TikTok Trend Alert: Heatless Curls

TikTok Trend Alert: Heatless Curls


If you weren’t blessed with naturally unreal curls, join the club babe. Getting the perfect amount of volume and bounce is no easy feat when it comes to mastering this hairstyle (we can vouch)! And if you’re not a fan of using harmful heat styling tools on your locks, we totally get that too. Luckily though, the latest beauty craze that’s sweeping social media is harmless to your hair and delivers amazing results. Keep reading to get the lowdown on how to get the *best* heatless curls. Oh and, we should also mention that this TikTok Trend Alert requires no stellar dance moves or dangerous acrobatics, we promise!

Heatless curls-how to get the best

First thing’s first: prep your locks before moving on to the whole heatless curling part.

Heatless curls - How to Tiktok

For starters, we recommend trying out this TikTok trend on damp hair. You can also opt to spray your hair with a detangling product (or some water!) if your hair is already dry. This will give the curls a better chance to set, and they’ll last longer!

TikTok Heatless Curls Trend

To prep your hair, you can use a hair oil or cream of your choice. Around here, we *love* using organic aloe vera gel to keep our locks shiny, moisturized, and tame away frizz. Additionally, aloe vera can promote hair growth and help make your strands stronger. A little bit of BBE’s aloe vera gel goes a long way, and you’ll be nourishing your hair while you style it! Look at you, you multitasking queen.

@osmaradavila trying heartless curls with my robe belt, time to sleepppp and see how it turns out tmrw #fypシ #heatlesscurls #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Tik Toker

Alright gorgeous, time to wrap your strands!

Don’t let the tube-like, fabric contraptions scare you, babe! Wrapping your hair in a piece of fabric or in one of the tubular styling tools below is a lot easier than it sounds (believe us, we’ve done the legwork!) Need a visual? Check out this video below!

@gillianxgrace @shopsilkyy Heatless Hair Curler! I can’t wait to see the results, part 2 coming soon! 🤍 #heatlesscurls #shopsilkyy #hair #hairtutorial ♬ originalljud - Slay

You’ll want to wrap your heatless curls away from your face for the best results. This part can take a bit of practice, especially when it comes to determining the size of curl you want. The smaller the wrap, the tighter the curl! To finish, all you need to do is secure the end of your wrapped strands with a silk scrunchie. You can use other types of elastics if you wish, but a silk scrunchie ensures that you won’t get any annoying lines or bumps at the end of your curls.


Once you’re done wrapping and securing, give yourself a pat on the back, girlfriend. Why? Well, because that was seriously the hardest part of this hairstyling method! Yep, for real. Just like that, you have mastered the latest TikTok Trend Alert, the highly coveted heatless curls!

Now, we wait – for those luscious heatless curls to develop!

Grab a snack or hit the hay. If you have the time to, we recommend sleeping in your wrapped hair overnight. We have found that the longer you leave them in, the better the heatless curls are! Mainly because this will really allow the curls to shape properly and will make them hold for longer. And if you started with damp hair, it will likely be dry in the morning and ready to be styled with some finishing touches!

@erinduganjurchak OMG 😳😳😳 you gotta stick around to see the results. Wow. #hair #heatlesshair #heatlesscurls gifted by @heatless_hair ♬ Into the Thick of It! (Remix) - Sleazy Stereo

BBE’s sea salt spray hair texturizer is the cherry on top of this heatless hairstyle trend – trust us! Once you’ve unwrapped your hair, simply spray some of the texturizers from the middle of your scalp down. You’ll get amazing volume and a more tousled and natural beachy look! And hey, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all *really* want?

Image of the BBE sea salt & texturizing spray, the perfect product for heatless curls!

With results like these, this TikTok hair trend is here to stay.

@lillyvanbrooklyn THEY LITERALLY LOOK LIKE MY ROLLER CURLS i’m shook. #heatlesscurls ♬ Rihanna Umbrella - 𝑺𝒕𝒖𝒏𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝑴𝒖𝒔𝒊𝒄

Va-va-voom. These curls are to die for and weren’t made in a salon (don't worry, we can’t believe it either)! And if you want to fluff them out like this babe did, reach for none other than your ride or die BBE detangling hair brush. Word of caution here: Just be sure to brush through your hair lightly so you don’t end up undoing all of that heatless curl goodness!

BRB, we need to get back to styling our hair now.

TikTok Trend - Heatless Curls

We hope you got some beauty inspiration from this TikTok Trend Alert on heatless curls! And of course, let us know down below if you’ve tried this popular hairstyle. We are always down to up our heatless curling game babe, so *please* share your tips and tricks with us!

Heatless curls

What's more, we especially love how this curling method spares our hair from damaging heat and from using too many styling products. Plus, waking up with gorgeous tousled curls sounds pretty dreamy to us. Yep, that’s definitely a morning routine we could get used to!

Luscious curls for a better world,

Carey <3

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