The Benefits of Sunflower Seed Oil for Your Skin

The Benefits of Sunflower Seed Oil for Your Skin


Around here, we are always looking for the best organic ingredients that will make your beauty routine that much better. In fact, we think that the best skincare products are made from these gems, and these gems only. When it comes to moisturizing powerhouses, we’ve uncovered a few favorites that you may have read about in the past. From hyaluronic acid to jojoba oil, it’s safe to say we’ve done the legwork on what your skin deserves. But in this one, we’re diving into one ingredient that is totally underrated. And, that we think you need to know more about. Trust us, sis. You’ll love all of the Benefits of Sunflower Seed Oil for Your Skin and how easy it is to incorporate into your skincare regimen.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Why sunflower seed oil is the real MVP…

Where should we start? The truth is that sunflower seed oil boasts a ton of healing properties and benefits for your skin. From wrinkle-free skin to sun protection, this is one ingredient that just doesn’t get enough credit in the natural beauty world.

First off, what makes this ingredient so stellar is that it contains an abundance of Vitamin E. Meaning, it’s loaded with a powerful antioxidant that will fight free radicals and keep your skin looking *way* youthful. What’s more, Vitamin E works to soften the skin while it protects it from damage. Oh and, it is a natural sun protectant. Pretty impressive, right? In our books, this makes it safe to say that this is one ingredient you definitely want in your skincare routine.

The benefits of sunflower seed oil for your skin go way beyond anti-aging and moisturizing, sis. Sunflower seed oil is an acne-prone best friend. Don’t let the “oil” in this bad boy’s name fool you. This ingredient is known to never clog pores and to leave skin totally unbothered. Meaning, this is one skincare hero every beauty can benefit from – no matter their skin type!

Finally, we love sunflower seed oil for how it can help heal wounded skin. Experts say that this is due to its oleic acid content, which helps the skin replenish itself by increasing cell turnover. Now if that doesn’t make you want to pack your beauty routine with sunflower seed oil, we don’t know what will!

Here’s how you can add some of this natural goodness to your beauty routine, pronto.

Now that you’re all brushed up on the benefits of sunflower seed oil for your skin, we’re sure that you’re ready to bathe in it. Alright, maybe it’s not that extreme of a feeling – but we know you want this skincare superstar in your life, ASAP!

Luckily, incorporating sunflower seed oil into your beauty regimen is super simple. You can choose to apply it in its purest form topically to your skin. Alternatively, you can purchase organic products that already contain some of this glorious oil. Just be sure to do your due diligence when it comes to picking a brand that prioritizes using natural ingredients.

The BBE gems you need to make reaping the benefits of sunflower seed oil easy peasy.  

We’ll be honest. Mainly because we always are, but also because the easiest way to incorporate some sunflower seed oil into your life is to shop these BBE gems below. From the skin on your face to your shower routine, we’ve got ways for you to (quite literally) bathe in this ingredient if you really were feeling it to that extent. I mean, we meant no shade in that previous paragraph – no shame in our sunflower seed oil game!

Balance & Restore Luxury Face Oil

If you want to lay your head on your pillow at night knowing that you’re nourishing your skin with none other than some glorious sunflower seed oil, look no further dear. This is the face oil that will have you hooked after one use, and that will make acne vanish. What’s more, we added some green tea leaf extract to its ingredient list that acts as an antiseptic for breakout-prone girls. And thanks to our ingredient of the hour, you never have to worry about your pores being clogged no matter how often you apply this moisturizing must-have.

Balance & Restore Luxury Face Oil

HyperActive Vitamin C Cream

What beauty doesn’t want her cute face to glow? This Vitamin C cream will do just that, with the help of sunflower seed oil, too. We formulated this moisturizing cream with green tea extract to keep breakouts at bay and skin looking youthful. What’s more, the entire HyperActive Vitamin C line is loaded with hyaluronic acid which is quite literally a huge gulp of water for your skin. All and all sis, you’ll be ready to ditch all of your other moisturizers after using this brightening wonder.

HyperActive Vitamin C Cream

Body Wash Shower Gel

The sunflower seed oil goodness doesn’t have to stop at the skin on your face, sis. You can moisturize the skin on your body and feel squeaky clean in the process with this ingredient, too. BBE’s body wash is oozing with sunflower seed oil, acne fighting ylang ylang, and moisturizing coconut oil. So basically, this body wash not only smells like a dream. It will never strip your skin of the natural oils it needs to be soft, glowing, and healthy.


Tinted Sunscreens

Totally underrated, and totally necessary in any natural beauty routine. BBE’s tinted sunscreens will have your skin looking dewy in a cinch. What’s more, they’ll protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays sans white cast that some SPF products leave behind. As if that weren’t enough, you can count on getting your daily fix of sunflower seed oil from this gem, too. Ditch the foundation, nourish your skin, and get on with your day, honey!

Tinted Facial Sunscreen Cocoa - Beauty by Earth - Model Application

Last but not least, the sunflower seed oil infused product everyone lives for…

A really, really good lip balm. I mean, can you ever have enough lip hydration? We think not. And with the help of sunflower seed oil, your moisturized lip game will be on point. We loaded these babies with organic cocoa butter & shea butter. Plus, the flavors they come in aren’t too shabby either. From Asian pear to acai berry, you’re sure to become just a *little* addicted to these incredible lip balms.

BBE Lip Balms

Ah, sunflower seed oil: the gem every natural beauty junkie needs in her life.

There you have it. All of the benefits of sunflower seed oil you’ll want to now pass on to your besties. No really, though – be a doll and share this blog post, won’t ya?

As we mentioned above, we love using this superstar ingredient for a variety of reasons. From preserving youthful skin to fighting sun damage – sunflower seed oil is truly a standout natural gem. But what makes it so special to us is just how gentle it is on every skin type. I mean, how often does a beauty find a skincare ingredient that can help her dry skin and her acne breakouts? Not often, sis. So when you find a treasure like this, you tend to want to hold onto it *real* tight, if you know what we mean.

Wanna shop sunflower seed oil products? Check 'em out here!

More love & more sunflower seed oil,

Carey <3

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