A Complete Guide to Naturally Treating Psoriasis

A Complete Guide to Naturally Treating Psoriasis


If you’ve ever dealt with dry and itchy skin, you already know how much this can, well, really suck. And while most babes do experience the occasional need for some extra hydration, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are on a whole other level of uncomfortable. There are several factors that can contribute to these skincare blunders, from stress to nutrition. What’s more, figuring out how to calm these dry patches can take quite a bit of practice, not to mention expertise. But lucky for you babe, you’ve got us. And (not so luckily for us) we’ve actually dealt with psoriasis once or twice (or what feels like a million times) in our lives. If you’re experiencing the unreal itching and not so cute effects of this common skin condition, you’ll want to keep reading this one, sis. Here is a Complete Guide to Naturally Treating Psoriasis.


Avoid those steaming, hot showers to help alleviate the effects of psoriasis.

Girlfriend, we’re friends at this point. So here’s a little secret I think you should know about. You know, since we’re about to start off a Complete Guide to Naturally Treating Psoriasis. I dealt with a severe case of psoriasis all throughout high school and into my later years in university. I’m talking, unable to shower without having the water severely irritate my dry, flakey skin. And, developing a fear of fragranced laundry detergent that I still have to this day. All this to say babe, I can totally vouch that the following tips do work. Let's just say, they certainly provided me with relief on my darkest, itchiest of days.

Now that this short life story is out of the way, let’s get to the info you really need to know to deal with your psoriasis like a pro (see what I just did there). First thing’s first, avoid taking hot showers as much as possible. And look, we know how hard this can be. I mean, who doesn’t love warming up and having their own personal Beyonce concert on the daily. But babe, hot water can be extremely drying to the skin. Meaning, any psoriasis flareup will be further triggered by this heat.

Instead, stick to lukewarm showers and try to make your concert sessions as short as possible. And as for the products you use during your get clean routine? Stick to naturally soothing ingredients that also act as moisturizers. BBE’s body wash is infused with calming tea tree oil and is a perfect option for babes who are dealing with dry, irritated skin.

Naturally reduce psoriasis and skin irritation by forgetting all about fragrance.

Unless you’re new around here (in which case, welcome to the natural beauty club, sis!), you likely already know that we aren’t fans of toxic fragrances. In fact, we wrote a whole blog post on what “fragrance” really means, and we think every babe should be brushed up on this vital piece of beauty knowledge.

But when it comes to treating psoriasis, avoiding fragrance is one piece of skincare advice that takes on a whole new meaning. Believe us, babe. From the detergent you use on your clothes to the lotion you lather on once you’re out of the shower – ditching fragrance is necessary. This is because perfume and fragrance can be a major trigger to psoriasis and can significantly trigger skin irritation.

If you enjoy smelling good though, we totally get that – and you still can! The key is to select products that smell amazing due to their natural ingredients. Instead of their toxic components being masked as “fragrance”. BBE’s gems all smell completely ahhhh-mazing. And this, with no thanks to any of that fake fragrance your itchy skin wants to avoid. So the next time you’re looking for a product to add to your shower routine that won’t irritate your psoriasis, look no further than right here.

Reduce your stress levels to avoid those annoying psoriasis outbreaks.

Many babes who suffer from psoriasis have no idea that these outbreaks can be caused by stress. In fact, most people assume that dry skin is mostly due to weather changes or lack of hydration. And while that isn’t completely untrue, your mental state can actually have a direct impact on your skin health.

Numerous studies have shown that psychological stress points to an increase in psoriasis and skin issues more broadly. Additionally, the role that lifestyle plays on this skin condition is hard to ignore. In fact, research has shown that psoriasis is indeed a multifactorial chronic skin disease. Meaning that factors such as emotional stress, obesity, and smoking all contribute to the extent to which a person may experience it.

Suffice it to say, this Complete Guide to Naturally Treating Psoriasis would be pretty, well, incomplete if we didn’t tell you how important it is to manage your stress levels when handling this skin issue. Take time out for self-care, keep your workdays organized, exercise on the Peloton you just won from BBE’s Ridewell Giveaway, and you know – keep those stress levels at bay, baby.

Want to naturally calm down the skin on any area of your body? Aloe vera is your friend, babe.

Alright, here’s the deal. There are a few products you definitely want in your corner if you experience psoriasis outbreaks. And aloe vera? Babe, this is the magical goop you’ll want to spread all over those dry spots on the daily.

Forget only reaching for this naturally healing powerhouse when you have a sunburn. Aloe vera is beyond calming for dry flakey skin, and if you use an organic kind like BBE’s option, you can be sure you won’t be irritating your psoriasis further. Some babes even experience psoriasis on their scalp (been there, cried about that) and making an aloe vera based hair mask can work wonders to calm this.

So click add to cart on some organic aloe vera gel and keep your bathroom stocked with it. Whether it’s to soothe itchiness or to provide some added hydration, this nourishing plant is where it's at. Trust us – your skin will totally thank you for this one.

Oh and for serious itch factor emergencies, you’ll want to invest in one of these babies.

This is one beauty tool I wish I had back in the day when I was dealing with severe, chronic psoriasis outbreaks. If you’ve been there, you know how badly the urge to itch can be. Not to mention, how this can make everything ten times worse than losing your keys post-cocktails on a cold winter night.

Seriously, though. Consider investing in an ice roller like this one. It will give you immediate relief when the itch is just too much to bear. If you sometimes get psoriasis marks on your face, you'll really enjoy this tool. Mostly because you’ll want to *absolutely* avoid touching this delicate skin with your fingertips as much as possible. Therefore, having a cool and soothing ice roller on hand can be a complete lifesaver. Specifically when you’re trying your best to resist that urge to scratch away. And babe, we so don’t want you scratching that pretty face!

Naturally soothe symptoms of psoriasis with an oatmeal bath.

If parting with your long hot showers has got you down, hang tight babe. This next tip in our Complete Guide to Naturally Treating Psoriasis will cheer you right up. A lukewarm oatmeal bath has a myriad of benefits for dry itchy skin. And, can be the perfect missing piece to your self-care routine.

15 minutes of soaking in a bath (also known as complete bliss) can help loosen scales on the skin. Additionally, it can help reduce the itching and inflammation caused by psoriasis and give you some temporary relief on days when you need it most. Oatmeal is also a natural exfoliant. This means it will help to get rid of the dead cells on your body that are contributing to that feeling of tightness psoriasis can sometimes bring to the skin. On top of that, oatmeal has moisturizing properties that are the perfect complement to the body moisturizer you’ll be applying after that luscious bath.

And finally… never neglect your diet.

As we previously mentioned in this Complete Guide to Naturally Treating Psoriasis, this skin condition truly is multifactorial. One of the factors that has a serious impact on psoriasis, is diet. In some cases, you truly are what you eat, gorgeous.

Opt for foods that fight inflammation (think berries, cherries, leafy greens, and omega-rich salmon). These will help keep flareups at their minimum. Additionally, some research has shown that avoiding gluten may have a positive impact on mitigating itchy skin issues. More studies are needed to substantiate this. However, many people who suffer from psoriasis have attributed ditching gluten to less of those annoying outbreaks.

Ready to break up with psoriasis (and dry, itchy skin in general)?

We usually like to see the bright side in everything. But honestly babe, there is nothing fun about experiencing psoriasis. From the itchy and uncomfortable symptoms it produces, to how annoying it is to see on your skin (I mean, especially when you really wanted to wear that open-back dress to dinner). This is one skin condition all babes could live without.

However, speaking from experience, I can assure you that the tips above really can make a difference in how you deal with a psoriasis outbreak. Switching to fragrance-free products and avoiding steaming hot showers might not seem medically ground-breaking. But when it comes to the bigger skincare picture (and in this case, relieving your pesky psoriasis symptoms), these tips truly do add up.

Finally, if you’ve read through this Complete Guide to Naturally Treating Psoriasis and itchy skin still has you up at night – consult a dermatologist. Severe cases of eczema and psoriasis can be treated and a doctor can help. You know, because the last thing you want to be doing is losing out on that precious beauty sleep because of dry skin, sis.

Oatmeal baths & a wine glass,

Carey <3

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