How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo


Around here, there are a few holidays that we seriously look forward to. To break it down simply: Halloween, Christmas… and Cinco de Mayo! May 5th marks the anniversary of Mexico’s Battle of Puebla victory during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862. Now usually, the day is honored with parades, parties, amazing food, and drinks that would make your favorite bartender swoon. What’s more, it’s an excellent opportunity to experience Mexico’s traditions and warm hospitality. We’ll admit that for some of us, this celebration might look a little different this year. Whether you want to throw a small gathering, or invite a few more amigos for an outdoor bash, we’ve got the lowdown on how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo – 2021 style of course.

First thing’s first: Get your drink menu on lock.

While most of us are content with a classic lime margarita on the rocks (hey, just saying), there is actually a variety of tequila based cocktails you can test out this year to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

We’re talking raspberry, watermelon, even spiced cranberry margaritas! This year, why not have your very own “make your margarita” station for all of your guests to experiment and find new faves! We know they’ll be surprised to learn about all of the different flavors with which you can make this traditional cocktail. All you need to do is set up a table with the following goods:

Having a “serve yourself” type bar not only takes the pressure off you as hostess, but also gives your friends a chance to try new margs, and to love Cinco de Mayo as much as you do.

Cinco de Mayo Pro-Tip:

If you anticipate your party getting a little loco, take everyone’s keys away at the beginning of the night. Even if some of your guests end up crashing on your couch, or a sleeping bag in the backyard – they’ll thank you later.

Don’t forget the delicious Cinco de Mayo food.

With all of that tequila, you’ll need the best Mexican food to go along with it. Whether you want to try your hand at making traditional mole, or are down to impress your friends with the best chicken enchiladas they’ve ever had – the choice is yours gorgeous!

As always, we caution all of our BBE babes to be aware of food waste when throwing a killer party. Making an abundance of food is an easy trap to fall into, and the repercussions of food waste on our planet just aren't so cute. So figure out how many guests are coming, and ration for only a bit of leftovers that can be sent home with them as parting gifts! Trust us, you’ll be the hostess with the mostest, babe!

If you prefer the serve yourself method previously mentioned in our drink section above, consider having a fajita or taco station set up with all of the fixings. Include all of the hot sauces, all of the cilantro, sour cream – ok we’re getting hungry now. But above all, do not forget the guacamole! Check out this way easy to make guac below.

The Ultimate (yet easiest) Guac Recipe

First off, take out your mortar and pestle if you have one! If not, it’s all good. A bowl and spoon will work just fine. You’ll then need:

  • 3 mashed avocados
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • ½ cup of onion (red or white, whatever you prefer!)
  • LOTS of cilantro (or to taste, do you boo!)
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh minced garlic (major key)
  • A few diced jalapenos (totally optional, but we live for the spicy flavor of these guys!)
  • Salt, pepper, and some cayenne pepper to taste

Combine all of the above and pair with your favorite tortilla chip. You can scale this recipe up or down for the amount of people you’re having, and it’s *way* easy to master. Like, even on a Monday night in April when it isn’t Cinco de Mayo. For real.

If you really want to impress your guests… try your hand at making some Mexican flan!

Ok, this next idea to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is not for those afraid of experimenting in the kitchen. And if you can get this recipe down packed, it’s a seriously delicious one to have on hand all year round.

Mexican flan is mostly made of milk and eggs, and pure vanilla extract. It is somewhat reminiscent of crème caramel in French and even Portuguese culture, and seriously – this dessert is the kind of melt in your mouth goodness you deserve to have at least once a year, on Cinco de Mayo!

If you want to try your hand at this fantastic flan (see what we did there), click here. Oh, and let us know down below how it went girlfriend.

While you're salsa dancing it up, keep in mind...

Before we wrap up the food and drink portion of this blog, we also want to do our earthly duty in reminding you to opt for reusable plates, utensils, and everything else you need to host your Cinco de Mayo dinner party this year. We know how much doing dishes sucks, but trust us – your conscience and the planet will thank you!

Plus, dish washing isn’t so bad when you’re a few margaritas deep and your friends are having a dance off to the latest Reggaeton hits.

Set the tone with some décor that is eco (and fiesta) friendly.

Speaking of keeping our beautiful planet in mind, this next part of our tips for how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is a major key in creating that fiesta style ambiance in your very own home or backyard.

Hear us out. We love piñatas and colorful party décor as much as the next babe. However, the truth is that most of these decorations (while *super* cute to look at) end up in the trash. Meaning, it’s a waste of money for you and ends up also being devastating to our planet. Never fear though. We have a few solutions below to make your party still look the part, while being the environmentally friendly goddess you are.

  • Invest in lighting. Lighting is an easy way to dress up any party even beyond your Cinco de Mayo celebration. Having some cute string lights on hand at all times is an easy, eco-approved way to spruce up a room or backyard fence in a cinch!
  • Next, hit up Etsy or your favorite online shop for some reusable themed party décor. We’re talking everything from cactus shaped ice trays, to table cloths and t-shirts you can totally store away to use again next year!
  • Last but not least, as we briefly mentioned above, invest in some beautiful reusable plates and utensils you can avoid throwing in the trash when your fiesta is over on May 5th. This way, you’ll have these ready to go for all of your other celebrations beyond Cinco de Mayo!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by… Dressing up!

We love any good excuse to dress up. And on May 5th, you can bring out your prettiest most colorful summer dresses for some Cinco de Mayo style fun.

Think off the shoulder, flower patterns, or bright hues to really set the tone for the party your guests are walking into. You can totally let your friends know to dress the part as well. We recommend trying your best to wear something that is already hiding in the back of your closet, instead of purchasing new. Alternatively, you can hit up one of your besties to do some clothing swapping during your Cinco de Mayo party pre-game.

If you must purchase something new (I mean we get it, doesn’t everyone stand in front of their closet at some point whining that they have absolutely nothing to wear?), opt for a piece that you know you’ll wear long after your party is over. Beachy day dresses, or pieces you can take from day to night with a swap of footwear are ideal long-lasting closet pieces.

Every good Cinco de Mayo party needs the right playlist.

Just because we’re mentioning this tip last on our list of ideas for how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, doesn’t mean it isn’t high up on our priorities for throwing an amazing party. In fact, it is completely necessary. Right up there with that to die for guacamole recipe. Did we mention how badly we've been craving guacamole since the beginning of this blog? Ok ok, moving on.

Every memorable get-together needs a great playlist. One that gets your guests in the spirit of celebrating, and that really sets the tone of the room! Seriously. Imagine walking into a backyard Cinco de Mayo party complete with string lights, colorful reusable margarita glasses, and NO music. Talk about a vibe killer!

So open up that Apple Music app or your Spotify icon! Then, check out some Cinco de Mayo playlists to find the right vibe for you and your friends on May 5th. Have your music of choice playing as they arrive. In no time, you’ll have everyone feeling like they’re on a resort in Mexico. You know, instead of in your backyard semi-quarantined.

Ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year?

We hope this blog gave you some easy ideas on how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year. Now more than ever, we need these small events to make life that much brighter. And to of course, spend a little more time with friends and family. That being said, use this holiday as an opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture and those you love most.

Let us know down below how you typically celebrate on May 5th. Or what's more, how you consider the planet when putting your party plans together.

Sending you all of the love & margaritas,

Carey <3

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