How To Treat Common Skin Concerns With Natural Products

How To Treat Common Skin Concerns With Natural Products


It's easier than you might think to treat common skin concerns with natural products. And honestly, there's really no need to spend an arm and a leg doing it. We all have things about our skin we'd like to change. For many of us, the things we need to make those changes are already in our kitchen. Here are my top nine ways to treat common skin concerns naturally. I haven't had every issue on this list, so I haven't had personal experience with all of them. But what I haven't tried myself I've researched, so I can confidently say they're worth a try. Ready? Let's go!

How to Treat Nine Common Skin Concerns with Natural Products:

Concern Number One: Acne

Pimples. Zits. Breakouts. No matter how you put it, no one likes acne. Sure, you can try to treat breakouts with expensive (and sometimes dangerous) conventional treatments. However, if your acne can be described as mild or moderate, you may have just as much luck (and much less risk) using natural methods. If you want to treat acne naturally, the first thing to reach for is aloe vera. Aloe contains a gel that has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It helps keep bacteria from causing acne breakouts to get worse. It also helps reduce redness and soothe inflammation, both of which make this common skin concern even more unpleasant. Another natural acne treatment is witch hazel. Use witch hazel to reduce inflammation, redness, and oiliness. Witch hazel can also reduce bacteria growth and speed up healing time, both of which help reduce acne's impact on your skin.

Concern Number Two: Sunburn

Everyone loves a day in the sun… until the sunburn sets in, that is. Too much sun exposure leads to a rash that's red, painful, and hot to the touch. Repeated burns can lead to premature aging and even increase your risk of skin cancer. The best solution to sunburn is not to get it in the first place. Wear a mineral sunscreen daily to protect your skin. But mistakes happen. If you end up with a burn, turn to aloe vera. Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties, which is just what your singed skin needs. Along with directly providing soothing relief, aloe's 99% water content helps add back moisture, supporting fast healing.

Concern Number Three: Eczema

No list of how to treat common skin concerns naturally would be complete without mentioning eczema. This chronic condition leads to red, itchy, scaly patches of skin. While you might not be able to get rid of this common skin concern altogether, there are natural solutions to help reduce flareups and ease symptoms. One of the easiest natural treatments for eczema is olive oil. Olive oil is full of Omega 3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation. Apply warm olive oil to any skin affected by eczema flareups. Adding more olive oil to your diet may also reduce the frequency of your symptoms.

Concern Number Four: Scars

We all have scars. Some of them are more bothersome than others. While it may not be possible to address all types of scarring naturally, there are some situations for which natural treatments make a lot of sense. This is particularly true with new scars. Home treatments can help your skin heal more effectively, reducing scars or keeping them from forming altogether. If you're looking to reduce scars naturally, moisture is key. Apply aloe vera gel or coconut oil to the affected areas to help maintain moisture. There's also some evidence that apple cider vinegar can lighten the appearance of scars. If you want to give it a try, dilute one part ACV with two parts water. Apply to the scarred areas, let it sit for fifteen seconds, and wash it off. Don't use this technique if you have any open cuts, and don't let the vinegar sit on your skin for longer than 15 seconds.

Concern Number Five: Stretch Marks

If you've ever been pregnant, gained weight, or just have unfortunate genetics, you know how frustrating stretch marks can be. This type of discoloration happens when your skin stretches to accommodate quick growth. For some these tiger stripes are a badge of pride. If they are, more power to you! For others, though, they're something worth treating. If you fall in that camp, you have a few natural options. The best time to treat stretch marks is when they're new. You're more likely to make progress if they're still red. One of my favorite options is Argan oil. This natural oil is full of Vitamin E, which helps improve your skin's elasticity. Apply it daily to affected skin to support healing.

Concern Number Six: Age Spots

Dealing with flat discolored patches on your hands, arms, neck, or face? They might be age spots. Actually, calling them "age spots" is a bit of a misnomer. These spots are caused by sun damage, which is why they're most common in people who spend time tanning. However you get them, they can be hard to treat. Natural remedies can make a difference. Yet again, aloe vera is our MVP to treat common skin concerns naturally. Apply it directly to age spots to increase moisture and speed up the healing process. Lemons are another natural way to lighten age spots. The citric acid in lemon juice helps clear dead skin cells, letting the healthier layer of skin underneath shine through. Cut a lemon into slices, then rub one onto any dark spots you want to lighten. Let the juice sit for fifteen minutes, then wash it off.

Concern Number Seven: Under Eye Bags

If you wake up every morning to some serious baggage, you may wonder if your sleep schedule is to blame. Unfortunately, extra shut-eye won't rejuvenate your peepers. Under eye bags are caused by a mixture of lifestyle choices and genetic factors. While you can't do much about the latter, you can address the former naturally. Putting cucumbers over your eyes may seem like something that only happens in movies, but it's based on real-life benefits. Cucumbers are full of antioxidants and flavonoids, both of which can help with swelling and irritation. Place a slice of cold cucumber over each of your eyes, lay back, and get up 30 minutes later. Voila! Less puffiness. Caffeine is another natural solution to dark, puffy eyes. When you apply caffeine to the skin around your eyes, you're helping to constrict tiny blood vessels. This can lead to lighter, tighter skin. Look for natural eye creams that contain caffeine to get the full effect.

Concern Number Eight: Ingrown Hairs

If you shave any part of your body, you're at risk for ingrown hairs. This pesky issue happens when a shaved hair curls inwards as it grows. Dead skin cells pile up in the follicle, leaving you with an itchy, uncomfortable bump. Good exfoliation practices can fend off ingrown hairs before they start, but if they do come to call there are natural ways to get rid of them. One of my favorite natural treatments for ingrown hairs is a coconut oil sugar scrub. Mix one part coconut oil with two parts sugar. If you have it on hand, add in a few drops of tea tree oil as well. Gently scrub over any ingrown hairs, then rinse. The sugar helps to exfoliate away any dead skin cells, while the coconut oil acts as an anti-fungal and anti inflammatory agent. And if you're not into DIY, here's an option to purchase.

Concern Number Nine: Wrinkles

I saved the big one for last. Wrinkles are an issue that pops up again and again when it comes to finding ways to treat common skin concerns naturally. Some of the most common causes of wrinkles aren't things you can control. Age and genetics have a big part to play. As you grow older, your skin loses some of its collagen. This protein helps your skin stay tight and smooth. With less of it, you're more likely to see wrinkles. No treatment can turn back the clock, but natural remedies can help add back what time takes away. Many oils, including coconut and olive oil, are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants can help keep skin-aging free radicals from forming, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Look for natural face creams that contain coconut oil for a little extra insurance against wrinkles. Also taking a collagen supplement can help prevent wrinkles.

What Did I Miss?

Are you looking to treat common skin concerns that don't appear on this list? Do you have any other tips for treating skin issues naturally? Let me know about them in the comments below!

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