Four Ways to Give Yourself a Facial Massage

Four Ways to Give Yourself a Facial Massage


Ever wondered how you can step up your at-home spa game easily without spending a small fortune? If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place babe! And if you love finding new ways to pamper yourself from the comfort of your couch, this article is totally for you. You may have heard about the numerous benefits related to facial massages before. From lymphatic drainage to promoting collagen production, mastering these massaging techniques can have some pretty significant benefits. And while we can’t guarantee you’ll feel as relaxed as you did the last time you dosed off during your facial, we know that with just a little practice you’ll be a pro facial masseuse within no time. Keep reading to uncover these 4 easy ways to give yourself a facial massage.

Image of the BBE balance & restore luxury face oil alongside a rose quartz facial roller.

The benefits you’ll reap from having a little you time for a facial massage…

First thing’s first, babe. We need to give you the lowdown on how beneficial it can be for you to give yourself a facial massage on the regular. Aside from it feeling amazing of course, there are actually a number of side effects you’ll be psyched about. But we know you’re a busy babe, so we’ll give you a quick rundown below.

In a nutshell, regular face massaging can help rejuvenate your skin by reducing puffiness, wrinkles, and facial tension. Beauty experts have praised facial massages for their ability to ease inflammation and to drain fluids that would otherwise make your skin look congested and/or puffy. Additionally, this practice stimulates blood circulation as well as the flow of oxygen in the skin. Meaning, it is no wonder why your skin looks so glowy and revived when you’re done massaging.

Another reason we love using facial massage techniques is because they make skincare products sink into the skin, therefore allowing them to work even better than they usually would. Got your attention? Cool. Below are the 4 easiest ways you can give yourself a facial massage, along with a few products that will make your at-home spa a little dreamier.

Massage away with the small but mighty Gua Sha

Image of a woman using BBE's jade gua sha to give herself a facial massage.

You know how they say good things come in small packages? Well babe, don’t let the size of this beauty tool fool you. The small but mighty Gua Sha is a fave amongst beauty junkies everywhere, and with good reason.

This slim, compact tool is typically made from jade quartz that is naturally cool to the touch. What’s more, the shape of this bad boy is unreal for helping you massage around your jaw line and forehead. Not to mention, for making your facial contours look snatched. We recommend keeping your Gua Sha in the fridge (as we do most of our go-to beauty tools) for the ultimate cooling experience when used.

Image of a How To Guide on how to use a Gua Sha for a glowing complexion.

How to use your Gua Sha

  1. Use the shape of this beauty tool to your advantage. Gua Shas are perfectly shaped to contour your jawline, so take advantage of that by using upward strokes around this area of your face.
  2. Once you’ve covered your jawline area, move up towards the rest of that pretty face. Working upwards and outwards, move on to your cheeks, eye area, and forehead. Be gentle of course but do be sure to apply enough pressure to promote lymphatic drainage, too.

When you’re done using your Gua Sha, experiencing a bit of redness is totally normal babe. This is often due to the increase in blood flow circulation that you’ve just created and subsides quickly. In fact, most beauty tools will give you that immediate “rosy glow” effect that you’re sure to love.

Make your favorite hydrating products go further with these rolling gems.

Image of a woman using the BBE jade roller with her favorite moisturizer.

Next up on our list of 4 ways to give yourself a facial massage is admittedly one of our faves. The only thing better than completing your nightly skincare routine is adding a rose quartz or jade roller to the mix. Not only do these feel like a dream on your skin, but they also make your go-to hydrating products go the extra mile. Here’s how to give yourself a skin perfecting facial massage with one of these gems.

Starting from the center of your face, roll outwards towards your ears. Use the larger stone for your forehead, cheeks, jawline, and neck, and the smaller stone for the areas around your eyes. We recommend taking your time with this facial massage ritual to get the best results. Meaning, you should repeat your rolling technique on each section of your face 4-5 times before moving on to the next.

Image of the BBE Rose Quartz Roller.

Products we love jade or rose quartz rollin’ into our skin…

You can definitely use any of your skincare favorites. However, these guys are just a little extra special and we love how well they complement a rolling facial massage.

The BBE HyperActive Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum: Vitamin C already works overtime to make you glow. Pair that with a jade or rose quartz roller that stimulates blood circulation and babe, you’re winning. This serum already sinks effortlessly into the skin but when paired with a roller, it makes your complexion even more radiant.

The BBE Anti-Aging Serum: If your skin is feeling thirsty, there is no combo better than this serum and the roller of your choice. Brimming with antioxidants and hydrating essential oils, the only thing that makes this serum better is rolling it into your skin with a facial massaging roller.

Image of a hand holding up the BBE HyperActive Anti-Aging Vitamin C serum.

Inflammation and irritation be gone: the facial massage technique that will have you totally refreshed.

We promise this isn’t as crazy as it sounds, gorgeous. Rolling an ice cold beauty tool on your face might sound frighteningly uncomfortable at first, but we swear it isn’t! In fact, it is your ticket to de-puffing and soothing your skin.

Now, this beauty tool needs to be kept in your fridge. With the others, we like to just recommend that you store them in a cold place whereas this guy, well… he does truly need to live in your freezer. Moreover, you can use your ice roller morning or night to either wake up sleepy eyes or soothe tired ones! And if you’re wondering what a skincare routine that includes an ice roller looks like, we’ve got you babe. We’ve lined up our go-to ice roller routine below, along with some facial massaging techniques that pair perfectly with it.

Image of a woman using the BBE ice roller on her face.

Reach for your favorite BBE face wash and cleanse away. Starting off with a clean slate is a major key to getting the results you want, babe. We recommend using a cleanser that won’t dry out your skin and that is loaded with nourishing essential oils. Sorta like this gem right here.

Choose the right moisturizer. This part is *super* crucial, girlfriend. Although you technically can use your ice roller on dry skin, we recommend applying a moisturizer first. BBE’s anti-aging cream is our go-to for this routine and you’re going to love how soothing it feels on your skin combined with the effects of your ice roller.

It’s time to get your roll on, babe.

Alright, now comes the cherry on top of your ice roller skincare routine. This facial massage is going to feel de-puffing, de-stressing, and will help that moisturizer sink right into your cute face. Now, here’s the lowdown on how to maneuver this icy cold beauty tool.

Firstly, you’ll want to use gentle, steady strokes. Start by going over your temples and forehead (oh and ps. This tool is great for babes who suffer from tension headaches and can provide some pretty quick relief when needed). After that, transition over to your eyes, then to your cheeks, mouth, and around your jaw, continuing that rolling motion. Now by this point, you’re going to be feeling pretty soothed and relaxed, but you’re not done yet, babe. We recommend ending your ice rolling routine with downward motions from your chin down to your neck to sculpt your profile and promote some of that glorious lymphatic drainage.

Image of the BBE Superfruits & Sea Kelp face wash.

Waiting on that beauty tool shipment to arrive? Don’t sweat it babe, you can still give yourself a stellar facial massage with the help of a facial oil.

We totally wish we could carrier pigeon you a basket of beauty tools overnight so you could get to trying one of these 4 ways to give yourself a facial massage pronto, but this is real life babe. If you can’t get your hands on a Gua Sha or rose quartz roller right now, don’t sweat it. You can still give yourself a de-stressing, beauty amplifying facial massage – with your *drum roll, please* fingers.

The good news is that there are tons of facial massage techniques out there that simply require the use of your own two hands. And let’s just say that when you add the right facial oil to this massage option, it’s easy peasy to do!

Image of the BBE Balance & Restore Luxury Face oil alongside the jade facial roller, perfect for an at-home facial massage.

Firstly, you’ll want to grab any of BBE’s luxurious facial oils. They will nourish and penetrate your skin easily and will allow your fingers to glide over your face when you’re doing all of that amazing massaging. Move in upward motions and spend a few seconds pressing gently on pressure points like your temples and the middle of your forehead. You can also use gentle tapping motions to increase blood flow but be sure to avoid your delicate eye area when you do so.

Need a little visual for some more facial massage inspo? Check this out.

Look at you, you pro facial masseuse, you.

There you have it, babe: 4 easy ways to give yourself a facial massage, no spa professional needed! Not only is it abundantly simple to do, but these are techniques that you can incorporate into your existing skincare routine on the daily. Whether you love your serums or look forward to applying a facial oil at the end of the night, a beauty tool and some facial massaging can totally take your products to the next level. Not to mention, it sure doesn’t hurt to unwind, de-stress, and help you end your day the zen way. Take a few minutes to yourself babe and massage away, you so deserve it.

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