After Sun Care Product Guide

After Sun Care Product Guide


It is no secret that BBE babes live for a luscious tan, all year-round. Whether it’s getting our glow on outside with the help of the best SPF products around or using our beloved organic self tanner – we know how to look radiant, in more ways than one! And while we’ve definitely given you the ultimate lowdown on sunscreen and self tanning, we need to let you in on another very important piece of the glow game puzzle. What happens après tanning? How can you keep your glow game strong, for longer? What are the best ways to nourish your skin after you’ve achieved that perfect tan? Well girlfriend, lucky for you, we’ve covered *all* of that in this essential After Sun Care Product Guide.

Image of a smiling woman holding up BBE's facial sunscreen.

What we mean by “after sun care”.

In our beauty book, after sun care refers to any product that is used to nourish your skin, protect your tan, or nurse any *not so cute* effects of the sun. And as the name would suggest, it consists of a skincare product you apply after sun exposure, duh.

But here’s the thing. While we are way okay with the quick definition we just gave you above, we also think that after sun care can happen days, even weeks after you get that glowing tan. Meaning, you can apply these products for several days after you finished laying out at the pool or following that perfect self tan application.

Curious to know more? Just keep reading, babe. You already know we’re ready to give you the full Monty in this ultimate After Sun Care Product Guide.

Why it’s *way* crucial

Image of a woman at the beach holding her BBE organic aloe vera.

Babe, caring for your skin during sun exposure is just as important as caring for it afterwards! I mean, that *is* why we are totally behind having a stellar SPF routine. No seriously, we wrote a whole blog post on it right here.

Proper after sun care can provide your skin with the hydration and nourishment it needs after being exposed to those golden rays. What’s more, if you’re using an organic product that is loaded with healthy vitamins, you’ll also be protecting your skin for the long haul.

All and all, you’ll minimize your chances of fine lines and premature signs of aging, your glow will last longer as a result of your skin being properly hydrated, and your skin will feel baby smooth. Hey, we had to add that last benefit in there, because who doesn’t want legs that feel like silk, #amirite?

The BBE products you need for the ultimate after sun care routine.

Ok, let’s get down to business. If you’re ready to step up your after sun care product game with the help of this guide, these are the must-have BBE products you need in your corner – pronto.

The heavyweight after sun care champ: our 98% Organic Aloe Vera Gel.

This little guy is a non-negotiable in your after sun care routine, babe. He’s dependable, reliable, and has a multitude of talents (unlike your toxic ex).

Every beauty junkie needs aloe gel in her cabinet at all times. Whether it’s to provide relief when your skin is feeling burnt, or to make a quick and easy hydrating hair mask – this natural product is one that deserves to always be on deck. There are tons of uses for this old school remedy, and we have the lowdown on them – just click here.

Image of the BBE aloe gel, the ultimate after sun care product.

Many people only reach for this magical gel when they have a bad sunburn and want to feel better instantly. However, the truth is that you can use aloe vera gel as a body moisturizer for days after your skin has already been exposed to the sun. It’s non-greasy, absorbs easily into the skin, and will boost the overall elasticity of your skin in the long run.

Suffice it to say, this often used after sun care product is in reality totally underestimated!

The easy peasy way to make after sun care your new go-to skin regimen: our After Sun Cooling Spray.

Think about all of the benefits you get from the heavyweight champ we just mentioned above, in an easy-to-use spray format. Yep, we did that.

Our after sun cooling spray is our latest and greatest after sun care product innovation. And let's just say, it is quickly becoming a beach bag must-have. We love spraying this product on once out of the shower. And we can't get enough of using it in the days after we’ve got the perfect golden tan for added hydration (and for that addictive, relaxing cooling effect!).

Not to mention, this new fave dries *super* quickly. Making it the perfect body hydrator when you’re in a rush to get dressed and out the door.

The after sun care product you didn’t even know was an after sun care product: BBE’s Body Wash.

Image of the BBE Antibacterial Body Wash.

Here’s a secret not many babes know about. We get that the first reason you may want to shower after being in the sun all day is well, quite obvious. You may be feeling a little sticky or sandy, and simply want to be clean! But hang on girlfriend, there’s more to that after sun bathing ritual than you think.

By using the right body wash and showering immediately after sun exposure, your after sun care products will actually work better. They will sink into your skin easily, and your pores will be open and clean before you apply.

We recommend using BBE’s body wash as part of the first step of your after sun care routine. Trust us girl, it’s the only way to do it right!

And last but certainly not least, the product your pretty face so deserves after catching some rays: any of BBE’s Facial Oils.

We think all of your skin deserves only the best after sun care products. But when it comes to the delicate skin on your face, a little extra TLC is in order.

This is why we couldn’t help but include our luxurious facial oils in this After Sun Care Product Guide. All of BBE’s facial oils are packed with antioxidants and only the best vitamins that will prevent signs of aging, and replenish your skin with moisture at the same time.

Image of the BBE balance & restore luxury facial oil.

Whether you choose to opt for our Glowing & Radiant oil or our Balance & Restore oil, you’ll be protecting your skin from harmful environmental damage and keeping it beautiful for years to come. Oh and, these babies do wonders for reducing redness, meaning they are *super* convenient to have in your bag after a pool party.

How you can incorporate after sun care into your glow game.

Making after sun care a priority in your skincare routine doesn’t have to be hard! In fact, with the right products we think it can be a glowing skin ritual you actually look forward to!

We recommend prioritizing after sun care immediately after you’ve been in the sun. And, in the days after you got that killer tan. Make it a habit to apply your aloe vera gel or spray (or moisturizer and facial oil!) right after you get out of the shower, and voilà – you’ve mastered the art of preserving that glow, gorgeous!

And if you want to go the extra mile, consider using these gems to nourish your skin with your after sun care products.

The products we mentioned above will already have you well on your way to caring for your skin in the best way possible after sun exposure. But if you’re a bit of a beauty overachiever like we are around here, check out these other skincare stars that pair effortlessly with our after sun product lineup.

Anti-Aging Face Cream

Image of a smiling woman using the BBE anti-aging cream, the perfect compliment to after sun care products.

You guessed it, babe. Nothing goes quite as well with after sun care than an effective anti-aging cream. And luckily, BBE has just the ticket when it comes to a moisturizer that you can count on to mitigate any signs of sun damage.

Our anti-aging face cream is safe for all skin types. Moreover, it will quench your skin’s thirst after you’ve been at the beach all day. On top of that, we formulated this baby with calming cucumber extract. This soothing ingredient can totally help calm down redness or irritation caused by too much fun in the sun.

Facial Toner with Rose Water

Image of the BBE facial toner with rose water.

If you’re feeling flushed and need your skin to (quite literally) calm down after sun exposure, don't stress! Our facial toner with rose water can instantly help.

Not only is applying this stuff *way* refreshing. The rose water in it also acts as a soothing and calming ingredient for the skin. This toner also contains witch hazel in it. Which is just another safe way to relieve inflammation, and protect your skin from environmental damage.

Lip Balm with SPF 15

Alright, this one you’ll want to include in your sun protection routine, too. But we also love applying lip balm after catching some rays!

The delicate skin on your lips needs nourishment too, babe. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve surely experienced dry lips. You know, from getting a little too, uh, “crisped” in the sun. Not with this bad boy though. Nourish your lips with the help of shea butter and sunflower seed oil. And then? Say hello to the softest pout you’ve ever had.

After Sun Care… the Product Guide you never knew you needed.

If you’ve gotten this far babe, we love ya. Oh and, you’re now completely caught up on all of the benefits that come from a killer after-sun care routine. What’s more, you can now be sure that your glow will last days longer! And, that your precious skin is always nourished and protected.

Let us know which after sun care products you’ve tried from this guide. Or, which ones you just went and added to cart! Until next time, you glowing goddess, you.

Healthy tans and after sun care fans,

Carey <3

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