The Perfect Products for Your Skin Type

The Perfect Products for Your Skin Type


With the endless amounts of beauty tips and products out there, it's no wonder why choosing what’s right for you can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Maybe you’ve wanted to freshen up your skincare regimen for a while now, and just don’t know where to start. Or perhaps simply curating a routine that actually works for you seems like an impossible task. We have great news, babe. No need to feel lost at the beauty counter, or to second-guess yourself before hitting the checkout button. BBE’s got all of the best advice, hacks, and the perfect products for your skin type, right here.

The Perfect Products for Dry Skin

If your skin tends to feel dryer than the Sahara, we’ve got you covered. There’s no reason to suffer from dry, uncomfortable skin anymore babe!

First thing’s first. We know that cleansing can sometimes make you feel like you’re only drying out your skin further. So trust us when we tell you: the trick is in the foam. Choose a gentle foaming face wash that will get your skin clean, without irritating it. You’ll love how light and hydrating this baby is, and you’ll never have to second-guess whether you should wash your face twice a day again.

Once you’ve got your cleansing routine on lock, you’re ready to replenish your face with something special. This next perfect product for dry skin is quite honestly *life-changing*, if we do say so ourselves. Especially for our dry skin babes who need that extra layer of hydration to make their skin glow.

We recommend applying BBE’s organic facial oil under your moisturizer, to completely nix those dry spots. Using a facial oil twice a day is an easy way to get your skin’s moisture levels back on track. What’s more, you’ll be totally glowing with this product – no highlighter needed.

The Perfect Products for Oily Skin

Moving right along to the other end of the skin type spectrum here. If your main concern is avoiding excessively oily skin, BBE’s got the perfect products for you too beautiful.

Now listen, a little bit of glow is amazing! But we feel you if sometimes your oily skin has you feeling a little *too* glowy. Sound familiar? Don’t stress. We recommend incorporating our Clear Complexion Hydrating Mask to keep excess sebum production at bay, and tighten up those pores. Incorporate this into your beauty routine once or twice a week, and you’ll notice the difference in the texture of your skin in no time.

The next perfect product for your oily skin type is way crucial. The type of moisturizer you use will play a starring role in keeping oil in check. Oh, and if you thought your oily skin didn’t need moisturizer? Think again. When you forego moisturizer on even the oiliest of skin types, your skin actually feels the need to overproduce even more sebum to make up for it. For real, it’s completely counterproductive to your normal skin goals! Got you convinced? Click add to cart on BBE’s Oil Control Face Moisturizer, babe.

This little gem will boost your skin’s elasticity, while keeping it hydrated and nourished all day long. On top of all of that, you won’t feel like a greasy mess after applying it – we swear.

Pro tip: If you want to make that oil control moisturizer really sink into your pretty face, we highly recommend using a jade gua sha. You’ll also be reducing any puffiness you might have, and preventing wrinkles by using this small tool on the regular. We should also mention that using one of these babies nightly is *quite* the relaxing ritual.

Say goodbye to acne with these perfect products

Concerned about breakouts? Most people are! Whether you struggle with acne on a regular basis, or experience outbreaks during moments of stress or that glorious time of the month – we’ve got the perfect products for your skin type. So really girlfriend, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

This next perfect product might have you scratching your head. Putting oil on acne? Is that allowed? Why yes, yes it is. In fact, it’s going to help send those pimples packing. All you need to do is first make sure that you’re working with a squeaky clean face. So cleanse away with a gentle facial cleaner that is packed with nutrients, and move on to your new fave acne-fighting product: the BBE Balance & Restore Luxury Face Oil.

This face oil is a pro at balancing your skin’s needs, and stopping breakouts before they even happen. What’s more, your skin will feel calm and more under control after one use. And with regular use of this coveted product, you’ll be like “acne, where?” we promise.

Pro tip: Use the Balance & Restore oil twice a day if you also struggle with pigmentation issues due to acne. We’ve packed this product with rosemary extract, the natural dark spot fighter you've been totally missing in your life.

Feeling a little sensitive? We’ve got just what you need.

Obsessively natural products are good for everyone. For real. If you think your sensitive skin just can’t handle much on even a good day, think again beautiful. BBE’s got the perfect products for your sensitive skin type, no irritation guaranteed.

For our sensitive skin beauties, we recommend the BBE Lavender Citrus Foaming Face Wash for regular daily use. This cult favorite is packed with antioxidants, and soothing yet nourishing ingredients that will not irritate even the most problematic skin. Use it twice a day before moving on to the next steps of your skincare routine, and your sensitive skin will thank you!

Next up on our suggestions for sensitive skin, is the one and only, beautiful to look at yet insanely effective: jade roller. If you’ve ever felt like giving your picky skin a facial at home was impossible, forget that! BBE’s soothing jade roller will make your favorite moisturizer penetrate your skin easily, and will have you feeling relaxed in seconds.

Pro tip: Keep your jade roller in the fridge to really benefit from a cooling, soothing sensation when you use it. Rolling on a regular basis also promotes lymphatic drainage, which is totally cool – even for you, sensitive girl.

The Perfect Products for Eczema and Redness

Struggling with eczema, redness, or irritated skin in general is so not the move. We know how painful dealing with these types of skin issues can be, which is why we created natural products with these conditions in mind. Perfect products for eczema and redness? Yeah, we’ve got those.

Eczema on your face can be a serious drag. However, you can definitely minimize dealing with it with the help of our Anti-Aging Facial Serum. We know what you’re thinking. “But what if I don’t need anti-aging properties in my products yet?” First off, congrats. More importantly though, just know that what makes this product anti-aging is the fact that it is packed with nourishing ingredients, and antioxidants that do in fact reduce wrinkles. If this isn’t a concern for you though, you can still use this serum knowing you’re feeding your skin with safe and natural ingredients, and soothing those eczema flare-ups. You’ll love the rollerball applicator on this little guy, and you’ll dig the results – guaranteed.

And if you need to bring out the big guns to deal with skin irritation or redness, we’ve got you covered. We recommend investing in a few facial tools that will totally change your skincare game.

The BBE Facial Tool Basics Bundle is all you need to step your skincare skills way up. It includes an ice roller, which is an instant soothing and refreshing ritual you can complete any time your skin feels irritated. Seriously, stop scratching and roll this baby all over your face or body instead! Moreover, you’ll also get a derma-roller. Derma what? This star product does more than relieve redness and help skin irritation, it shrinks your pores and improves fine lines. I mean, I guess you could say it does it all!

Age gracefully with these essentials

If you’re concerned about aging skin, you don’t have to be babe. These next essentials on our list of perfect products for your skin type are here to save the day, no needles involved.

Add the BBE Anti-Aging Cream to your daily skincare regimen, and watch your skin stay youthful and bouncy, for life. Although this standout product was made for skin of all ages, it is especially beneficial for those of us looking to prevent and diminish wrinkles, naturally.

And because we are sort of serum obsessed around here, we can’t forget to tell you how key hydrated skin is to staying youthful and glowing. Consider adding a facial serum to your routine to ensure that precious face of yours stays quenched, and fine line free.

The Perfect Products for Sun Damage

If you want even-looking, glowing skin for life, we can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your skin from sun damage. And of course, BBE has the perfect products for just that.

Add a gentle facial sunscreen to your routine, each and every day, rain or shine. Seriously, UV rays are still out there even when it’s cloudy! You’ll be preventing premature aging, without any toxic or harmful ingredients involved.

If you do ever experience sunburns, we recommend having BBE’s aloe vera gel on deck. This soothing miracle plant will prevent further damage to your skin, and provide serious relief when you need it most.

Finally, forget about scars and dark spots - pronto.

Last on our list of perfect products for your skin type, are a few star players that work to reduce the look of scars and dark spots.

We recommend adding an exfoliator both for your face and body to reduce the look of scars, and discoloration. Using an exfoliating product will help new, beautiful layers of skin to recover – naturally. On top of that, you’ll slowly help those unwanted spots lighten and vanish. Opt for the BBE facial scrub once or twice a week, and same goes for our luxurious body scrub. Adding this step to your beauty ritual is seriously relaxing, and the antioxidants these babies are packed with work overtime in reducing scars and dark spots.

Finally, BBE’s Glowing & Radiant Facial Oil needs another honorable mention here. We can’t leave out how effective this product is at keeping skin bright, and youthful. What’s more, it can totally help reduce the appearance of scars too, thanks to the lemon extract and rosemary it is packed with.

Until next time beautiful…

If you didn’t see your skin concern up above, drop us a line! We’re here to answer any of your beauty, skin, or any of your life questions! Ok maybe not any of your life questions, but for you babe – we’ll sure as heck try! <3 BBE loves ya.

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