21 of the Funniest Skincare Memes

21 of the Funniest Skincare Memes


We’d be lying to you if we said we didn’t love us a good meme around here. I mean, how many of us have spiralled down the meme hole once or twice – or fine, a few too many times to count?! And when it comes to skincare blunders, a little humor is certainly welcomed. Below we’ve lined up 21 of the funniest skincare memes that are so relatable, they’ll brighten up any babe’s day.


Woops, minor mix up. And while we typically prefer to enjoy our hydrating mask at home, we can’t say we haven’t bumped into our neighbor down the hall a few times face mask in check. I mean, we’re checking the mail here, not going to the Met!

Hey, we need options, sis!

You know what we say around here: a little research never hurt nobody!

Me, every day of my life working from home.

Don't be that friend, babe. SPF is life and BBE has the ultimate line up of products that will keep you looking fresh to death (especially in 20 years from now!) 

Never miss a day, girlfriend. Oh and, never be on a "break" from your beauty regimen. A stellar skincare routine is life and requires time, effort, and some serious dedication. The results, though? Priceless.

We just don't need that kind of negativity in our lives, period. 

I mean, need we say more?

Let's be real. We all stepped up our skincare game during the pandemic!

If this isn't the truth, we don't know what is!

Sometimes, all you need is a face mask and some vino before getting to the more serious stuff life entails. 

Sharing your skincare routine is caring, babe!

Do not speak to me after I've applied all of my fave BBE facial oils. #Truth. 

Seriously, though! We don't mess with that! And if you don't have the lowdown on the dangers of alcohol for your precious skin, we suggest you click here, pronto. 

We've all been there, girlfriend. But if there's one thing we're never too tired to skip, it's our glowing skincare routines!

The struggle to find skincare products that work is too real! Find gems your skin will actually care about, babe. It's literally as easy as clicking right here, and getting on the BBE train! 

Hey 90's baby, we've got you covered. Add a luscious serum to your nighttime skincare routine. Oh and that tracksuit? We think you should keep it forever. #Nostalgia. 

At least we know where our strengths are - just sayin'!

For real, we're not impressed! 

When all else fails babe, listen to Carrie. Instead of going on that painfully uncomfortable blind date, stay in and do your skincare routine instead. After all, you always have the wonderful world of memes to give you all of the entertainment you need - no awkward encounters involved. 

More memes & more love,

Carey <3

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