The Best Natural Beauty Hacks from Instagram Beauty Experts

The Best Natural Beauty Hacks from Instagram Beauty Experts


Are you ever stuck on a particular part of your beauty routine, or find yourself wondering if maybe there's a better way, or "hack", to get the results you want? Well, you're in luck! Beauty by Earth reached out to a handful of some of our favorite beauty babes via Instagram for their expertise. Keep reading for some of the best natural beauty hacks.

The Best Natural Beauty Hacks from Instagram

Product Tips

You've got the what's the best way to use them? It's true, the way you apply your skincare goodies can affect whether or not you're getting the most out of them. Never fear! These gals have got you covered with some of their natural beauty hacks.

Apply Products While Your Skin is Damp

Woman splashing water on her face Best Natural Beauty Hacks

"I like to add my oils and serums when my skin is damp from toner—it seems to absorb or hydrate better."

"I use washable rounds or cloths versus wipes or cotton to cleanse or add products and always carry a mini moisturizer with me for extra dry skin days. Finally, I chose a Hydrating concealer to help with under-eye dryness, that way if I’m in a rush and don’t use my BBE coffee bean eye cream, my skin doesn’t suffer as much" -Lesa, @lesa_cap

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Hydration is a Must

A photo of Kara, @thestylineducator
Best Natural Beauty Hacks

"My favorite beauty hack is hydration. Hydration is much different from moisturizing, which is where people get confused. Skin still needs moisture, even if it is oily, it just needs the right kind. "

When we get a product that is meant to hydrate, that means bring rejuvenation to the skin. Properly hydrated skin can help minimize some of the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. To properly hydrate, you don’t necessarily need to use that product every day, a couple of days a week will work fine!" -Kara, @thestylineducator

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Change Up Your Routine from Day-to-Night

Carla, of @sparklingcarla, holding up Beauty by Earth face cream, Best Natural Beauty Hacks

"Moisturizer with serum for day and oil for night. Skin gets super nourished and soft while you sleep." -Carla, @sparklingcarla

Carla also loves putting sheet masks and eye creams in the fridge. (Read our blog post on Beauty Fridges to find out more!)

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Natural Beauty Hacks for Hair Health

Shiny, strong hair is a goal most people strive for. Besides factors such as a well-rounded diet consisting of things like protein and omega-3s, usage of heat, hair washing habits, etc., you can implement these natural beauty hacks to take things to the next level.

Brushes and Oil

Beauty by Earth Argan Oil and boar hairbrush, Best Natural Beauty Hacks

"I only use wooden brushes on my hair to stimulate and promote healthy growth. And I always apply some kind of oil. I love to use the Beauty by Earth argan oil which I use in different ways depending."

Best Beauty Hacks

"For Example, to de-frizz and detangle after the shower, as a prep when I go to workout I use about 4-6 drops all over my hair to protect it from sweat as well as from the sun that causes free radicals and premature aging in hair." -Dulcia Elizabeth Caro

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Microfiber Towel

A photo of @jennay_lui with a microfiber towel in her hair, Best Natural Beauty Hacks

"One of my favorite natural beauty hacks is using a microfiber towel for my hair."

"It makes the total difference!! It doesn’t snag or pull my hair and it absorbs all the water. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I totally recommend it!" -@jennay_lui

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Makeup Tips

Makeup is a wonderful medium of expression and confidence for individuals. It could truly be considered its own art form at this point, and with any art form, there are so many ways to apply as well as remove products from your canvas.

Shape Brows With Concealer

A concealer brush and strokes of concealer on a table, Best Natural Beauty Hacks

"My favorite hack is using a concealer to shape my brows."

"I apply under the brow and use a flat tip concealer brush to define them. It has made a huge difference since I have started doing it." -Janet, @rubiredlipstick

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Chapstick Highlighter

"What I love to do is use a lip balm, this one does happen to be from Beauty by Earth, as a highlighter."

"It's something you probably have in your home right now that you can use. And this is something that is especially good for people who have dry or mature skin". -Jenn, @woodsy_gal

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Removing Makeup

Keneisha from removing makeup with Q-tips

"The ultimate beauty hack for me, say 'me too' if this is something you do, is removing my mascara with a Q-tip and sometimes a clean mini mascara wand."

"This is my go-to technique to ensure the mascara is properly removed from my lashes. So, what exactly is it that I do? First, I take two Q-tips. I wet both ends of each Q-tip with water. Then I apply cleansing oil to each end(s). I hold one end of the Q-tip under the lash and roll the other end on the top of my lash moving it across the entire lash until there’s no more residue on the Q-tip. I occasionally use a clean mini mascara wand just to comb through the lashes to help shape them or remove any leftover mascara, but this is not necessary." - Keneisha M.

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Add a Little Glow to Your Foundation

A woman applying facial oil

"I love adding a few drops of face oil to my powder foundation for that natural glow look."

-Tina, @beautyfindsadventures

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Natural Remedies and Miscellaneous Natural Beauty Hacks

Beyond products and application techniques, there are many natural beauty hacks for your routine that include things such as uncommon household objects and cleaning habits. It just goes to show how closely your surroundings are tied into your skin quality.

Tea for Tired Eyes

A cup of tea and two flowers
Tannin, as well as caffeine in certain tea varietals, reduce swelling caused by water buildup and discoloration.

"I put tea bags under my eyes for bags or dark circles."

Tea is known for its numerous health benefits like antioxidants, immunity, and more depending on the type and contents of the blend. This is one of the Best Natural Beauty Hacks as it is simple and most likely sitting in your pantry right now.

"Some of my other beauty hack favorites? Clear nail polish on pantyhose. Toothpaste on a pimple dries it out, burns a bit but it works every time! Daily collagen supplement. Apple cider vinegar in your hair weekly before washing keeps the grease at bay." - Tessa Karnath

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Wash Your Sheets

Two pillows and a book, Best Natural Beauty Hacks

"Wash your pillowcases regularly."

-Svetlana, @ethicalbunny

She's right! Your face stays in contact with your pillowcase for extended periods of time, all the while building up dead skin, dirt, oil, etc. Changing out your pillowcase frequently will lessen the chance of breakouts occurring as a result and is absolutely one of the best natural beauty hacks

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Phew! These gurus sure know their stuff. Hopefully, you've picked up a tip or two to make your routine run that much smoother.

What beauty secret do you like to use? Leave a comment down below!

Have a BLAST hacking—


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