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The BBE Teachers’ Kit


May 4th is all about celebrating the amazing humans out there who have dedicated their lives to teaching us. We think you’re all kinds of wonderful, and what you do makes a serious difference in the world. We’ve likely all been touched by a special teacher at one point or another in our lives, or have witnessed first-hand the benefits that a great educator can have on our kids. So to show you just how much we appreciate you, we want you to enjoy a little natural beauty goodness on us. After all, you so deserve it, babe. Go ahead and treat yourself with the code TEACHER for 15% off and a few free facemasks. But just in case you needed a little inspiration on what to add to cart, we went ahead and created what we like to call the BBE Teachers’ Kit.

In it, you’ll find all of the things you need to get yourself through the week. On top of that, we’ve included all of our fave wind down and chill out items you deserve to enjoy at the end of another goal-crushing day. After all gorgeous, you need to take care of yourself first before helping everyone else around you like you always do.

First thing’s first in the BBE Teachers’ Kit: You need natural hand sanitizer.

Back 2 School -  Teacher's Kit - Hand Sanitizer

As a teacher, you’re not one who ever shies away from getting their hands dirty. From arts and crafts to those unforgettable science experiments, not to mention with everything going on in the world, you are probably washing your hands more than ever before!

We created a hand sanitizer that is packed with aloe vera and essential oils, to make staying safe that much more enjoyable. Not only does this everyday essential provide serious protection against germs, but it is also free of toxins and safe for you and your students to use.

Oh and that typical stickiness that other hand sanitizers create? Say goodbye to that. After all, you have enough of dealing with craft glue residue on your fingertips already babe.

Coffee Bean Eye Cream for those long nights of grading.

Meme of Rachel and Phoebe from Friends laughing together, that reads "When someone asks if all your grading is done".

… Ok, or simply for every day whether you were up all night giving gold stars or not. In fact, we recommend you use this essential natural beauty gem on the regular, twice a day to be exact!

Show your eyes a little love with our best-selling coffee bean eye cream. You’ll look and feel refreshed, and we promise you’ll totally look forward to this step in your beauty routine. I mean, we know your smile already lights up a room but shouldn’t those peepers do the same?

We formulated this baby with nourishing shea butter, soothing aloe vera, and organic witch hazel to help with any puffiness. And that powerful coffee bean extract? It will make your under eyes look refreshed and ready to conquer organizing that next parent-teacher meeting.

Image of a woman holding up her BBE coffee bean eye cream, an essential in the BBE Teachers' Kit.

Add these reusable microfiber makeup removing pads to your list of must-haves from our BBE Teachers’ Kit.

For the nights where you want to get in bed quick, these babies are a major key.

Forget using cotton pads that you have to throw out after one use, and opt for the eco-friendly version that will take makeup off in a swipe and that is better for the environment. BBE’s reusable makeup removing pads are *so* soft, and are safe to toss in the laundry when you’re done with them!

Add a little makeup remover to one of these reusable pads, and watch all of that foundation and mascara drip away. You also won’t need to tug at your skin as much to get the job done. Meaning, you’ll feel fresh and clean quickly and spend less time at the bathroom sink when you could be relaxing in bed!

Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Sticks to get you out the door, quick!

We know you’re always on the go. What’s more, we think you deserve to be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays while having your skin look on point.

If you haven’t heard of BBE’s tinted mineral sunscreen sticks, we’re about to put you on. Forget about feeling like your foundation is melting off of your face in the hot summer months. Or, piling on a ton of products to feel like you’re evening out your skin and getting your daily dose of SPF. Instead, opt for one of these babies that does both – effortlessly.

Never thick or greasy, our tinted mineral sunscreen sticks can be reapplied throughout the day. What’s more, you can use them as the base for an easy to complete natural makeup routine that is quick and fit for a teaching queen like you. Check this out:

  1. Start with a clean face by cleansing with our natural gentle foaming wash every morning.
  2. Add on a light moisturizer, your secret weapon (a.k.a. the coffee bean eye cream) followed by your tinted mineral sunscreen stick of choice.
  3. Once you’ve blended everything out, add on your favorite clean blush or bronzer.
  4. Clean up your brows, and add on some mascara to brighten those eyes.
  5. Finish everything off with some nourishing lip balm and voilà. You’re ready to run to first period.
Image of the BBE mineral sunscreen sticks on a blue water background

And… (un-tinted) sunscreen for everything else!

Now that your pretty face is out of the way, you can’t forget about the rest of you! UV rays can sneak up on your skin when you least expect it. Therefore our advice is to make sure every inch of you is efficiently protected from the sun.

In your BBE Teachers’ Kit, keep some mineral sunscreen on hand for those crazy field trips and days spent out in fresh air. We love this beauty essential for it’s non-greasy texture which makes it *super* easy to reapply. What’s more, it is free of parabens and absorbs into the skin in seconds.

Forget toxic ingredients and potent SPF smells. You have BBE’s natural sunscreen alternative now, and trust us honey – that’s all you need!

Beauty by Earth mineral sunscreens for back to school

And speaking of getting out the door quick, every BBE Teachers’ Kit should include some natural dry shampoo.

Let’s be honest. Without dry shampoo, there are several days where we’d be looking like hot messes. Thankfully, BBE created an organic alternative free of all of those toxic ingredients you would typically find in traditional dry shampoos. Want to know more about these nasty culprits? Click here.

Every teacher needs a natural dry shampoo on hand to look fresh in a cinch. Keep this hair essential on hand at all times, and never worry about hitting snooze again!

Image of a woman using the BBE natural dry shampoo.

You need… A comfy sweater for those class movie days or wild PE activities!

This next item in our BBE Teachers’ Kit is one you’ll never want to be far away from. Seriously, we mean it. It’s plush, it’s cozy, it wears like a dream, and you’ll wish you could attend your most formal meetings in it.

Treat yourself to the BBE beauty crewneck sweatshirt, and keep it close for whenever you need some bundling up. It pairs great with jeans for your casual Fridays, or leggings at home when you’re lounging and winding down from your busy day.

Trust us when we tell you, you’ll never want to take this classic off and it is a staple you need in your closet, like now.

Image of a woman on the beach wearing the BBE Beauty Crewneck Sweater.

Speaking of getting cozy… every teacher needs this secret stash.

… Of bath bombs! Picture this. It’s the end of a long day. You’ve spent hours trying to explain the periodic table and quite frankly, you’re spent. Instead of running for cover, consider benefiting from a relaxing nighttime ritual. There are numerous benefits to curating your very own wind-down routine, and it is something you can definitely look forward to at the end of your busy workday.

Meme of Ross from Friends looking tired that reads "The amount of energy I have left this school year".

What better way to unwind than to run yourself a calming bath, and add in some essential oil goodness to it? BBE’s natural bath bombs are packed with just that, and will have you forgetting about your day in a cinch. We promise.

After one bath with these nourishing gems, your skin will feel amazing, your senses will be calmed, and you’ll drift off to sleep like a baby. For real, we think everyone needs these in their bathroom at all times – but you especially babe.

Image of a bath tray with a BBE bath bomb on it.

And while you’re in that bath… pamper your pretty face.

If you want to take relaxation mode to the next level, add this next practice to your nightly chill-out ritual.

Rose quartz or jade roller will make your skin feel pampered, and your temples feel relaxed. Start by applying a luxurious beauty oil to a clean face, then get to rolling! The benefits of using these beauty tools are numerous, and you'll only wish you didn't start using them sooner! Find out why below.

The jade roller promotes lymphatic drainage while encouraging blood flow. Blood flow is a big contributor to having enviable healthy glowing skin, and to preventing signs of dull, aging skin. The rose quartz roller, on the other hand, provides all of these benefits mentioned but with a different stone. Rose quartz is said to be soothing for the skin and is known for its anti-aging properties (sign us up!). Not to mention its gentle, rosy hue makes an adorable addition to your beauty tools’ lineup. And hey, you deserve to come home to the best-looking vanity in town, gorgeous!

Image of the BBE Rose Quartz Roller, an essential item in the BBE Teachers' Kit.

Go on and change the world, babe.

With your passion for teaching and helping others (and some of the essentials in this BBE Teachers’ Kit), you’re ready to crush all of your goals while inspiring those around you, beautiful. For all that you do: we see you, we appreciate you, and we thank you.

Straight A’s and apples,

Carey <3

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