How to Make the Most Out of Your 3 Day Weekend

How to Make the Most Out of Your 3 Day Weekend


When it comes to taking advantage of time off, we like to call ourselves experts around here. I mean, what better feeling is there on a Friday afternoon when you’re about to sign off from work and you know you have not two but three glorious days of rest ahead of you? And while we know time always feels like it’s flying by (hello, welcome to adulthood), we still think there are ways you can make the most out of it. In this one, we’re bringing you a few easy & beneficial ideas that can help you make the most out of your 3 day weekend, babe.

Catch up on some beauty sleep…

Don’t get it twisted, sis. We’re not saying you should sleep the weekend away by any means. However, catching up on some rest is always a good idea (especially if your body is feeling like it needs it).

We all know that the benefits of a good night’s sleep are significant. From your mental health to cell recovery, catching those Zzz’s should be at the top of every babe’s priority list. Plus, getting a solid night’s rest sure doesn’t hurt when it comes to getting rid of those eye bags… #amirite?

So if you’ve had a tough week or a few nights where you spent most of your time tossing and turning, don’t hesitate to catch up on your full 7-9 hours during your long weekend. And if you want the perfect way to wind down before you do so, we recommend taking a relaxing shower with the help of some calming lavender products. BBE’s lavender citrus body wash is our go-to for whisking our senses off to sleep, e-v-e-r-y night.

Take the time to give your cute face some extra TLC…

We get it. You’re a busy babe and sometimes you just don’t have the patience for a 10-step skincare routine during the week. We all want to get to bed pronto, therefore it’s totally normal that on some nights you skip out on your toners and serums and facial oils (oh my!).

But hey, you’ve got a 3 day weekend ahead of you! Therefore, there are no excuses for not giving your skin a little extra love. Whether you opt for a hydrating face mask or a few extra nourishing serums (or all of the above!), finding time to care for your cute face will always make you feel good – we promise! Below are the products we think will make carving out time for self-care during your long weekend easy peasy.

BBE’s Hydrating Face Mask

The classic self-care beauty item, this hydrating face mask will make you feel like your bathroom just turned into a spa. It’s refreshing, pore tightening, and safe for all babes to use. All you need is an extra 10-15 minutes in your day to let this bad boy go to work, and your skin will feel brand new.


BBE’s Glowing & Radiant Facial Oil (applied with a rose quartz or jade roller, of course!)

If you want to show your skin some love, don’t skimp on the facial oil, babe. This hydrating powerhouse is the ultimate way to make your skin glow and feels *super* relaxing when applied with our rose quartz or jade roller. Not only does this little gadget promote lymphatic drainage, but it will also make your facial oil sink in that much better!

Any of BBE’s nourishing Self Tanners

This long weekend, get your glow on, girlfriend. Whether you opt for BBE’s OG Self Tanning Lotion formula or our new spray-on wonder, take the time to give your skin a boost during your 3 days off! After all, there is nothing like a fresh self tan to make you feel ready to take on the week ahead.


Get some exercise in… you’ll never regret it!

Babe, we’re all for relaxing. But getting in some exercise will make winding down that much easier and better for your body. Whether you opt to take a walk with a friend or to catch a yoga class, carving out some time for physical activity has a slew of benefits. From mental clarity to reduced stress, don’t skip exercise this long weekend (even if it’s only a quick 20 minutes!).

Check a few tasks off your never-ending To-Do list…

At the end of your 3-day weekend, we want you to not only feel relaxed but for you to also feel accomplished! Don’t worry sis, no one expects you to do an intense deep clean of your apartment or to finally go through your entire wardrobe Marie Kondo style. However, picking a few tasks you can get done during your weekend will not only make you feel good, but it will make your week ahead better, too.

And finally, spend some quality time with the babes you love most…

Let’s face it. Nothing hits quite like spending time with your besties or your fam when you can. The people you love most can boost your mood, reduce stress, and help you feel like you took full advantage of your glorious 3-day weekend.

Go ahead babe, do all the things that make your heart sing this weekend (yes, even if it includes spending Friday night ordering a pizza and re-watching Gilmore Girls for the 300th time).

Carey <3

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