2021 Fall Trends

2021 Fall Trends


It’s fall, y’all! Ok, sorry. We just had to get that out of our systems. Seriously though, is there any season more captivating than that of crisp nights and pumpkin spice? We didn’t think so, either. The few months before winter hits are to us, magical. From the fashion (i.e. cozy knits you wish you could live in all year ‘round) to the vampy nail colors we’ve never stopped gushing about, fall really is a time for switching things up in a way that somehow always feels familiar. However, there are also a few new releases this season that we are super hype to tell you about, too. Keep reading to get the lowdown on all of 2021’s Fall Trends, babe. And yes, we recommend doing so with a pumpkin spice latte in hand (#basicfallbabesforever).

This fall, Skinimalism is in… Wait, is that even a word?

Apparently, it is. And while the grammatical sticklers in us are kind of cringing right now, we *can* actually get behind this fall 2021 trend.

“Skin-minimalism” if you will, is a trend that beauty junkies everywhere are flocking to and that minimalist babes are way happy about. What it essentially is, is a move towards simplifying your beauty routine. Oh and, towards letting your true skin shine through in your everyday looks.

Now, if the thought of going bare-skinned makes you a little (or a lot) nervous, we hear you gorgeous. Lucky for you, BBE has all of the tips and tricks to make you feel like you’re well on your way to confidently following this trend, without any spooky side effects.

Here's what you need to know...

  1. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize (and of course - SPF!). For real, babe – keep it simple! Our first recommendation for this fall 2021 trend is to stick to the basics. That means picking a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer you can reach for every day that won’t disappoint (or have you confused about what to apply first!). We definitely have our faves in the must-have skincare essentials department. They include: BBE’s foaming face wash, our HyperActive Anti-Aging Vitamin C toner, and our beloved anti-aging face cream. When combined, these three powerhouses provide your skin with nourishing essential oils, free-radical fighting antioxidants, and all of the hydration you need to look like a dewy, natural, and clear-skinned goddess.
  2. Reach for a tinted sunscreen that will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, instead of your usual foundation. Not only is this better for your skin’s overall health, but you’ll get that bit of coverage you crave without looking like you’re wearing much makeup. What’s more, you can totally pair any of BBE’s tinted sunscreens with a bit of your favorite concealer if you feel like you need to look just a *tad* more awake. Or if you know, you stayed up way too late due to a slight overload on PSLs.
  3. Just because you’re going bare-skinned, doesn’t mean you have to skip mascara. Last but not least, just because you’re choosing to embrace the natural skin look this fall doesn’t mean you have to completely give up the glam you love. Personally, we can’t imagine a day without luscious lashes to make our eyes appear more awake and… well, cute! And hey, a makeup routine that only involves a bit of tinted moisturizer and a coat of mascara is definitely a minimalistic one in our books!

Mysterious nail color hues you’ll want to wear all year-round.

We can’t help it. Fall nail colors are literally one of the most comforting trends we look forward to each year! And of course, 2021 is no exception!

This year though, fall colors are moving beyond deep burgundies and dark, vampy hues. In fact, we’re seeing quite a bit of greens, reds, and luscious caramel tones as well. To be honest is definitely a welcomed change without taking away from the classics we always gravitate towards around this season.

Cruelty-free and vegan nail brand Lights Lacquer has launched an “Autumn Mystery: Who Did It?” collection that has us feeling all of the spooky fall vibes we live for. With shades like “The Butler”, an antique leather brown with orange undertones, to “For the Thrill” a British racing green – this collection has stepped up the fall nail color game in a seriously fun way. What's more, the collection boasts gorgeous neutral tones that you can easily transition into your nail polish collection for the seasons to come.

Graphic tops under cozy knits are a *major* trend for fall 2021.

We are suckers for a good graphic tee. No really, that’s why we even made a few that you can check out here in our BBE merch section. So suffice it to say, we are loving this next one on our list of 2021 fall trends.

This fall, layering up is welcomed as always. However, consider doing so with a graphic tee that will add a little spunk and vibrancy to your outfit. Whether you opt for a quirky saying or are repping your college campus, adding some font to your OOTD is way in this fall. Not to mention, it is an easy way to incorporate some of the go-to tees you lived in throughout the summer into your fall wardrobe!

And so is plaid!

Ok, we are always here for a comeback of Cher’s iconic plaid outfit in Clueless. But if wearing head-to-toe yellow and black plaid isn’t your jam, don’t sweat it. You can totally get behind this fall 2021 trend without looking like you just stepped off that (amazing) 1995 set.

Incorporating a bit of plaid into your wardrobe is actually way easy, and less scary than you might think. In fact, you can embrace this trend by simply adding a cozy, huge (ok, the bigger the better in our books) scarf to your outfit of choice. Whether you live in jeans and a tee or enjoy switching it up with skirts and dresses, adding a plaid scarf to your accessory collection is an easy way to spruce up almost any outfit (and, did we mention stay cozy?).

And if you love the plaid vibe? Consider sporting one of these *way* popular button-up sweaters that are covered in plaid this season. These are amazing over a basic tee or tank and pair easily with your go-to jeans or even sweats.

Embrace candles with fall scents that will give even your pumpkin spice classic a run for its money.

You already know we love having candles in our homes no matter what the season. But in the fall time? Well, there’s just something even more exceptionally heartwarming about having your tiny apartment filled with them. Not only are candles an easy way to make your place smell unreal. They also create an ambiance of comfort and relaxation. You know, one that can definitely make you forget all about the annoying day at work you just had.

Of course, you’ve got your classic fall candles, #amirite? We’re talking pumpkin spice (how many times can we say pumpkin spice in this article? 5, 6? Who’s counting?), sweet cinnamon, or spiced cardamom. This year though, if you’re ready to switch things up in the candle department without losing out on the “fall effect” some of them might bring to the table, consider trying out these new delicious scents.

With options like “Pumpkin Picking” and “Autumn Hayride”, we are loving Homesick’s line of fall candles. Not only is the minimalist packaging on these gems to die for. But we can totally appreciate scents for the season that go beyond (you guessed it) pumpkin spice. What’s more, Homesick candles are made from a natural soy wax blend, are non-toxic, and contain no leads, plastics, parabens, synthetic dyes, or phthalates. BRB, clicking add to cart on all of these bad boys, pronto!

And finally, the fall trend you’ll roll right into winter with: is the puffer jacket.

They’re everywhere. For real. From little puffers to down jackets that would keep you warm in Antarctica – puffer jackets are a fall trend in 2021 that isn’t going anywhere, any time soon.

What we love about this one, is how seamlessly you can incorporate it into your winter wardrobe beyond the fall season. With the addition of a few layers or a massive scarf, your puffer jacket can prove useful for way more than just apple-picking with the kids. A classic neutral is just the ticket if you want to keep this item for years to come. But we’re also swooning over the colorful hues these babies are coming in this fall.

From bright reds to luscious yellows, these puffers can certainly set you apart from the crowd this season. Not to mention, keep you right on-trend.

We sure are, babe! And we hope you found a trend that will make your fall season just a little more magical this year.

Whether it’s lighting a candle to end your day or throwing on a bit of plaid – embrace all of what fall has to offer in 2021. From watching the leaves turn to curl up in your go-to cable knit sweater, we live for the simple pleasures this season offers up year after year.

Let us know down below what fall trends and traditions you live for! We love hearing from you babe, no matter what the topic or the season!

Orange leaves & red wines,

Carey <3

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