Mexico, these gems are handmade to order and will have your feet showcasing real works of art. From their gorgeous wedges to their comfy flats, Guaraxes makes footwear you’ll want to purchase more of again and again.

Image of handmade heels made by Hispanic-owned brand Guaraxes.

And although we are pretty fixated on their unreal line of handmade shoes, we have to mention that they also make an inclusive range of clothing that is totally worth checking out as well. Their small line of dresses will have you feeling all of the quinceanera vibes. On top of that, they are the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe, if we do say so ourselves.

And finally, the Latino food spots you have to hit up if you’re ever in or around Texas.

We might love all things skincare, makeup, and fashion. But babe, we also love to eat. And knowing where to get our fix of Latin food is *extremely* high up on our list of priorities. Therefore, if we ended this Latino Heritage Month blog without a serious shout-out to all of our go-to restaurants and shops, well, that would just not be cool. So here is a list of all of the places in and around Texas that we LOVE to get full at.

  • Traders Village for authentic Mexican snacks and bites.
  • Fuel City for mainstream street tacos that are to die for.
  • Taqueria Jalisco for their chicken enchiladas (don’t forget to ask for their spicy red sauce).
  • Tacos Azteca for homemade Mexican food *and* their street tacos.
  • Salsa Limon.
  • Las Palmas.
  • Tejas Taco Factory.
  • Twisted Trompo.
  • Taqueria La Ventana.
  • La Banqueta.

Image of a table full of Mexican food.

I mean, if you thought our list of beloved Latino-owned brands was long, now you know we definitely don’t play when it comes to our favorite local food spots either. Can you blame us, though? Seriously, what can’t a perfect street taco fix? Nothing. We know.

Celebrate Latino Heritage this month…

And let us know down below how you did it. Life just wouldn’t be quite as scrumptious without this resilient, creative, and beautiful community of Latino babes around us.

Love & tacos,

Carey <3

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