Organic Bath Bombs That Are More Tempting Than a Cinnabon

Organic Bath Bombs That Are More Tempting Than a Cinnabon


Well, outside of not adding delicious calories to your daily diet, the result of Beauty by Earth's Organic Bath Bombs are just nicer for your body, and skin.  Beauty by Earth just introduced an Organic Bath Bombs gift set, with six fizzing, healing bath bombs.  This gift set is sure to add some fizz (no pun intended) to an otherwise boring bath routine.  And unlike a few large companies out there, these bath bombs are made with organic ingredients, do not contain dyes or artificial fragrances and don't leave your bath peppered with glitter.

Talk about the perfect gift for mom, dad, Christmas or any holiday.  The gift of relaxation is something just about anyone will thoroughly enjoy these days.  Heck, even our kids love playing with the bath bombs, passing it back and forth, while it fizzes.

Each of these organic bath bombs contains different healing properties with clays, essential oils and plant extracts.  And each of them coat your skin with the organic oils and butters they contain.

This Healing set includes:

  • Get Well Soon
  • Joint Relief
  • Muscle Relief
  • Relaxing Detox
  • Just Relax
  • Bedtime Ritual

The bath bombs include baking soda, citric acid, dead sea salt, epsom salt, kaolin clay, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, sunflower oil and then their own individual ingredients for healing and aromatherapy.

Whether you're looking to detox, moisturize or just unwind and relax, our bath bombs will infuse your tub with essential oils, moisturizing butters, healing salts, exotic flower and top all that off with just the right amount of fizz for entertainment.

Our bath bombs are hand crafted here in the USA, are gluten free, vegan and completely natural.  Each of these organic bath bombs are individually shrink wrapped with an outer kraft paper wrapping.  The earthy packaging goes right along with the ingredients contained in each.

What are customers saying about these organic bath bombs?

Here is what some customers are saying about these bath bombs:


"This is an exceptional product! I ordered them and got them the next day. Something I love about this company is they always ship my order asap and I usually get it the next day. The packaging for these bath bombs is really good looking, it comes in an earthy, cool looking box. The weight of the box was substantial, and each bath bomb feels substantial in the hand. They're packaged very securely and were completely damage free when they arrived. I have been using them every day to relax, and am very pleased. There are several different "flavors" of bath bomb in here and they all smell different, and really good. They fizz up the bathtub very nicely, and I could smell the essential oils. They also left my skin really smooth. I could easily see myself gifting these to others, it would make a great gift for someone who loves to take a bath, and all the products are advertised as all natural ingredients, which is also great to know. I can also see myself ordering these for myself in the future. Also, compared to bath bombs that you buy at Lush, these are a steal for $26. You get 6 bath bombs for $26, which basically comes out to $4 each. If you buy bath bombs at Lush, you'll pay $7-12 PER ONE bomb. And the quality here is on par with Lush. All in all, I give this product 5/5 stars and will buy again." - R.G.


luscious organic bath bombs

"In not going to lie, I didn't think I could find bath bombs as great as Lush's. But these are pretty on par with price of those, and even better Beauty by Earth's are organic. And once more, they don't have tacky glitter like Lush's. So I'm a new fan of these organic bath bombs. I couldn't wait so I took a bath as soon as I got the box. I tried the "Relax Detox" and the smell is great not to mention my legs are all soft." - A.B.


relaxing organic bath bombs

"Amazing is an understatement when talking about these bath bombs. Not only did they help tremendously with my sore muscles, but my house smelled wonderfully as well! I have already purchased more for gifts and my gifted friends are now getting them for their friends! Even if you are not a bath person (which I am not much of), you want to give these a try because they will change your thoughts on baths! I cannot wait to try the next one!! I HIGHLY recommend these for anyone!" - B.D.


These bath bombs are available through or the Beauty by Earth website.

How do you bomb your bath?  We would love to hear what scents or bombs you would love to see. Leave us a comment down below!

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