How to Have an Eco-Friendly Earth Day

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Earth Day


Guess what, babe? Earth Day is right around the corner and we’re stoked to take this opportunity to bring you a few easy ways to be a little more environmentally conscious. Whether it’s getting rid of toxic products that are hiding in your kitchen or bathroom vanity or making your home the example of eco-friendliness – we are all about any efforts to prioritize this beautiful planet of ours. What’s more, we know how important these changes and swaps can be for you and your family’s overall health, too. Sit back, grab a snack, and check out BBE’s stellar tips for How to Have an Eco-Friendly Earth Day below.

This Earth Day, go plastic neutral with a little help from us, babe.

If at this point you’re wondering what “plastic neutral” even means, let us give you a quick lowdown on how beneficial this initiative is for the environment.

In a nutshell, a company that is considered plastic neutral removes as much plastic from nature as is used in their products. We are *way* excited to announce that, in partnership with rePurpose Global, BBE will become a Certified Plastic Neutral company this year. This means we’ll be helping to offset the environmental impacts of plastics in our supply chain by removing plastic waste from landfills and oceans as we continue to work towards increased sustainability in our products. Pretty impressive, right?

Earth Day brings about the perfect opportunity to support companies who prioritize initiatives such as these. Make this eco-friendly holiday count this year by switching up which brands you support and ensuring that they share the same environmentally conscious vision you do, sis.

In honor of Earth Day, incorporate a “no driving day” into your life.

Alright, we know. For some of us, this might sound *really* difficult. And depending on where you live and your lifestyle, incorporating a “no driving day” into your life might be easy peasy or somewhat hard. But don’t fret, babe. Whether you live downtown where most things are at your fingertips or in a more remote area, you can definitely invoke the no driving day rule to help reduce your carbon footprint.

If this is a difficult one for you, you can start with once a month and work your way up to once a week depending on your habits and needs. Think of this day as one where you curl up with that book you’ve been meaning to read for the day or where you make the effort to walk wherever it is you need to go. If you live in a central area, try incorporating this rule into your life once or even twice a week. Not only is this friendlier to the planet, but it makes for great regular exercise, too.

Regardless of how many days you can dedicate to being sans automobile, we think it’s *super* important to dedicate a “no driving day” into your life.

Protect the earth by ditching those toxic cleaning products once and for all.

Ditching the toxic cleaning products you use on a regular basis is a simple way to make your home more eco-friendly. Since these guys packed with harmful chemicals, they can be highly detrimental to the planet and your health. In fact, many ingredients in everyday household cleaners have been linked to eye and throat irritation, headaches, and even cancer.

Additionally, when it comes to the planet, cleaning products unfortunately do more harm than good. Between water pollution, air pollution, and the waste they create – there are so many reasons why you should ditch these guys for good. All of the chemicals that go down your drain are washed into rivers and other bodies of water which is not so cute for wildlife. Moreover, those aerosol or spritz form cleaning products also affect your indoor air quality. And when it comes to that waste we mentioned, well, think of it this way babe: we have yet to find a toxic cleaning product that didn’t come wrapped up in plastic. Catch our drift? Cool. Moving on.

Save your money and the planet: Light up your home with energy efficient LED lights!

Making the switch the LED lightbulbs isn’t only better for the planet. These babies last way longer than traditional lightbulbs and are therefore more economical for your wallet as well. Not to mention, who the heck enjoys changing lightbulbs in the first place? Not us, honey.

The benefits of switching to the LED vibe are numerous. When it comes to protecting the planet, here’s what they can do and how they can contribute to making your home more eco-friendly:

  • LED lights draw less power than traditional lighting and are 80% more efficient.
  • Since LED lights are brighter and distribute light more evenly, you don’t need to use as much light as you would with those old bulbs.
  • Did you know that traditional bulbs and fluorescent lighting contain toxic elements like mercury? Yup, we’re not kidding. LED lights though? They contain none.

And while we’re on the topic of lighting… let that sun shine through to use less electricity.

This one might seem like a no brainer, babe. And you certainly do not have to wait for Earth Day to come around to implement this tip. Let that natural light shine through your windows more often to make your home feel better and for it to be eco-friendlier. Your mood will improve, your electricity bill will make you cringe a little less, and the planet will thank you.

Treat yourself or someone you love to a little greenery this Earth Day.

If you’re in the gift giving mood this Earth Day, look no further than the obvious. The greenest, most luscious and healthy gift of all: plants! Not only are these gems good for you and the planet, but they will also make any space feel warmer, cozier, and healthier!

Gifting a plant will not only add a beautiful, zen vibe to your bestie’s space. It will also help filter the air naturally by producing oxygen, getting rid of toxins, and by increasing humidity levels. Plus, who can resist a little home décor paired with a gorgeous green plant or flowers? So ditch those gifts that typically end up in the trash at the end of the year. Instead, give the gift of green love this Earth Day. We're loving the variety and ease of gifting (or getting one for yourself) over at LivelyRoot. We're big fans, definitely worth checking them out! 

Take this day as an opportunity to prioritize your favorite eco-friendly charity.

Whether you want to keep things a little low key this Earth Day or are throwing an all-out save the planet party, this next one on our list of tips for How to Have an Eco-Friendly Earth Day is key.

This Earth Day, why not pick an eco-friendly charity of your choice and get all of your besties on board with donating? The best thing about this initiative is that everyone can donate what they can, no guilt involved! Plus, finding a planet-loving charity is easy peasy, gorgeous. And once you do find an organization that floats your boat, you can spread the good word! Whether it’s planting trees or supporting a kick ass environmental working group – there’s a charity out there who will help you put words and dollars into action when it comes to doing your part for the planet.

Ditch disposable dinnerware at your Earth Day gathering and invest in cute reusable plates instead!

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 by being the hostess with the mostest who never uses disposable dinnerware. Seriously. Who even likes to eat off of a paper plate? Are we crazy for wondering this? The earth, and your guests will thank you. And if you have to round up some of your troops to get dishes done, pat yourselves on the back babe – you’ve done your small part in reducing your carbon footprint on this beautiful planet of ours.

Need some cute ideas to make your next summer gathering fab and eco-friendly? Check out these reusable options below.


Get your condo group or block together for some community gardening.

In the spirit of Earth Day, make friends with your neighbors, babe. And we don’t mean just sharing a cup of sugar. What we’re talking about here, is joining in on some community fun while helping to preserve this little thing called planet earth that we are so obsessed with.

Gather up those who live close to you and put your heads together into creating a communal garden where you can all grow the spices and veggies of your choice. Not only will this help diminish your carbon footprints, but it’s also an awesome way to get to know your neighbors and forge new friendships.

Pitch in for the materials or find a spot that is ready to be planted on – and get busy babe! You’ll have a ball getting to know the guy in apartment 112, or you may just meet your new bestie who has a puppy that’s almost as cute as yours. All and all, you’ll be improving the state of your social calendar and helping the earth. Talk about multi-tasking, you little girl boss, you.

There you have it, babe. Celebrate Earth Day by making small changes that encourage big results.

Listen, we know how much you have on your plate girlfriend. And thinking about the environment may seem like one more difficult task to add to your never-ending list of responsibilities. However, we hope our list of tips on How to Have an Eco-Friendly Earth Day gave you a few small ideas that can help you change the environment around you in a big way.

Think of it this way: one less glass of Pinot from a solo cup means one chicer party and one less piece of plastic in the ocean.

Cheers & (environmental) Change,

Carey <3.

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