This Not That: 10 Easy Clean Living Swaps for Easter

This Not That: 10 Easy Clean Living Swaps for Easter


Colorful décor, delicious chocolate, and a prime excuse for more time with the fam – Easter is the kind of holiday goodness we live for. Between the traditional meals we look forward to feasting on to the much-deserved excuse for indulging in some sweets, we think this is one occasion kids and adults alike can always enjoy. But before you get to setting up that Easter egg hunt, we think there are a few healthy tips every babe can benefit from this year. Keep reading to uncover them in our This Not That: 10 Easy Clean Living Swaps for Easter blog!

DO shop locally, DON’T buy all of your Easter essentials from big box stores.

Not only is the refreshing spring weather alone a great excuse to get out and explore your town, it’s also a reason to visit local shops and to be more eco-friendly in your Easter plans.

Whether you’re looking for the best food ingredients or unique table settings, consider hitting up your local heroes this Easter. Supporting local businesses is *way* important, and you’ll end up finding gems you never would at those big box stores. Additionally, keeping your Easter shopping local means that you’ll be reducing your overall environmental impact. Less driving and less pollution, baby. And when it comes to local food shopping, you’ll be getting fresher more organic produce, too!

DO save energy by creating a cozy ambiance, and DON’T over consume.

This next tip on our lineup of eco-friendly Easter ideas is the easiest way to create a chill vibe for your guests and to save on energy.

If you thought candlelit dinners were only for romantic occasions, think again babe! A candle-filled table can shift your dinner mood from chaotic to relaxing in a cinch. What’s more, it’s a perfect way to avoid harsh lighting and to preserve a bit of electricity.

Every bit of effort counts, so we love this idea for how easy it is to incorporate into your plans and for how it elevates those Easter décor vibes. Need some inspo? Check out this dim-lit table below. 

DO decorate your Easter table the eco-friendly way, DON’T buy disposable decorations.

If you want décor and arrangements that will blow away your dinner guests, look no further than… nature!

For real, babe. There is no reason to spend money on plastic or disposable decorations when the color of spring flowers alone is enough to spruce up any Easter table. So head out the door, and start collecting what is likely already at your doorstep!

Add a few branches or leaves to the mix and let your creative juices flow. An easy way to add another personalized touch to your table that will make your guests feel *super* special, is adding a small name card.

DO gift your Easter hostess an eco-friendly item. DON’T bring something that will end up in the trash.

Maybe you’re not hosting Easter this year. Or maybe you are, but you’re attending more than one holiday party. If you want to bring your hostess a cute token of your appreciation while being kind to the planet, check out these next eco-friendly Easter ideas.

Gift an item that your friend or family member will keep for years to come, or at least get some serious use out of! From cozy scarves to cruelty-free nail polishes that will give her an excuse to have some much-needed me time post-Easter feast cleanup – there are *tons* of eco-friendly gifts you can purchase that won’t create waste or hurt the planet.

We even love the idea of gifting a candle that comes in a jar that can be repurposed long after its wax has melted away. Alternatively, you can gift a candle that has already been repurposed using recycled material. These are super unique, and you’re supporting an environmentally friendly brand! Check these out.

DON’T use toxic cleaning ingredients for that post-Easter clean up. DO make your own products at home!

If you’re the queen of clean – more power to you, babe. But are you cleaning your castle with toxic products? If so, take this Easter holiday as an opportunity to scrutinize those cleaning products and make sure that you’re using solutions that favor the earth! You know, when you’re cleaning up the chaos of that elaborate egg hunt you created! 

Making your own natural cleaning products at home is actually easier than you might think. Most of the time, your pantry will have you covered. All you’ll need is some baking soda, vinegar, and good old h20 for most of these eco-friendly solutions that will get your countertops gleaming.

And once you really get carried away with creating your own cleaning concoctions (not to mention storing them in *super* cute ways), you might want your friends and family to join in. Have a make your own natural cleaning products, throw in some healthy snacks and/or cocktails and make cleaning the eco-friendly way something that’s almost as exciting as Marie Kondo-ing your entire life. 


This Easter, DO think of your favorite eco-friendly charity.

If you’re looking to move away from chocolate and plastic bunnies but still want to do something that will make you and the planet feel good, we’ve got you covered babe.

This Easter holiday, why not pick an eco-friendly charity of your choice and get all of your friends and family on board with donating? The best thing about this idea in our This Not That: 10 Easy Clean Living Swaps for Easter blog, is that everyone can donate what they can, no guilt involved! Finding a planet-loving charity is easy peasy, gorgeous. And once you do find an organization that floats your boat, you can spread the good word! Whether it’s planting trees or supporting a kick ass environmental working group – there’s a charity out there who will help you put words into action when it comes to doing your part for the planet.

DON’T use disposable utensils & napkins, DO bust out the good silver & cloth napkins.

Bust out the good china, babe. Not only will your table look unreal, you’ll be creating less waste and plastic garbage for the planet. I mean c’mon, if not this time of year, when is a good time to use those family crested plates?

We know the post-Easter clean-up isn’t anything to get excited about, and can be *super* overwhelming. If you really insist on using disposable plates, try opting for 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper plates. These babies are compostable. 

DON’T use plastic bags or buckets for that Easter egg hunt, DO use reusable ones instead.

This one is such a simple, yet effective tip. We know you’ll be hitting up the grocery store for all your Easter supplies, and that you’ll likely be sending your guests home with leftovers. Moreover, that awesome bunny shaped carrier that your kids use for collecting their Easter chocolate is likely made from plastic, too. This year, ditch these guys in favor of the eco-friendlier option. 

Remember to bring your reusable bags when stocking up on your groceries, and any other of your fixings for this holiday! We also think sending leftovers home with your family and friends in reusable bags not only reduces food waste but gives them a cute parting gift they can reuse long after Easter is over. And when it comes to collecting those glorious Easter treats, give the kiddos a reusable bag or basket instead of a plastic one that will eventually end up in a landfill.

DO be more eco-Friendly with food, DON’T cook up a storm that will end up being wasted.

At this point in our This Not That: 10 Easy Clean Living Swaps for Easter blog, you might be scratching your head. You know, thinking to yourself “how can my food consumption possibly be more eco-friendly?” Well babe, we’re here to tell you it can be.

Think about the abundance of food that is typically made at every holiday gathering, Easter included. Now, we urge you to forget throwing away any leftovers. A lot of us aren’t aware of this, but throwing food away contributes to a massive amount of carbon waste. Not enough babes talk about this environmental issue, so we like to shed light on it whenever we can. If you want to know more about this, click here.

So why not keep what’s left over, and incorporate it into brunch or lunch the next day? Or alternatively, send your guests home with a delicious care package they’ll appreciate. Just be sure to use reusable containers or biodegradable ones, of course! 

DON’T forego healthier Easter treat options. DO be mindful of sugar overloads!

Last but certainly not least, number ten on our list might come as a shocker to you, babe. We get it – Easter is synonymous with chocolate! And although we think you should certainly indulge in some, our This Not That: 10 Clean Living Swaps for Easer blog would be incomplete without this next tip.

Consider purchasing chocolate and treats that are made with less sugar and that are healthier overall. How do you know whether that bar is better for you? Look no further than the quality of the ingredient list and its nutritional content. Brands like JOJO’s and Taza make absolutely scrumptious options that are fairly traded. Trust us babe, your guests will love them and so will you.

Just like that, you’ve got yourself a cleaner & healthier Easter celebration, babe.

As our lives change and evolve, events like the holidays inevitably must as well. We know changing traditions isn’t always easy, but where possible, if you can create your own traditions we definitely encourage you to. Whether you decide to start small with some of the ideas above, or to really go in and incorporate the whole list – we’re proud of you! Every little effort we make combined, makes a huge difference to our planet. And for that, everyone will eventually thank you – even if they don’t realize it quite yet.

Easter bunny love & big hugs,

Carey <3

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